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World’s largest vertical farm in Dubai: Eat healthy during your vacation too

Dubai’s always looking to do things bigger and better with a love for breaking world records, the region is now set out to promote farming through the way of advanced technology also known as smart farming. Despite the scarcity of water being an issue in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is adapting high-technology and low water agriculture system to solve the problem. The agricultural tech company, Crop One Holdings from Massachusetts, along with Emirates Flight Catering will be creating the world’s largest vertical farm in Dubai as a part of their joint collaboration.

How would this be beneficial to tourists?

The project will not only promote farming but will also ensure healthy consumption while travelling. Time to go goodbye to the cheat meals during vacations!

While Crop One Holdings will be working on the $40 million facilities with a 130,000 square ft. division of land, Emirates Flight Catering will supply an estimate of 225,000 meals on an everyday basis for Dubai International Airport. The plan is as per the CEO of Emirates Flight Catering, Mr Saeed Mohammed is to build their own supply chain of high quality and locally-sourced fresh vegetables, while significantly decreasing the environmental footprint

Emirates and Crop One say the facility will use 99% scarcer water than open-air fields, and once developed, aims to harvest 6,000 pounds of greens daily which is going to be supplied in in-flight meals and airport lounges from December next year.

It is calculated the United Arab Emirates imports about 85% as of its food requirements and has only a small percentage of its land is deemed arable making productivity extremely low in the country which is a major challenge for the country’s food security. To address the condition, steps are being taken to restructure the supply chain. Hyperproductive indoor vertical farming is one such step taken by the United Arab Emirates

The process is operational no matter what season hence can produce 365 days a year. Plants are grown on a nutrient solution instead of soil, and variables in this process such as temperature and humidity are controlled in contained environments to create the highest yield using LED lights instead of sunlight energy. Critics have argued that this project will require high energy sources. However, Dubai has retaliated saying it will be using renewable resources targeting solar energy mainly and making the process faster by increasing the LED light efficiency. Dubai aims to make the city 75% of energy through solar power by 2050.

The biggest win for this indoor facility is not using the harmful pesticides on crops, therefore, keeping the high nutrients intact in its food.
Crop One has not declared plans to grow more than just leafy greens and wants to make more variety possible. Other studies have shown Squash, peppers, and some fruits (like strawberries) have already proven to be able to handle vertical farming.

Dubai is a modern marvel in today’s world. Dubai aims to keep getting bigger and better as each year comes back. Book your Dubai trip soon with PickYourTrail and take on this manmade wonder’s best experience. Do not forget to try some of its organic food while you are there too!

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