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Rodrigues Island
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 29, 2020 Share on

Rodrigues Island in Mauritius- Discover the undiscovered beauty

Rodrigues Island in Mauritius, heard about this place? Well, this place is quite an excellent holiday destination. Rodrigues Island in Mauritius is full of scenic views and provides you with ultimate tourist experiences with multiple activities. From the rich Flora and Fauna to one of the world’s highest ziplines, the island has got everything to attract the visitors. The small Rodrigues Island has been a hot tourist spot which attracts a massive crowd every year. Let’s find out what more does the Island destination has to offer.

Rodrigues Island in Mauritius
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Reasons why you should visit Rodrigues Island in Mauritius

1. The stunning Beaches

Beaches in Rodrigues Island
Image Credits: Google Images

Well, It would be a sin to finish your vacation without visiting the beaches in Rodrigues Island in Mauritius. Visit the beautiful beaches with your loved ones and add more colours to your vacation diaries. Beaches such as Anse aux Anglais, Baladirou Beach marks to the top of the list.

2. Have a race with the giant tortoises at Francois Leguat

giant tortoises at Francois Leguat
Image Credits: Google Images

Francois Leguat nature reserve serves as a home for over 3,000 giant tortoises. Zoologist Owen Griffiths was the man behind this home who wished to create a landscape for the tortoises. You will find the rare species of tortoises such as Aldabra tortoises, Radiata tortoise. The lovely tortoises will never bore you. Feel the unique experience of spending time with the giant tortoises. And yes, take a race! In addition, there is an on-site restaurant, museums and shop, as well as an interesting cave system.

3. Let the adventure begin by Zipline

Tyrolienne  Zipline in Rodrigues Island
Image Credits: Google Images

Tyrolienne Zipline Adventure is a “MUST DO” experience. Wanted more adrenaline rush to pump up your vacation? Tyrolienne will give you an ultimate feel. The guide explains the process step by step and you can enjoy four zipline ropes from 100m to 400m long. Get into some adventures and thrill it to the top.

4. Make it divine by visiting Saint Gabriel Cathedral

Saint Gabriel Cathedral
Image Credits: Google images

Saint Gabriel Cathedral is the biggest church in Rodrigues Island in Mauritius. It was built between the years of 1936-1939 by the locals. The cathedral is located at the Saint Gabriel town in the middle of the island. You can take a guided tour or make your own way to visit the Cathedral. Add divinity to your vacation in Rodrigues Island by visiting this simple yet beautiful cathedral.

5. Explore Caverne Patate

Caverne Patate in Rodrigues Island
Image Credits: Google Images

Rodrigues Island in Mauritius has a couple of cave systems. One such cave is the Caverne Patate. The walk into the cave system is quite tricky in some places, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. You will be provided with torches, make sure you carry the required equipment.

Well, Rodrigues Island in Mauritius surprised more than you can imagine? Of course, it would have. Rodrigues Island in Mauritius is a complete fusion of everything which your vacation demands to have. Now you have known more about this small island, what’s next? A vacation to experience, right? Well, we are here to help you with the perfect itineraries with the perfect 24/7 travel App support. Reach Pickyourtrail website to get the best Mauritius Tour Packages and a lot more. Let’s discover the island together.

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