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Best Time to Visit Mauritius: When to Plan Your Mauritius Holiday

Mauritius is a gem of a place for Island lovers and has some of the beautiful beaches in the world. It’s not just about the beach and the luxurious experience one can get, it is rich in history and culture as well. This is a perfect vacation place for honeymooners. But the weather in this place is something that you would have to understand before planning.

Mauritius is a year-round destination yet there are particular periods of the year you can travel to get the best of experiences possible. The ideal time is between November to April. It doesn’t mean that travelling to this place in other months would fetch you a bad experience. This is a place that has something for everyone throughout the year. This is a tropical holiday destination and it fascinates travelers all around the world due to its colours, taste and culture. Shall we take a closer look at the best time to visit Mauritius?

Weather In Mauritius

Since this place has a tropical climate throughout the year, the weather is not going to be a deal-breaker when it comes to planning a holiday trip to Mauritius. The Island nation has two main seasons – October to April is termed as the summer season and May to September has been termed as dry winter months. You might wonder when the rainfall happens in this place, it happens mostly in the summer and in the early winter. Let’s take a deep look at the two seasons and the possibilities of travel on those seasons.

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Summer In Mauritius 

Mauritius in summer
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This is the vacation that you were expecting when you think about Mauritius. You can expect the weather to be relaxed and laid back on the bright sunny coastal lines of Mauritius throughout the summer season. The temperature during this period of the year doesn’t cross 30-degree Celsius even during peak times. Coming to the rainfall, there will be downpour for a very shorter duration during the day. But this won’t hamper your experience a lot. Need not worry.

As you can easily tell by the weather that this should be the season for travellers to escape from all kinds of city lives. Between November and Jan this place if flooded by tourists around the world.

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Winter In Mauritius 

winter in Mauritius
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In winters the weather stays very pleasant Mauritius and stays around the 20-degree mark throughout the season. Compared to the summer season, people are less likely to travel during this period. So the beaches and all the other attraction won’t be crowded. If this sounds like a good deal then you can consider this as a good period to travel as well. has a tropical winter, with temperatures around a pleasant 20 degrees. Beaches are still accessible and are prepared for the cold water in the sea.

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Best Time to Visit Mauritius For A Festive experience

By now you would have got a clear understanding of each month’s weather pattern.

Diwali in Mauritius
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October and November are like the intersecting months between the peak and the offseason. This is when the crowd drops. And you have the Indian roots in Mauritius, who celebrate the festival of light – Diwali. December taps crowd from all over the world due to the Christmas and for the New year festivals.

Travelling in January and February would also be good for people who would want to reduce the cost to an extent. February is when the price drops happen at this place. And February marks the start of the Chinese New year. With Chinese people contributing heavily to the number of visitors during February, this is celebrated widely in the Island. For all the Indian people, we have our very own Mahashivaratri celebrations going on with some good intensity as well.

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March and April in Mauritius are festive patches of the Island. Firstly we have the Fish festival in the first week of March. People enjoy the fishing expeditions and are being fascinated by the food culture of this place. Again another Indian festival follows up in the month – Holi. The festival of Colours, playful splashes and a vibrant atmosphere. At this time of the year, the Sea remains calm offering some diving and water sports experiences as well.

Best Time To Visit Mauritius During Winter

June to August would be a good time then. The reasons are you have some good wind all the time aiding some wind-driven water sports activities. Surfing and Kite surfing is the pick of the lot. International Kitesurfing festival takes place every year during July. You can watch the pros in action there. Trekking and hiking play the second fiddle in terms of activities during this period of the year. Le Pouce Mountain or the Black River Gorges are the two marque sites for these activities.

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Best Time to Visit Mauritius For A Honeymoon Vacation

Honeymoon in Mauritius
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There is no wonder this Island has been the choice of most travellers when it comes to a honeymoon vacation. With so much to do and see this place is a paradise for a couple visiting on their honeymoon. Pristine water, stunning resorts, canopy of stars in the night – what more do you want on your honeymoon vacation?

The best time for a romantic getaway to this marvellous piece of land would be between May- December. A vacation with charm written all over it is what you can expect. This sure makes the vacation a charm-filled one.

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Best Time to Visit Mauritius For Budget Travellers 

There is nothing wrong with being an efficient planner. People travelling on a budget doesn’t have to have a second thought on the quality of the vacation. With proper planning and proper understanding, this can be overseen. Two sets of months when the price dips are – between February to April and October to November. Considering the fact that May to September is the off-season you get the lowest rates.

Winding things up, the best time doesn’t mean just a particular time that everyone can visit the Island. It again depends on the travellers need. You cannot just blindly go by what’s on the paper. We at PickYourTrail help travellers with customizable itineraries to all their dream destinations. Want to book your Mauritius Honeymoon Packages with us? Head straight to PickYourTrail for an amazing Mauritius Tour Packages from India.

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