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Krabi jungle Hot Spring
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Take a Dip in the Hot Springs in Krabi, Thailand

In the south of Krabi about 70 kms from the city, in the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature reserve is the perfect spot to take a dip. Where? None other than nature’s own hot-tub jacuzzis amidst these thick forests in the form of a waterfall- the very famous Klong Thom hot springs. Originating from the underground in volcanic chambers, the hot springs create the perfect hallowed-out bathtub feel with the smooth stones surrounded by rainforest. Ranging from a pleasant 35-42C, take a pleasant soak here after which you can cool it off in the river below. This entire stream of water is enriched with natural elements and mineral salts, not only does the dip calm you but it is also known to subdue body aches, rheumatism, skin problems and other physical ailments.

Going ahead with the rest of your trip would surely be incomplete without your visit to the emerald pool which is also known as ‘Crystal Pool’ in Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, locally called Sra Morakot. This is a completely natural pool filled with spring water, although a bit cold it is perfect for swimming. A short trek through the trails of Khao Nor Chu Chi forest, without any hard climbing will get you to this beautiful spot where you can swim on your Krabi travel package from India. Whilst you walk down this path, you are also bound to have a few pit stops like smaller streams and pools. Out of which would be the Sra Geaw Pool, covered in a dense range of forests. A little further down if you are interested to walk 600m more, you can sight another pool called Blue Pool with similar blue water and a lazy environment for you to chill in. but what you might not be aware of is that here bathing is not allowed as the water is very hot and is surrounded by quicksand.

This area is very popular with birders, as along these areas is where you could spot a lot of birds including the endangered Gurney’s Pitta.

Alternative to reach hot springs in Krabi:

That being said, traveller’s mostly tend to get here through guided thailand tour packages. But for people who would want to take a stroll and chill on their own, this district can be reached via Highway 4. From Ao Nang to Klong Thom hot springs, it is around 30 km on the highway till the left turn sign of ‘Sra Morakot’ comes. From here it is around 7 kms more to the reserve entrance. You can take on this adventure by bike as well. 

Entrance fees:

The hot spring entry fee is a 100 Baht but for the entire reserve tour including a dipping tour at the Crystal Pool – the fee is 200 Thai Baht. In case of Thai citizens, the fee is only 20 Baht for the kids, whereas kids upto the age of 4 the entrance is free of cost if they are foreign nationals.

Best time to visit Hot Springs in Krabi

Both of these sites are very much crowded with tourists year round, the peak time goes between 10am  and 4pm and it is recommended to steer clear during this time. These places are meant to be enjoyed at peace and the crowds during the peak hours will not allow you to do so. Hence, the best time to visit would be early morning between 7am– 8am or late evening from 4pm – 5pm. One major benefit here is that the sites are never “closed”, only the ticket booths are. You could purchase your ticket beforehand, and plan your visit with our Krabi packages in a time that will give you the perfect window to chill out here.

Few tips:

  • The booths here will be open for tickets from Monday to Sunday at these two hours only – from 7:00 am to 8:00 am and from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Ensure you get your tickets during this time if you are doing it on the spot.
  • Choose your footwear well, as the hike is surely easy but the pool sides can get very slippery.
  • Getting to this area before 10 am would be recommended as it tends to get crowded after that.
  • There are a couple of places for you to change your clothes, but if you are not comfortable changing clothes then do come prepared with swimming suits.

Other options for Hot Springs in Krabi:

Alternatively, there are two Hot Spring spas that have been developed recently which are built around specifically designed pools which are filled with luxurious mineral water. Waree Raksa Spa is a day spa with a small pool filled with spring water and the other is Nattha Waree which is an overnight resort spa. You can come in the morning and stay overnight or just come by during the day, with a range of eight bathing pools at different temperatures set in a beautiful tropical garden and private rooms that have a large swimming pool filled with mineral water. Both the facilities offer the same amount of privacy, but the added benefit here is that you can combine the water therapy with some massages – including the famous fish massage. Another option would be at Huay Nam Khao, In the Klong Thom district. Even though the pools here are artificially created from concrete and are shallow it comes off as an interesting salt water hot spring.

After a long- long trail of exploring, you would surely deserve some self pampering of this sort here at krabi. So head on to the Krabi holiday packages or plan a complete Thailand tour from India at Pickyourtrail for a great customized vacation for yourself!

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