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15 Best beaches in Koh Samui

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Koh Samui - the second-largest island in Thailand may not be as well-known as Phuket. And that only means a few key things: fewer tourists, cleaner beaches, and no excessive construction destroying the shoreline. Some of Thailand's best white sand beaches may be found on Koh Samui. The Gulf of Thailand's crystal-clear seas, along with the many coconut palms that line the beach, complete the picture of this tropical paradise. This makes Koh Samui one of those islands that you just must see place in your Thailand package. In this article we have discussed in detail some of the best beaches in Samui, let’s get started.


Silver Beach

Silver Beach is just 250 metres of immaculate white sand, but don't let that dissuade you from spending your time here. It is also called Haad Thong Ta-khian or 'the beach of the Ta-khian trees'. This is one of the island's top beaches in terms of quality. A total of four hotels and eateries rise up directly over the beach and provide sun loungers, outdoor dining, and lots of umbrellas for when you need to take a break from tanning. The beach, which is on the east side of the island, offers a number of relaxed activities including snorkelling, Thai massages right next to the waves, and sea kayak rentals. If you can, get there early to enjoy the dawn from the sand. The bay's green waters are ideal for swimming as well. All in all, For couples and anyone seeking a more sedate break, Silver Beach provides a peaceful haven among swaying palm palms. With all this and more on offer, this is definitely one of the nicest beaches in Koh Samui.


Thongson Bay

Thongson Bay is a bit of a well-kept secret among avid and seasoned travellers. If you go there early enough, you can have it all to yourself. You may hire a beach lounger, have a quick bite to eat, or locate a kayak to paddle across the quiet waters because the region is yet undeveloped and is therefore free of the rush and bustle. This shore, which is about half a kilometre long and close to Koh Samui's northernmost point, provides breathtaking views of Koh Phangan from across the bay's azure seas. While the majority of the beach here is composed of white sand, there are some regions where coral debris can be rough on the feet, this is especially the case as you approach the ocean. In contrast, the shallow waters along the coast are ideal for families with small children and others who are a bit hesitant to swim in stronger currents. Needless, this is one of the best beaches in Koh Samui for families. 


Lipa Noi Beach

Photographers in the house should take note - this is, hands-down, the best spot on Koh Samui to see a sunset. When twilight falls, the sky transforms into an amazing rainbow of reds and yellows, and the beach's reflection gives the impression that you are strolling on flawless pink sands. If you're seeking for beach and water away from the masses, Lipa Noi offers a more peaceful resort due to its isolation and lack of entertainment. Lipa Noi is also ideal for youngsters and people looking for tranquil water activities, such as kayaking as the sun sets in the distance because the water is quiet and shallow near the beach and only increases in depth gradually All in all, you have fewer options for dining and entertainment at this beach because it is isolated. On the other side, you may find tranquilly here if that's what you want. With offerings that cater to all tastes and preferences, this is on the best beaches of Koh Samui Thailand. 


Choeng Mon

Choeng Mon is lovely despite its tiny size and closeness to other beaches. The beach gives a sense of isolation and draws mostly families and people seeking peace and quiet. It is tucked away in its own bay with breathtaking views over the blue-hued ocean. The islet of Ko Fan Noi is located at the far end of the beach. One can actually walk to the island when the tide is low, but otherwise, you may rent a kayak to go there or you can circle the island before returning to your lounger on the main shoreline. Choeng Mon is known in particular for the priciest resorts and luxurious hotels. Also, the beach is located just beneath the airport, so guests should prepare for daily aeroplane overhead noise. But, at night, tiny eateries put up tables over the beach, providing breathtaking views of the starry heavens reflected in the water. Although the majority of visitors to this beach come to unwind, the region is renowned for its various water sports opportunities. There are snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities, PADI training programmes, and boat excursions to islands with abundant coral reefs. All this means that this is one of the best beaches for swimming at Koh Samui.


Maenam Beach

Maenam is one of Koh Samui's most reasonably priced beaches. On the beach, there are several bungalows that provide plenty of lovely views without breaking the budget. Having said that, luxury resorts are still available. It's simply that there are many alternatives available at both ends of the spectrum. While Maenam Beach is approximately seven kilometres long, most visitors limit their exploration to a single section. You'll find much more privacy if you go in either direction near the end of it. Yet, wherever you do explore by yourself, you won't find much activity in the Maenam region. Instead, you'll find temples, a weekly night market, and several possibilities to swim in or kayak around the nearby azure seas. The golden sands of Maenam Beach are home to a large number of eateries, bakeries, and cafés that are surrounded by a row of palm trees. You'll have a tonne of options here, whether you want to eat on the beach with the ocean in your view or pack a picnic to enjoy in the shade. All in all, Maenam beach is one of the best beaches in Koh Samui Thailand. 


Chaweng Beach

Chaweng is the biggest beach on Koh Samui. It is renowned for its sparkling turquoise seas and delicate white dunes. Although being seven kilometres long, Chaweng Beach is frequently packed and seldom peaceful due to its high level of popularity. But if you're looking for a beach with large waves, lots of action, chances for water sports, and the ability to dive, this is the place. The south end of the beach is where you should go if you want some peace and quiet while still visiting Chaweng Beach because the middle of the beach is where the rental stores and restaurants are located. The lodging options in Chaweng range from basic bungalows over the sand to upscale resorts with direct beach access. Because of all these reasons, it becomes clear why this is one of the best beaches in Samui. 


Taling Ngam

Taling Ngam, which lies on Koh Samui's less visited southwest coast, is still mostly a wild beach. This means minimal development, with only a few hotels and restaurants over the beach, and occasionally unmaintained coastlines where palm branches, coral fragments, and coconuts are frequently seen on the sand. The only lodging available is simple bungalows, and because the next town is around 20 minutes away, you'll need to take a motorbike taxi or a tuk-tuk to go shopping. While some may see this as a disadvantage, it should be noted that Taling Ngam's relaxed atmosphere also ensures that you will frequently have the beach to yourself. On the shore, the ocean is shallow, but you can rent a kayak and paddle out to deeper, bluer seas for fantastic swimming, diving, or simply relaxing paddling. You can see some of the archipelagos that comprise the Ang Thong National Marine Park in the distance. This fun attraction is one of the nicest beaches in Samui.


Bophut Beach

Bophut is undoubtedly one of the most stunning beaches on the island, despite not being the largest. The several beachfront hotels here keep the three kilometres of sand immaculate and reasonably quiet. Bophut is a welcoming area to unwind in the sun thanks to its gentle waves, clean seas, and rows of palm palms. The Fisherman's Village is located right in the middle of the beach. Although technically this is also a part of Bophut Beach, the area's unique atmosphere is considerably different since it is lined up with antique Chinese shophouses. Many side streets along the shore are teeming with shops, night markets, and entertainment venues. The greatest restaurants in Koh Samui can be found in this region of the shore, which also offers the cleanest beach and stunning views of the sea towards Koh Phangan.


Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach is the second-largest in Samui. The shore is more laid-back than Chaweng, but nevertheless has a tonne of things to do, only at a slower pace. Lamai is a fantastic vacation spot for individuals on a budget because dining, shopping, and lodging are all less expensive there. Lamai is just as stunning even when there are fewer people around. The backdrop is picture-perfect, with soft beaches, clean lakes, and hills that have a blue hue in the distance. When you need a break from the heat, the region around Lamai Beach has a tonne of alternative things to choose from. Interesting nearby temples like Wat Lamai and Wat Khunaram provide fair-like activities and festivities, religious celebrations, access to local prehistoric treasures like a 2000-year-old ceremonial drum, and even the opportunity to visit a monk's mummified body.


Bang Po Beach

Bang Po Beach, which offers a virtually concealed stretch of beautiful white sand for visitors wishing to unwind, is located directly between the Gulf of Thailand and the dense tropical rainforest. This beach on Koh Samui is one of the longest at four kilometres, but because it's farther from the major areas and on the northwest coast, it doesn't get as many visitors. This is the place to go if you want a peaceful vacation spot with affordable local cuisine. Bang Po has not developed as much as other beaches on the island. Local fishermen continue to frequent the bay, and the nearby dining options are mostly of the modest, regional sort served in thatched-roof shacks. All these factors come together to give you an authentic local experience. Also, it's difficult to match Ko Pha Ngan's magnificent vista from across the river. Bang Po's mild, serene waters are perfect for swimming and kayaking since they softly lap against the beach. In summary, this is one of the nicest beaches in Koh Samui. 


Coral Cove Beach

On the route from Chaweng to Lamai, you can visit Coral Cove Beach. On the left side of the road, one will catch a brief view of the beach. The beach area has a few lodging options, including the Coral Cove Chalet and Hi Coral Cove Bungalow, although not many people frequent the relatively undeveloped beach. If you wish to experience snorkelling in Koh Samui, you should visit this bay in addition to enjoying the lovely view. If not, you may simply unwind on the soft sand, which is always a pleasant activity.


Baan Tai Beach

Just west of Maenam lies the town of Baan Tai, which shares its name with a beach. Due to the lack of activity, the beach is incredibly quiet and serene. There aren't many resorts that are close to or on the beach.

Similar to Bang Por Beach, Baan Tai Beach provides a pleasant view of Koh Phangan. The beach is fairly clean, and the sands are good. There are some stones in the water, which is unfortunate since it can be challenging to swim at times, but there is always a nicer location a short distance away. As there is a coral reef off the coast, some guests engage in snorkelling as well. This too is one of best beaches in Koh Samui for families.


Big Buddha Beach

Bangrak Beach is another name for Big Buddha Beach since it is located in Bangrak town. By the way, the Big Buddha on Koh Samui is where the name of the place originates from. You can see it from the beach, explore it on your own by scooter, or go on a Koh Samui Jungle Safari Tour. Also, from this beach, you may board one of the Haad Rin Queen's boats to travel to Haad Rin on Koh Phangan. A few resorts are also located right on the beach. While the nearby Chaweng Beach and Choeng Mon Beach are better for swimming, you won't find many people swimming at Big Buddha Beach, which is typically very deserted. The beach's sand is exceptionally fine, and the area has some lovely sunsets. Just get a cool beverage from one of the neighbouring convenience stores, then relax. The beach's sand is exceptionally fine, and the area has some lovely sunsets. Just get a cool beverage from one of the neighbouring convenience stores, then relax.


Chaweng Noi beach

Chaweng Noi Beach, which lies in the exact middle of Koh Samui's eastern shore, is well-known for both its fun-loving community and its pure water. Although Chaweng Noi Beach is close to other Chaweng beaches, a tiny inlet that serves as a natural barrier keeps people and beach trash at bay, giving the impression that the area is more remote than it actually is. There are enough activities at Chaweng Noi to satisfy the majority of visitors. Although there are several places to stay and eat, it feels noticeably less crowded with tourists than some of the other beaches. Tourists can enjoy unparalleled views of the sea and the coast; its beach is larger and whiter than others. Due to its east-facing location, the water's eastward shift into ever-darker tones of blue as it becomes deeper creates a truly stunning scene.


Bang Rak Beach

Less than 1.6 kilometres from the airport, this beach on Koh Samui's north shore is a favourite among the younger, trendier crowd. One of Koh Samui's less popular beaches, Bang Rak Beach, is deserving of more recognition. From east to west, the beach is lined with pubs, eateries, and resorts, with a few ancient wooden piers sticking out of the fine, white sand. It has traditionally been the gathering place for younger tourists since it is a popular boat drop-off location for people heading to Koh Phangan for full moon parties. Regardless of your age or financial situation, there is still a tonne to see and do, from lounging on the beach to seeing the adjacent Big Buddha statue to spending the evening at bars and restaurants.


This brings us to the end of this exhaustive article. We can safely say that Koh Samui is undoubtedly a favourite among tourists. This place truly has it all - it boasts of the highest concentrations of upscale accommodations, while there are plenty of places to slip away and hide too. As seen above, several of Koh Samui's beaches provide lots of peace and quiet while others are livelier and noisier with young solo travellers. Koh Samui will always be there whether you're seeking for sporting activities, a quiet area to sunbathe or the ideal location for a massage right on the sand. So, what are you waiting for? Book a package at PickYourTrail and visit some of the best beaches of Samui right away!

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting