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Things to do with kids in the Maldives

The Maldives paints a breezy picture of a plethora of romantic luxury. Amidst the far ends of the horizon with lots of beach and water villas, it is a family destination as well. The sheer luxury with a blossoming vibe surely makes it one of the most peaceful spots for your family, surely is with kids!

Besides being just a honeymoon getaway, here is what makes the Maldives a visit-worthy destination with your kids too. Check out our Maldives family package from India.

1. Cruising

Let your kids gaze at the seamlessly floating waves of the calm waters of Maldives. Being one of the best island-hopping adventures you can surprise your kids with, a cruising experience. The island offers you a plethora of choices to choose from over a 1900 impeccably glistening islands of the Maldives. Get your kid to experience how peaceful and calm a sunrise or a sunset from the deck of a cruise liner can be!

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2. Water Sports

What is more surprising than diving into the crystal clear waters you are surrounded by? Take a dip in the calm waters of the Maldives where you get to glimpse the beautiful marine life. Imagine the sight of eagle rays, giant turtles, and dolphins swimming beside you- Nothing but sheer peace is granted. If you and your kids are not much of a diving squad, you could always paddle your way through the panoramic beauty that the waters are engulfed in. A variety of options to engage in like windsurfing, Kayaking, Parasailing, and many more.


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3. Whale Submarine

For the kids that are not so much into putting their feet in the water, the Whale Submarine allows them to cherish their underwater experiences without a drop of water on them. Relish your eyes on everything the deep waters have to offer- from the exotic marine life to sunken boats- The water plants to the shoal of colorful fishes. It surely makes up for an exhilarating journey underwater for both kids and adults alike.

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4. Dolphin Watching

Enough of us going down to explore the marine mates. Hop on to feast your eyes on the marine life coming to you( well, not literally). Indulge in a brief dolphin watching session which we are sure is sure to excite both children and adults alike. The dolphins jumping out to heave a sigh of air and the surroundings set a scenic beauty that is just spellbound and surely is one of a kind of an experience.

5. Snorkeling

What makes snorkeling an exclusion from the category of watersports is that it’s an experience to be had and not just a mere activity to being explored. Drop down into the crystal clear waters with a snorkel and go on a safari with the fishes! With a short training session and a glimpse of marine life, your kid is surely going to be enticed with the underwater experience for life.

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6. A beach dinner with family

While beach dinners usually are known for a candlelight romantic experience, there surely are luxury coves that organize a cinema to watch by the beach. A cinema under a starry sky along the beach with the delicacies of Maldivian cuisine with the entire family. it does not get better than this.

7. Fishing

Fishing might probably seem as ordinary as it sounds but since it’s the Maldives, everything has a tint of either a surprise or a luxury tainted to it. With fishing being an integral part of the economy, you surely are going to have a ball of time choosing the type of fishing activity you can take your child to. The types of choices of fishing we recommend are Night Fishing and Shore Fishing. Set out for fishing some of the exotic fish species on a traditional boat under a starlit sky, or have a beach day with your family and fish alongside the shallow shores of the crystal clear waters. Who knows your child might consider making fishing their hobby after a session of it in the Maldives.

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8. Bask in the luxury of Kid-Friendly Resort

You might be wondering what is a resort up to in the list of Things to Do. Well, let us clue you in A kid-friendly resort, which is typically an island resort that allows you one of the ample and much-needed services like Nanny Services, Baby Food, Play Area, and a safe and secure environment. Most importantly it gives you the atmosphere and place to spend time with your little toddler surrounded by nature and man blended perfection!

9. Secret Paradise Adventure

This tightly packed experience is an embed of an experience in a package, you get to view the Maldives from a closer perspective. With a hoard of options to choose from, some of the main ones that might interest you would be local dining, the city tour, a local tour! Feel what a day in the Maldives goes through to appear the way it is! Have a glimpse at what runs along in the Maldives beyond an island, beyond a beach- Get inside the nonwatery angle of the island beauty.

10. Dine underwater

You might have seen a dining that has soft white sand beneath and a starlit sky. But brace yourself for something even more pleasant, incredibly sophisticated, and a crafted visual luxury experience- The Ithaa Underwater Restaurant. Being the only one of its kind, the experience is the same too. A glass-domed restaurant offering all the marine life trotting by as you cherish a hefty delicious, finger-licking Maldivian Food. This restaurant surely is going to thrill kids for sure.

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Some of the experiences crafted in the tourism of Maldives usually aim at a couple of inclined ones. While a Kid friendly one is equally palpable to experience and grants you a hoard of memories. They are surely going to linger with your family’s minds and also the picture-perfect moments you might have snapped after landing. The Maldives is a place that surely cannot be taken inside all at once. It surely requires returning back for another magical experience from time to time. With that being said, I hope you keep visiting the Maldives again but with new adventures and experiences awaiting you!

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