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Top 30 Dos and Don'ts to Make the Most of Your Bali Vacation

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Every country, like Indonesia, has rules and regulations for the natives as well as for the tourists. You should abide by them so that you can have a hassle-free vacation. Planning your Bali vacation? Be mindful of the dos and don’ts of a Bali vacation. Right from the outfits you wear to the way you talk to the native people, you should keep the culture and traditions followed in Bali. Here are some basic tips that can help you when planning your Bali Indonesia package.

Avoid Illegal Activities

  • Never do drugs in Bali. This is not fun since they carry out executions strictly. This includes the whole of Indonesia, including Bali, where the death sentence is legal and there is, understandably, little tolerance for drug use. This includes the whole of Indonesia, including Bali, where the death sentence is legal and there is, understandably, little tolerance for drug use.
  • This Bali vacation tip is for you if you plan to take medicine. Indonesian law may forbid some of the medications that travelers purchase there. Do some studying on that and speak with your doctor about possible substitute medications.
  • Although the natives appear to be genuinely interested in global affairs, they inquire about international politics as well as your opinions on terrorism, executions, and other topics. Yet, this is the moment to play it safe and avoid discussing such delicate subjects. Keep these dos and don'ts in mind on your Bali vacation.

Respect the Cultural Practices

  • Do not touch the head of any native Balinese, as they believe it is one of the body's sacred parts.
  • You must wear a sarong (a must-pack item) and a sash while entering any Hindu temple in Bali, many of which are open-air temples. They can be found near the entrance to many temples. Out of respect, avoid showing too much of your upper body. And, don't aim your feet at the temple altar. Add this tip to your list of dos and don’ts in Bali vacation.
  • Remove your shoes before entering a house or a temple. There will be shoes all over the outside, so you'll know.
  • Do make a donation to the temple because it is morally correct and will bring positive karma.
  • Do not visit a temple if you are menstruating. As temples are sacred, people follow this culture in Bali.
  • If possible, avoid using your left hand when handing out money or business cards. Many Balinese, on the other hand, have been exposed to many Western cultures and are familiar with Southpaws.
  • Don't use your index finger to point. Again, the Balinese are becoming more accustomed to these Western gestures, but you shouldn't.
  • Learn some Balinese phrases, such as Selamat pagi, which means "good morning," and Terima kasih, which means "thank you." This is one of the best tips for a Bali vacation.
  • Try your best to avoid walking on any ceremonial offerings that are left out on the street because doing so is seen as a sign of respect for these very spiritual individuals.

Mindful Eating is a Perk

  • Eat no Western cuisine. You are in Bali, where the cuisine is excellent and fresh. Taste the fruits of the tropics and more.
  • Avoid drinking the water and exercise some caution while selecting bottled water. Machines for capping bottles are widely available. Bringing a water-purifying bottle with you is beneficial. To get rid of contaminants in the water, you may simply boil the jug.
  • Eat at one of the local Balinese cafes or warungs. The cuisine is both affordable and delicious. As service taxes are already included, you don't need to tip. You can, however, afford to show a little kindness.
  • By being mindful of what you eat, you can prevent Bali Belly, which is a real condition. Don't consume anything that you can't wash, peel, or prepare. Watch what you wash it in. This is a must-add to your list of dos and don’ts for Bali vacation.
  • Don't eat raw seafood unless it's already cooked for you; salads will do just fine, too! Otherwise, avoid raw shellfish like oysters, clams, and mussels because they can make you sick!

Road Safety Tips

  • It is customary to haggle with market vendors. But don't be a jerk and cheat someone. If you can afford to visit Bali, you are far better off than many of the locals.
  • Don't get upset if you are hassled by hawkers at the volcano, the Kecak dancers, or any other tourist destination, as they must sustain themselves.
  • While renting a scooter, as you will unavoidably do, wear your helmet. If you don't, you will most likely be arrested by the police. Remember this best tip for a Bali vacation.
  • Take care when you offer the police cash to settle your fine for not wearing a helmet. Trying to buy your way out of difficulties is a popular tactic. It works sometimes and doesn't not always
  • You will require an international driving license, or if you do not have one, a Balinese driving license, which you may obtain in Denpasar. Many people choose not to, and they later must cope with the fine they will unavoidably receive. Examine your insurance coverage to discover what it does cover. Always remember this Bali vacation tip.
  • Honk your horn a lot, please. There is no such thing as road rage in Bali; it is simply a way of indicating that you are overtaking or attempting to attract attention. Also, if you hear honking at you, try not to get annoyed.
  • While there are numerous mishaps in the surf, on scooters, and from dog bites, make sure you have travel insurance.

Stay Away from Strays

  • Dogs are everywhere, and some of them don't appear to be in great shape. Do stay away from them and be less empathetic, as many of them carry rabies.
  • Be mindful of the turtles on the beach; they are endangered, and you will notice the Balinese attempting to assist them.
  • The monkeys on the island are sly crooks who will steal anything they can get their hands on, especially in popular tourist destinations like Ubud and Uluwatu Temple.
  • In Bali, mosquitoes can be a problem. The bites itch and can occasionally result in serious disease and dengue is a common illness among visitors. Get some effective insect repellent lotions and bug spray, and have them on hand.

Opt for Commuting Services

  • Remember this tip for your Bali vacation to have the most fun. Renting a scooter for transportation will only cost you between 60 and 100 thousand rupiah each day. Moreover, you may refuel for less than 40k Rupiah. To rent a scooter, all you need is a copy of your passport and some cash. Driving here requires that you have your foreign driver's license with you and wear a helmet; otherwise, the police will fine you.
  • Walking in Bali can be rather hot at times, so you can make use of commute service providers Gojek and Grab for a fast ride on a scooter. They operate very much like Uber. You may download these applications to your phone, select your preferred payment method, and then you're good to go.

Abiding by the rules and respecting the culture and traditions of Bali promise you an incredible vacation. If you need any help curating your Bali vacation plan, go to Pickyourtrail.

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