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Ile Aux Island
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Île aux Aigrettes: Things to Do on This Mauritius Island!

Île aux Aigrettes (Ile aux Aigrettes) in Mauritius is a globally important conservation site that was declared protected nature in 1965. Île aux Aigrettes (Ile aux Aigrettes) got its name from a colony of Egrets, which owned the island during the 1600s. Egress is smooth white angling fishing birds with long legs.

Iles Aux Cerfs
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A few plants found in the Ile aux Aigrettes don’t develop anyplace else on the planet, and they structure the last leftovers of a beachfront woods that once encircled Mauritius. The 18 Mauritius plant species that grow on the island are delegated imperilled or extremely uncommon.

History Of Island

During the Subsequent World War, Île aux Aigrettes used by the British as a military base, and by this time most of the native forest cleared.
There are some remaining parts of more than twenty structures on the island which date from this period. After this period the Île aux Aigrettes was secretly hired and used for rearing goats.

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For its reestablishing the vegetation and fauna of the island. In 1985 the Mauritian Untamed life Advance Reserve (MWAF) built up a natural surroundings restoration. And the executives venture on Ile aux Aigrettes. MWAF proceeds with the rebuilding while at the same time offering the general population to visit the island. And appreciate this one of a kind spot of unique Mauritian nature. Its to reestablish the vegetation and fauna of the island to its state. MWAF proceeds with the rebuilding while at the same time offering the general population to visit the island. And appreciate this one of a kind spot of unique Mauritian nature.

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Visit and Tour of Île aux Aigrettes Island

Experience a visit and a 1.5 hours Tour through the animal sanctuary of Ile aux Aigrettes Island.

The Boat excursion to Ile aux Aigrettes left from Pointe Jerome (close Mahebourg) and operated every day.

Mauritian Wildlife

Île aux Aigrettes is a little coral island (25 hectares) directly off the shore of the town of Mahebourg. The island pronounced as a nature protection site, and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is safeguarding today.

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The visit on Île aux Aigrettes takes around one and a half hours with an extra 10 minutes every route for the boat trip. You will find Ile aux Aigrettes and appreciate unique Mauritian nature with a specialist manage close by driving the way. You will see animals and plants, exceptional to Mauritius, and discovered no place else on the planet. Some of them have approached elimination like the pink pigeon, a fledgeling that was at risk for eradication for a long time.

Pin Pigeon in Ile Aux
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You will likewise visit the indigenous plant nursery. There you should pay a unique mind to the uncommon pink pigeon, the Mauritius Kestrel, imperilled kinks, and the giant tortoises.

Giant tortoise in Ile Aux
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

When visiting Île aux Aigrettes , you will get the opportunity to see the fantastic landscape of Mauritius. And will have a brief look at the early history of Mauritius. However, you will get the chance to see magnificent trees with unusual names like Bull wood, Funnel wood, Rodent wood, Jug palm, and very rare orchid in full blossom

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Toward the finish of the visit, you will get the chance to buy trinkets at the blessing shop at the Guests’ Inside. Even whatever revenue generates from the island visits and island shops, using in the protection and refurbishment of the island

Similar to the visit to Ile aux Aigrettes, you will go by speedboat back to Pointe Jerome.

Visiting Times

  • Monday – Saturday: 09:30, 10:00, 10:30, 13:30, 14:00
  • Sunday: 09:30, 10:00

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