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Reasons To Visit Turkey
Written by Dikshya Shaw on January 4, 2022 Share on

4 Reasons To Visit Turkey: Stunning Natural Landscapes

Turkey is adorned with beautiful scenery, friendly and helpful people, glorious beaches, dense wildlife, galore mountains, scenic villages, historical ruins and whatnot. You must visit this place at least once in a lifetime. Present in between the two continents, Asia and Europe, Turkey is a country brimming with different cultures. Read on to know more about the reasons to visit Turkey.

Reasons To Visit Turkey

Turkey is a marvellous destination consisting of an awesome landscape ornamented with greenery as well as mouth-watering food. The land of the Turks is a popular destination among tourists all year round. Listed below are the 4 reasons to visit Turkey that you must read.

  1. The People
  2. The Beaches
  3. The History
  4. The Nature

1. The People

The People, Reasons To Visit Turkey
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

While you are in Turkey, you must socialise with its people as they are the most helpful and friendliest people in the world. If you visit any shops here, it is more likely that you will be offered a few free samples of tea and in case you need any help, the people there will answer any of your queries. The shopkeeper too won’t pressurise you in buying extra and expensive things.

Also, as you head to East Turkey, you will be surprised to see the friendliness and warm hospitability of the locals. It can sometimes happen that a few of those people might not speak English, but they will be willing to have a conversation with you over a cup of tea and free food. Moreover, they will also sometimes offer you an opportunity to stay in their house or join them for dinner.

2. The Beaches

The Beaches
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Turkey has a lot of beaches which makes it perfect for a beach holiday. The Turquoise Coast sits on the southern coastline and consists of attractive beaches containing crystal clear ice-blue waters perfect for swimming. Along with those, it also houses historical ruins ideal for hiking and diving.

Among the many attractive beaches, Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz is one of the best beaches here. The speciality of this beach is that it stretches out to form a natural lagoon. The lagoon houses crystal clear water meant for kayaking and paddleboarding. Additionally, you can also try paragliding over it. This is a popular activity as people love cherishing the views of Blue Lagoon and its surroundings from above.

Kas is a seaside town ideal for spending some alone time. Surrounding the town, there are beautiful seafront restaurants, attractive cafes swarming with tourists and some new-generation bars. While you are in Kas, engage in a boat ride to marvel at the underground city of Kekova. The top attractions here are the Sunken City area, gorgeous swimming bays and the ancient village of Simena. Did you know Simena is famous for homemade ice cream and byzantine castle?

3. The History

The History, Reasons To Visit Turkey
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Turkey’s history is somewhat similar to the age-old history of Greece and Italy. The ancient city of Ephesus is one of the world-renowned and most famous historical sites. Did you know it was established in the 10th century BC and is present in the Mediterranean region? Moreover, it is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and one of the most dignified structures of the ancient world. Also, it is home to the Temple of Artemis and the most recognisable Library of Celsus.

In addition, the archaeological site of Gobekli Tepe has a wondrous touch of history. It is located 12 km outside Sanliurfa and is a 12,000-year-old complex. Did you know it dates back to 6,000 years and is the world’s oldest temple?

Keep some time in hand to explore the country’s age-old ruins. Additionally, Olympos is home to a historical city. Patara consists of a 12 km sandy beach which also houses an extraordinary amphitheatre.

4. The Nature

The Nature
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Turkey is not that famous for its nature, but once you head to the north near the Black Sea, you will find magnificent rivers and lakes and lush, green valleys.

Also, you will find the Ayder plateau along the Black Sea near Rize. Did you know many compare the beauty of the small town to the Swiss Alps?

Nearby the village of Uzungol, you will witness the coast of Rize. Turkey’s nature is a perfect replication of Switzerland.

If you are looking for peace and calm, Egirdir, with its small lakeside town, is an ideal spot for hiking.

You can even head to the Eastern Taurus mountain range, home to Mount Nemrut. This place is not easily accessible, so you will need your transport to get here. In addition, the summit is home to the tomb of King Antiochus I of Commagene.

Tips for your Turkey Travel

  • Make sure to get vaccinated before travelling.
  • Use public transport or even carry an International adapter.
  • It is suggestible that you should research well before planning your itinerary.
  • Dress according to the occasion and respect the culture.
  • Book an appropriate accommodation and learn a few popular Turkish words.

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Frequently Asked Questions for your Turkey Trip

How much money do I need to plan a tour to Turkey?

For a solo traveller, you need INR 64,782, for a couple, you need INR 10,5437, and for a family of 4, you need INR 78,482.

Can I drink tap water in Turkey?

Yes, you can always drink tap water in Turkey, but it is highly recommended to use bottled water during your stay.

Is the cost of food expensive in Turkey?

In Turkey, the average cost of food ranges from INR 768 to more.

Is Turkey safe at night?

Yes, Turkey is safe for almost everyone at night.

Are Turkish people amiable?

Yes, Turkish people are amicable.

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