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Captivating Waterfalls of Mauritius: Explore Mauritius’ Refreshing Cascades!

Mauritius, a beautiful island nation located off the East coast of Africa, beyond Madagascar. It may sound like just any other island, but this stunning island is a paradise on earth. Although the stereotypical image of this island is its striking white sand beaches with turquoise waters and casuarinas trees, the island has much more to offer than its usual typical image. This paradise island is a haven of breathtaking landscapes, lush tropical forests, high mountain ranges, ravishing waterfalls, and deep gorges.

Mauritius is home to several captivating waterfalls, each equally beautiful as the others.  The waterfalls are surrounded by dense rainforests that give you a serene and relaxed feeling. It is worthwhile to visit these stunning waterfalls and discover the rugged, natural and yet picturesque side of Mauritius.

The guide below takes you on a journey to some of the most stunning waterfalls in Mauritius.  

Chamarel Waterfalls

In 1786, Captain Antoine Régis Chazal de Chamarel along with his brother Tristan were the first settlers in this area. Hence, the area and the Waterfalls was named after him. Although they sold the land, later on, the name still remained. The Chamarel waterfall is among the top attractions in Mauritius.

Chamarel is a historical village with magnificent geological importance, comprising of scenic landscapes and natural attractions such as the Seven Coloured Earths, Black River Gorges National Park, and the stunning Chamarel Waterfalls.

The Chamarel waterfall is known as the highest waterfalls of Mauritius, as it has at a height of 100 meters gushing down against a backdrop of lush forests and mountains. You will discover volcanic rocks as old as 8-10 million years, thus signifying as some of the oldest lava rocks of Mauritius. There are three different streams of water sourcing from the River Saint-Denis which form the Chamarel waterfall.

Things to do

Visit the waterfall at the Chamarel Seven Colored Earth reserve, Go swimming at the bottom of the falls, Hiking trip etc.

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Alexandra Falls

One of the most iconic waterfalls in Mauritius is the Alexandra Falls. Located 700 meters above the sea level, the stunning Alexandra Falls is settled in the Black River Gorges National Park. The rich vegetation,  abundant flora and fauna, and the breathtaking landscapes surrounding the region make you glued to nature. Watch as the waterfalls gush over the rock formations which from a distance look like a silent white stream. Visit the Alexandra falls if you’re looking to spend your time in tranquillity. 

Things to do

Visit the Alexandra Falls viewpoint for stunning views of the waterfall, visit the Plaine Champagne to taste some Chinese guavas. 

Tamarind Falls

Perched near the small village of Henrietta is the Tamarind Falls. Tamarind Falls is one of the most captivating, serene, and adventure-packed waterfalls in Mauritius. The waterfall originates from the Tamarin River and has seven waterfalls gushing at the same. Because of this, the waterfall is popularly called as the Sept of Cascades.  The region also has abundant exotic and indigenous plants and few exotic bird species. The Tamarind falls is also one of the most beautiful canyons in the island. 

Visit the Tamarind falls and soak up in the large pond at the foot of the waterfall for a blissful experience. 

Things to do

Visit the waterfalls, Hiking trip, Canyoning excursion etc

Eureka Falls

The Eureka falls are yet another beautiful waterfall located closer to the Eureka mansion in Moka. Further away from the mansion, there’s a challenging path which leads you to the waterfalls. Upon reaching, you’ll find yourself in a serene environment amidst four roaring waterfalls, exotic plants, palm and mango trees, and the sound of animals. For a refreshing time visit the Eureka falls. 

Things to do

Visit the waterfall, Eureka Creole mansion tour, Explore the marine life 

Grand River South East

The most-often visited waterfall in Mauritius is the Grand River South East.  As you travel to the waterfalls, you will be amazed by the drastic change in scenery. From Turquoise water surrounded by dense trees, a massive wall of basalt rocks, and the gushing waterfall, you can witness them all during this journey. The visit to the waterfalls is combined with the Ile aux Cerfs, another popular attraction. 

Things to do

Speed boat tour to Ile aux Cerfs, Catamaran cruise, Watersports

Exil Waterfalls

The striking Exil Waterfalls is settled amidst the refreshing greenery of the Combo forest in the southernmost tip of Mauritius.  The waterfall is enclosed by a tropical jungle where many wild animals, and indigenous plant species.  Besides this, the Exil canyon located on the Savannah River is home to two main waterfalls, Leon and Cascade Cecile.  The Exil falls is also a perfect place for adventure lovers to try out some exciting adventure activities. This is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Mauritius, that has a soothing effect on your mind and soul. 

Things to do:

Visit waterfalls, abseiling, jumping, and swimming.

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Rochester Falls

Set in a remote, wild and verdant area is the majestic Rochester waterfall. The Rochester falls is known to be the widest waterfall in Mauritius. The waterfall is surrounded by remarkable cliffs that have been transformed into pointed rectangular rocks due to the strong force of the water over the years. The cascading waterfalls through the rugged beds of the Savannah River create a thick foam making it an ideal spot to take a refreshing plunge. 

The spectacular scenery, gushing waterfalls, crystal clear pools, and the rich greenery surrounding the area, makes it a stunning site to relax and enjoy. 

Things to do

Visit the waterfall, picnic in the area, swimming in the natural pools

Contrary to popular belief that Mauritius is only famous for its beaches, there’s much more to Mauritius than beaches. It’s home to some of the stunning landscapes, waterfalls and even flora and fauna. When you’re planning a trip to Mauritius, spare some time to visit these marvellous natural wonders with our best Mauritius tour packages from india

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