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Tioman island
Written by Nigilesh on June 9, 2020 Share on

8 Top Things To Do In Tioman Island For A Blissful Experience

An Introduction To Tioman Island

Before we get into the specifics of things to do, let me give you some idea about this blissful island. Tioman Island is 20Kms in length and 11Kms in width. The main hub of this place is Tekek. That is where you will find ATMs, shops and main transportation facilities. The other beach towns are Kampung Salang, Kampung Air Batang( otherwise called as ABC) and other Kampung towns like Paya, Genting and Juara. Since this has a big coastal line, there are so many beaches where you can get some authentic beach experience.

tioman Island
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You can pick and choose between the beaches according to your needs. Though most places are calm and quiet, you can still find some beaches to party as well. The roads are small on the coastal side and east coast takes a bit of walking between places as it is not the most visited part of the Island.

Best things to do in Tioman Island

As mentioned before, this place has a variety of things to offer across all age groups. Of course, this list won’t be enough for us to depict the variety of this place. We were able to curate a list of things to do in Tioman Island with various aspects into consideration.

1. Try Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Looking for some splendid underwater experience? This is by far the best place where you have the diving spots in the whole of Malaysia. Activities like snorkelling and Scuba diving can be carried out with ease due to the calm water. You can find tours that can offer some stunning experience and you can also get yourself certified at a cost on any of the PADI centres available.

The best place to try out snorkelling is around the Pulau Tulai, otherwise called as Coral Islands. You can rent snorkelling equipment. You can get to know about the trips from the resort itself.

2. Relax at Paya Beach

This exquisite beach is located on the Southern part of Tekek and the whole coastline is dotted with resorts and restaurants. You can have a nice meal in this place. There are ferry routes as well from this place. People come to this place to enjoy a relaxing stroll along the beach and also enjoy the food culture of this place.

3. Go Surfing at Juara Beach

Go Surfing at Juara Beach
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Next up we have another water activity in the form of Surfing and also people love to witness the best of sunsets int his Island from the Juara Beach. It is one of the top beaches of the Island. But the activity can be done only on specific periods of the year because of the Monsoon wind. Other months, the sea is calm. And this monsoon season is also the low tourist time for this place, so there won’t be too much of crowd too.

4. Go Jungle Trekking From Tekek Village to Juara

treking to juara
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This is an activity where you will have not only have to be physically strong but this will also test your mental toughness, as you have to trek through the Jungle from Tekek Village to Juara. This will surely serve as a great getaway option if you are up for the challenge. While you are in there, you will come across plenty of Wildlife. It is recommended to take a bottle or two of water with you, as this place is hot and humid. The rate of dehydration will be high.

Daylight is a must. In addition to this, you will also come across some rare species of snakes as this Island is filled with 25 species of snakes. Hiking is also popular options among the globe trotters around the world. The best one would be the hike from Tekek to Juara. This is 7 Kms long journey cutting through the island. Imagine the amount of fitness required for you to complete this activity.

5. Get Away From It All At Mukut

This is another getaway but not like the hiking to Juara, but this is a scenic village and one of the prettiest village in this Island. If you are looking to spend some time relaxing alongside some beautiful scenery, this is the place for you. The notable scenery is the “donkey ears”. This is a pair of rocks that project towards the sky on one of the mountains on the Island.

You can gel with the locals as well to get some idea about the authentic food and their lifestyle. This is a quiet and serene place where you can spend some quality time.

6. Go Kayaking In Tioman Island Waters

Since this is an Island, of course having another water sport won’t make this list monotonous. Kayaking in the months of monsoon is the pick of the travellers and one of the activities where you can get so much fun. Kayaks are available in the resorts close to the kayaking spots. The is a kayaking spot in the Reggis Island. There are places for snorkelling as well.

7. Enjoy Island Hopping

Island hopping in Malaysia
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This is one of the interesting activities as you will be visiting various Islands including some of the uninhabited Islands as well. You will be travelling on a boat and you can snorkel as well if you are halted in such spots. This Island, in general, has a brilliant underwater life.

8. Be More Adventurous With ATV Rides

Want to feed your adrenaline receptors? Then get on an ATV and explore the Jungles. This is one of the adventurous activities this place has to offer. There few places around the famous Berjaya resort as well. This is surely an activity that you have to include on your bucket list. You can also experience a great sunset while you head towards the Bunut beach.

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