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Bali in May 2021 – An Elaborate Guide To A Fun Bali Trip

Bali is a spectacular destination that undoubtedly calls for a visit once in your lifetime. It can also be found on every traveller’s bucket list, for the island has something for everyone. From Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, each region in Bali gives a unique touch and adds up for an overall amazing trip that it knits for a traveller. Planning your vacation to Bali in May? Read on to find out what each region in Bali has to offer.

Bali ocean
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Kuta should be your ideal destination if you are a crazy beach lover and a party head. If you are a beach bum, also love sunsets & can surf, Kuta fits the bill perfectly for your trip to Bali in May. Ubud will leave you spell-bound with its umpteen art galleries with breathtaking paintings and a plethora of Balinese traditional performances that give an insight into its culture. Every attraction in Ubud will remind you of the greatness and legacy that Bali holds and it maintains a certain rustic charm that absolutely cannot go unnoticed.


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Next up, Nusa Dua is for everyone to experience the best heart-pounding water sports. There are plenty of activities for the adventure junkies and with its luxurious private pool villas, Nusa Dua is a treat for the soul in Bali in May. Seminyak would be the final hunt for you to enjoy the Balinese cuisine and to have a perfect nightlife. There are plenty of high-end beach clubs that turn into party places by night. Also, the Balinese spa is a must-try on your trip to Bali, with options for all budget ranges.

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Bali is truly a destination that you must consider for your next vacation, and while you are at it, choose the best month to experience the best of what it has to offer. What would be the best month to make the most of Bali? May? Yes, it is. May is ideal to fly to Bali for an extraordinary experience. May is filled with the most perfect weather to explore all activities and to witness many festivals. Let’s go on and find out what more holds to explore in Bali during May. 

Weather in Bali in May 2021

Nusa Dua Beach
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The weather in May in Bali is typified by sunnier days than the previous months and marks the start of the dry season in Bali. The Bali temperature in May is hot yet bearable and is good for sightseeing, outdoor activities, to hit the beach and to feel the refreshing breeze. May will certainly not disappoint you. 

Festivals in Bali in May 2021

1. Waisak Day

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Waisak Day is an important Balinese festival that celebrates the birth of Buddha across all regions in Bali. This day actually memorialises the birth, enlightenment and passing away of the Lord Gautama Buddha. The Buddhist temples in Bali seem to be very colourfully decorated with flags, beautiful flowers, and devotees assembling at the temple before dawn. It is a unique experience and an amazing chance to experience Balinese culture. Tourists must visit one of the Buddha temples in Bali to know more about the rituals and celebrations which take place. The festival falls on 7th May across Bali.

2. Tumpek Kandang

 Tumpek Kandang is one of the most loved festivals in Bali in May. This festival is celebrated to show gratitude to the domestic animals. The domestic animals are treated with special care and love during Tumpek Kandang. The festival gives special focus to animals such as pigs, cows, and goats which helps farmers with their day to day activities. The domestic animals are treated with special food and celebrated throughout the day by the locals. Animal lovers should definitely not miss this most loved experience. This festival is celebrated on the 9th of May across all regions of Bali.

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5 Best Places to visit in Bali in May

1. Spot the Dolphins in Lovina

Lovina is one of Bali’s most loved beaches. Due to high mineral content and volcanic ash, you can witness the black sand in Lovina beach which will amaze you with its beauty. Is that all about Lovina? Definitely “No”. The best part is that you can spot some beautiful dolphins. Sounds interesting? A boat trip on an early morning is the best way to spot the dolphins. Spotting this graceful creature will definitely make your day.

2. Enjoy some luxury in Nusa Dua

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Nusa Dua is located at the south end of Bali and is home to the most luxurious properties that Bali has to offer. It is the perfect place to spend your summer times in the month of May with your families and also for honeymooners for whom luxury and comfort is of prime importance. Perfect place for people who want a holiday away from the hustle-bustle of other areas in Bali and to have a relaxing time with numerous spa options in Bali in May. 

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3. Sacred waters of Tirta Empul

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The Tirta Empul also known as the Holy Water Temple is located in the village of Manukaya, which is near the town of Tampaksiring, and not far from Ubud. The temple is made up of a number of pools that are filled by fountains. The water which flows in the temple is considered as the sacred and that are said to be created by Lord Indra and seem to possess curative properties. People from all over the world come here to take a holy bath, hence its a must visit during your trip to Bali in May. People can also walk around and marvel at the mesmerising architecture that the temple beholds.

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4. Visit Ubud

Tegalalang Rice Terraces
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Ubud is one of the most famous destinations to visit in Bali. It is well known for its art and culture. Ubud is completely exquisite with rustic temples and amazing architecture. It is recommended for travellers who want to experience the cultural side of Bali or to stay in lush green mountains. Tegallalang Rice Terraces which are placed in Ubud will completely flatter you with its amazing beauty, the Ubud art gallery will get you on shopping spree and the notorious monkeys at the Ubud Monkey forest will keep you entertained. Ubud is totally finding bliss in the heart of Bali and a must visit on your trip to Bali in May. 

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5.  Buy some silver at Celuk- 

Celuk is a village situated in Suawati which is highly known for its Silversmiths. As soon as you enter the place, you feel as if you have entered some jewellery exhibition. You can find multiple shops showcasing their works, you can just head over and purchase an art piece of your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bali in May 2021

1. How is the weather in Bali in May?

Bali in May generally experiences dry weather with few occasional showers that are scattered across the month. The average temperature in Bali in May is at 28°C, with average highs touching 33°C and average lows at warm 23°C.

2. Is it good to visit Bali in May?

Yes, it is definitely a good time to visit Bali in May as the conditions are warm and sunny. June is tourist peak season in Bali when crowds start coming in. Therefore you can explore Bali in its full glory in May without having to struggle with larger crowds.

3. What are the things to do in Bali in May?

Hike Mount Batur to savour spectacular sunrise views, visit the beautiful Uluwatu Temple perched on top of a cliff and take in gorgeous sunset views, visit Tirta Empul temple – a holy temple to get purified by its holy water, Taste Bali’s Luwak special coffee, Witness a riveting Kecak performance and shop till you drop at Ubud Art Market.

4. How hot is Bali in May?

Bali experiences average temperature in May at 28°C, and therefore there is no relief from the heat when you are outdoors.

Isn’t Bali in May more alive with all these experiences and weather? Of course, it is. Bali and May make the best combination with numerous activities and attractions waiting to give you amazing travel experience. So, get ready to pack your bags and head for a Bali holiday for a travel adventure like never before. 


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