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Best Places To Take A Road Trip In Turkey
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Best Places To Take A Road Trip In Turkey

To every person, the concept of vacation differs from person to person. The taste of people differs as some like to rest and not move so much, while the others fancy the road trip. If you love driving cars and taking your bae or family with you on long road trips, the ‘best places to take a road trip in Turkey‘ is a must blog that you should read.

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Top 6 Road Trips To Take In Turkey

You must indulge in a road trip at least once in a while to keep your mind fresh and avoid the hustle of the city. Turkey houses incredible places and vivid scenarios to cherish. Look at the 6 best destinations to take a road trip in Turkey and choose the one which you like.

  1. Izmir-Antalya
  2. Eskisehir-Han
  3. Marmaris-Bozburun
  4. Canakkale-Ayvalik
  5. Ayvalik-Cesme
  6. Istanbul-Sinop

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1. Izmir-Antalya

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

To visit Turkey, you have to take the Izmir-Antalya route, which will be your first route of 450 km in length. Moreover, the road consists of sharp yet thrilling bends, giving you an additional adventurous experience with unforgettable memories. The route starting from Izmir will continue on the Aydin road. Meanwhile, you are travelling through this road, Kusadasi and Selcuk signs will welcome you. On one side, there will be Sirince, while on the other side, there will be Ephesus Ancient City. As you drive your car through these amazing roads, you will find some spots worth swimming, but don’t stop midway to go for a swim; not every place is meant to be dived into!

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2. Eskisehir-Han

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

If you are a fan of cultural trips, you must take this road trip. Han is not that popular among many people, but the town located in Eskisehir can be taken along a straight path. Once you arrive at Han, you will be able to witness the Phrygian Valley ornamented with ancient ruins that have observed the Roman, Phrygian and Byzantine days. In addition, if you want to enjoy the pleasant environment, it is recommended to stop by the giant valley or get out of your car to indulge in a long walk.

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3. Marmaris-Bozburun

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Marmaris and Bozburun is another route that will capture the hearts of Aegean lovers. As you go through this road, you will witness unique views and winding roads. On this road trip, you will come across four destinations, namely Kizkumu, Selimiye, Orhaniye and Turgut Waterfall. The most mesmerising thing is that you will observe different views of these four different places. Are you looking for a peaceful and calm route to take this summer? Don’t worry, as this route is meant for you.

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4. Canakkale-Ayvalik

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Canakkale to Ayvalik road trip is a 200 km route which is one of the most exciting journeys to make in with your car. Numerous beauties are awaiting you on the road with wonderful things to see. You can complete this road trip within four-five days of your Turkey journey. You will find stops such as Behramkale, Yesilyurt, Ayvalik, Canakkale, Assos, and Adatepe that will make you fall in love with the forest, sun, sea and history. If you want to travel through history and nature, you can opt for this route without thinking.

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5. Ayvalik-Cesme

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Ayvalik to Cesme is a 300 km long route containing splendid stops and views. Among them, a few of the eye-catching attractions are the clear sea of Sarimsakli, the Greek streets of Ayvalik centre, the green terrain of Camlik and the beguiling ambience of Cunda. Along with them, there is a stopover point called Foca with the tranquillity of nature. Moreover, the bewitching streets of Foca, serene beaches and ravishing restaurants are an ideal stop for relaxation and accommodation.

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6. Istanbul-Sinop

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

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The route from Istanbul to Sinop is a perfect way to witness the beautifies of the Black Sea. If you want to experience the greenery of nature, this road trip can be extremely entertaining. After leaving Istanbul, you should visit Sapanca Lake. You will be able to see Bolu and Yedigoller along the green of the Black Sea. Bartin and Karadeniz Ereglisi are the two historical houses in Safranbolu which you can visit on your next Istanbul tour package. Here, you will be able to find national parks, camping sites, waterfalls and picnic areas.

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Tips for your Turkey Tour

  • Book an appropriate accommodation and learn a few popular Turkish words.
  • Dress according to the occasion and respect the culture.
  • Make sure to get vaccinated before travelling.
  • Use public transport or even carry an International adapter.
  • It is suggestible that you should research well before planning your itinerary.

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Frequently Asked Questions for your Turkey Trip

Is Turkey safe at night?

Yes, Turkey is safe for almost everyone at night.

Can I drink tap water in Turkey?

Yes, you can always drink tap water in Turkey, but it is highly recommended to use bottled water during your stay.

Are Turkish people amiable?

Yes, Turkish people are amicable.

How much money do I need to plan a tour to Turkey?

For a solo traveller, you need INR 64,782, for a couple, you need INR 10,5437, and for a family of 4, you need INR 78,482.

Is the cost of food expensive in Turkey?

In Turkey, the average cost of food ranges from INR 768 to more.

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