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National Art gallery of Victoria
Written by Surya Prakash on May 21, 2020 Share on

National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

The City of Melbourne consciously recognizes that it is situated on the customary place where there is the Kulin Nation. This extraordinary spot is presently known by its European name of Melbourne.

Today, Melbourne is one of the extraordinary multicultural urban areas of the world and is a huge gathering place.

History of Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, and home to near 4 million individuals. A large number of the residents of Melbourne live in suburbia that east and south of the Yarra River, spread around Port Phillip Bay and reaching out as far east as Mount Dandenong.

Melbourne was established on the Yarra River in 1835 after a fruitless offer in 1803 to build up a settlement inside the Port Phillip Bay heads close Sorrento.

The Port Phillip District picked up autonomy from New South Wales in 1850. Melbourne blasted in the 1850’s because of the gold rush in the locale toward the north.

Melbourne is viewed as the world’s Top Sport City and has a notoriety for being in effect more refined than its northerly neighbor Sydney, flaunting the nation’s best eateries and is recognized as the nation’s most significant monetary focus.

A Brief history of NGV :

Ancient treasures from the old kingdoms of Egypt, Greece, Rome—this exquisite collection of the pre-Columbian period at the Oceanic Gallery, dedicated to the indigenous cultures of the Pacific area make it a must-visit for all the history-enthusiasts out there. Head to The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Australia’s oldest and most eminent public art museums. Their extensive collection contains more than 16,000 prints and drawings from across the Pacific region, and also includes a wide range of European and Asian artworks. Around 4000 exhibits are displayed in an area exclusively for Asian art, and an incredible collection of British and European paintings dating all the way back to 1200. These exhibits also include furniture, photographs through the centuries, and sculptures. Fondly called the NGV, The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne was founded in 1861, is Australia’s largest and most-visited museum. 

The NGV consists of two immense galleries located side by side, and both offer free entry for most exhibits. 

Home to a universe of international art, including collections from Europe, Asia, Oceania and America, the National Gallery of Victoria contains more than 70,000 works of art. Inaugurated in 1968 on St Kilda Road, the gallery is an iconic part of Melbourne and the gallery is known to have one of the most incredible collections in the world. 

National Art gallery of Victoria
Credit: Google

The NGV is a treat to your eyes, with an immersive visual arts experience and a wide array of collections, talks, guided tours, performances and programs for kids.

It encourages and brings out the artistic sides of kids and teens with specially dedicated spaces for them. There’s a breathtaking structures of trees covered in murals from floor to walls. Here, kids can create their own art and crafts with the supplies provided. The art can be of creatures, real or imaginary, in their habitats and will be displayed on the trees. 

Spoilt for choice, they can pick from a variety of paper, scissors, and glue. It is, however, not recommended for children who are not yet old enough to use scissors without supervision. Fret not, for there’s something for everyone in this space. There are interactive cubby holes with fascinating videos of wildlife that the kids can watch and enjoy.

In the space dedicated to teens, you might find darker works of art like giant pink and black artwork fo skulls. Though not as colourful as the kids’ section, it’s equally beautiful and engrossing. 

For those who closely follow Anyday Adventure, there are some more things you would like to know before your visit to the National Gallery of Victoria. 

This well-planned gallery offers visitors a chance to enjoy a happy picnic indoors as well, should it be too sunny or wet outside. Visitors can carry their home-cooked food with them along with their tea or coffee and enjoy a peaceful meal in the beautiful indoor space. 

If you prefer an outdoor picnic with the sun and the clouds, there are plenty of spaces to lounge about in the garden and eat while you watch the birds and squirrels enjoy the sunlight. There are multiple sculptures that will keep you fascinated as well. 

National Art gallery of Victoria fountain
Credits: Google

The National Gallery of Victoria is the perfect place to spend some quality time with the entire family as well, and the space is designed to be extremely kid-friendly. It’s easy to find kid-sized meals everywhere, lots of exhibitions dedicated to kids, and they hold multiple changing areas as well. Parents can breathe easy as the kids are well entertained and there are loads of exhibits for them to see as well. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to play with its famous Waterfall. Flowing all day long, it’s perfect to splash around with your family and let loose. A trip to the National Gallery of Victoria is incomplete without playing at the waterfall. 

All in all, this gallery is a treat for all eyes and has something for everyone to do. It’s perfect for families, friends or solo art enthusiasts. The National Gallery of Victoria does not disappoint at all.

Things to note :

Entry Fee

There are a few exhibitions that may charge an entry fee, but almost all exhibits are completely free for all visitors.


Parking tends to be a bit on the expensive side at $1.40 per hour. You can pay this using cash or card. But it is recommended to park on Linlithgow Ave. and walk to the gallery if you are driving there. The NGV is very easily accessible by public transport as well.

Special events:

The National Gallery of Victoria also hosts some interesting events like junior orchestras and so on. Enquire beforehand so you can make it for events that you might be interested in. 

Overall, the National Gallery of Victoria is a great place to spend time and offers entertainment for everyone above the age of 3. Ensure to keep this beautiful monument a part of your customised vacation packages to Australia.

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