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Natural History Museum in Seychelles
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 29, 2020 Share on

Natural History Museum in Seychelles – Learn about the history

Seychelles is a fusion of charming islands, luxury honeymoon spots, splendid landscapes, mouthwatering dishes and lot more. You will agree on the fact that Seychelles is called the Paradise on earth, the moment you visit this country. Even though everybody knew about this Paradise land, not all knew every place. Here I bring you one such place which is the Natural History Museum in Seychelles. Well, not many of you knew this place, right? Have a read and get to know about the Natural History Museum in Seychelles. Histories are important, right? Get to know more about the island’s natural history.

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Natural History Museum in Seychelles

Let’s get into some detailing and find out what interesting does the museums offer to the visitors.

The National History Museum in Seychelles is a small museum located in the capital city of Victoria. Established in the year 1964, the museum is a colonial architectural building which is located next to the main post office. This museum is one of the major attractions in Victoria city for its own reasons.

The museum displays a huge section of botany, geology, zoology and anthropology. There are also multiple artefacts and exhibits which relates to the history of the Seychelles military. The museum displays a single gallery which is divided into sections. Overall in a year, the museum receives visitors up to 1,500. You will find a huge crowd of people from abroad who visits the museum on a high number to learn the island’s history.  The profit gained by the museum is used for the benefit of the environment. Isn’t that amazing?

Natural History Museum in Seychelles
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Interesting collections

The museum is well renowned for its unique collections. It showcases objects such as the oldest Seychelles map which was originally drawn in 1517. Stone of Possession, the world’s smallest statue of Queen Victoria. Yes, you heard me right. Sounds interesting right? Wanna hear more? Keep reading…

16th-century shipwreck, sections which showcase the traditional washing and ironing methods, Creole furniture, the method of tobacco making and a lot more.

Timings for The Natural History Museum in Seychelles

The visiting hours of the Natural History Museum in Seychelles are from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. The timings remain the same throughout the week, except Friday and Saturday. It is closed on Sundays and on Public holidays.

Entry Ticket?

The entry fee costs SR 15 for international visitors. Discounts are applicable for students, children under the age of 12 and senior citizens.

Natural History Museum in Seychelles
Image Credits: Google Images

Well, Seychelles is a lot more than you know about this island. Attractions such as the Natural History Museum in Seychelles gives the visitors a clear knowledge about the island’s history and excites the people with its unique artefacts. You will definitely have a lot of learning and histories packed from Seychelles on your visit to The Natural History Museum. As an average visit to the museum lasts for an hour, you can also take a quick visit on the nearby attraction in the capital city of Victoria. Wanted to have a lovely visit to the museum and learn more? All you need to do is to reach Pickyourtrail website and get some cool Seychelles Vacation package. Follow Pickyourtrail website for more amazing tor packages.

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