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Parc Francois Leguat In Mauritius – Paradise on Earth

A small volcanic island at the Indian Ocean, Rodrigues is a beautiful island east of Mauritius. Obtaining its name after the foreign explorer Diogo Rodrigues, it is the smallest of the Mascarene Islands. The island is strikingly gorgeous and is known for the various attractions it has to offer, One such popular attraction at the Rodrigues island would be the Parc Francois Leguat. The attraction got its name from the French explorer Francois Leguat who settled down in the calm and empty island of Rodrigues during the year 1691. The reserve covers an area of 20 hectares and is one of the beautiful places to be filled with flora and fauna. 

What’s Parc Francois Leguat about?

A unique area filled with flora and fauna, The government has worked on a project in recent years to plant shrubs and trees in this area. The government of Mauritius has also along with the environmentalists reintroduced many species of animals here to create its older atmosphere. The impact of these projects is that there are rare species that one can spot here along with lush green vegetation.

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Funded by The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation in conservation and preservation of the Parc Francois Leguat, The land has managed to nurture around 1,015 baby tortoises that were born by September 2001 which grew into 1500 tortoises by the year 2008. 

A giant tortoise in Francois Leguat museum in Mauritius
Image credits – Google images

Parc Francois Leguat is a popular location for people to walk amongst the giant tortoises. The reserve is home for Radiata tortoises from Madagascar along with the giant Aldabra tortoises. Travellers can enjoy the peacefulness and the healthy green foliage of the reserve along with the tortoises. Rodrigues fruit bats that reside in the caves are also another attraction that people can spot when they visit the magnificent caves.

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The Parc Francois Leguat Museum

There is also a museum situated at the site which tells the story of the long evolution of the Rodrigues Islands. The reserve also has the option of trekking but it is important to know that it is quite challenging and not for all. 

Parc Francois Leguat Museum in Mauritius
Image credits: Google Images

The Parc Francois Leguat museum narrates a special story of the Rodrigues island from its uncovering to the modern days. The museum includes displays that showcase many extinct species, and tourists can also find many endangered species of flora and fauna. Lifesize sculpture of an extinct species of giant tortoise, Paintings of the early days of man on the island are some of the attractions that can be found at the other exhibits along with a dedicated exhibit explaining the limestone geology of the Plaine Corail. While finishing the tour do not miss to stop at the Pictures of long-extinct bird and reptile species of Mascarene Islands.

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Other Amenities

On this tiring experience, I am sure one will feel hungry, well don’t worry about it. The place holds a small cafe where tourists can have some delicious food. The place also includes a souvenir shop for you to buy something to remember the visit. 

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