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things to do in Kuching
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7 Best Things to Do in Kuching For a Fun Malaysia Holiday

This charming city in Southeast Asia serves as the main gateway to Sarawak. This place is known for its heritage of Brooke era buildings and the well preserved Chinese shophouses dating back to 19th Century. This city is very compact and most attractions lie around the walking distance from hotels and guest houses as this is the capital of Sarawak state, Borneo Island.

This is also one of the places in Malaysia that are influenced by colonial architecture and an attractive waterfront. Apart from this, you have activities like exploring the Jungle and also visiting National park which speak for its rich wildlife. Without any more delay, we take a look at the best things to do in Kuching.

Best things to do in Kuching

1. Go For A Walk Along The Kuching Waterfront

Square tower, Kuching
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The major attraction at this place is the Sarawak River, which flows through the heart of the city. The waterfront is a 900m EsThe focal point of Kuching is the Sarawak River, which winds its way through the historic heart of the city. The Kuching Waterfront is a 900 m promenade which is lined with a lot of buildings with significant historical importance. The notable architectures in this promenade are Square Tower, Chinese History Museum and the Sarawak Steamship Building. In addition to this, You can find food stalls as well.

And then you should head to Darul Hana Bridge. This is a wobbly bridge and you can have some of the best views of Astana and the legislative building from the bridge. And there are shows held in the evening and night times. Darul Hana Musical fountain is the famous one among the travellers. This takes place on all weekdays from 8.30 PM to 9.30 PM.

2. Watch Wildlife At Bako National Park

Bako National Park
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Bako National park, without a doubt, is the best national park in the whole of Sarawak. This place is often overlooked as you have two other famous attractions that steal the credit, Mulu and its world-famous caves. But this is a gem of a place for animal lovers. You can get to know the authentic rainforest experience and the wildlife of Borneo in this wonderful place. This place is a hub for almost all the species you can see on the Island.

There are extensive Jungle trails and also shorts walks as well. You can choose either of these according to your needs. You will find a significant population of Proboscis monkeys in this national park. This place is an absolute steal with just an hours ride away from Kuching. You can reach there by road as well as the boat.

3. Meet Orangutans At Semenggoh Nature Reserve

Orangutan species of monkeys are very rare and they are unique as they pretty much can do everything that a human can do. As we have already mentioned about the wildlife of Sarawak, there is no wonder that Semenggoh Nature reserve serves as a home for this species of money. People around the world come to this place to meet Orangutans.

It takes about 45 minutes to reach this place from Kuching. One can also see how the rescued orangutans are taught to survive in the wild. There are around 20 orangutans in this reserve. They can be seen often at 9 AM and 3 PM as it is their feeding time, in fact, they come down to the feeding platform.

4. Visit the Museums

This place has its roots deep into the history. Rightly so this place has some of the excellent museums and galleries to stand their contribution to history. Now, the famous Sarawak Museum is undergoing up-gradation and is expected to be reopened in late 2020. Other attractions that one shouldn’t miss are Brooke Gallery at Fort Margherita and Ramlee Museum. The Brooke Gallery tells you the fascinating story of the White Rajahs of Sarawak.

Apart from these, the place has few other small museums and galleries with the likes of the textile museum and the cat museum. You can completely understand the heritage and the culture of the Native Sarawak people by visiting their museums. This would be a proper day spent when you are out with your family.

5. Old Chinatown in Kuching

Chinatown in kuching
Source: Google Images

Have you heard about the place called Chinatown in Singapore? This is the exact replica of that. This place has the Chinese vibe all over. This is not just one street, but the combination of Main Bazaar and few other adjacent streets like the Carpenter Street and Ewe Hai Street is considered as Kuching’s old Chinatown.

Each street has it’s own theme to it. The Main Bazaar is famous for its handicrafts and souvenirs. This place is also a place for traditional businesses such as Chinese Medicine counters, food stalls, tinsmiths, carpenters and coffin sellers. You can also find a few temples in this town and the famous ones are Tua Pek Kong and Hong San Si temples

6. Enjoy The Food Of Kuching

What else can be the best way to understand a destination’s food culture and the people than a food tour? It necessarily doesn’t have to be an organized food tour. You can just take a stroll along the streets near your accommodation to find authentic places to eat in Kuching.

The dishes that you should not miss out are Kolo Mee and Sarawak Laksa. Ewe Hai Street is famous for the Sarawak’s grown coffee. Most part of the countries cuisines will have seafood.

7. Visit A Bidayuh Village Or Longhouse

Long house Kuching
Source: Google Images

The Bidayuh are the most civilized among the many tribal communities in Sarawak. There are plenty of Bidayuh villages in and around Kuching. In addition to that, you can also opt to stay at the Peraya Homestay to enjoy the place’s very own Bamboo rafting adventure. Longhouse is a peculiar kind of construction which is very famous in this part of Kuching. It is a single, narrow room building.

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