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Top view of Seychells
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A Monumental Tiny City, Victoria in Seychelles

Situated 1500 Km East of the Horn of Africa, Seychelles is a beautiful archipelago of 115 islands each more picturesque than the next. Nestled within the archipelago’s main island, Mahe, Victoria is the Capital of Seychelles. Originally settled by the French 1778 up until the British claimed it in 1841 and named it Victoria, after Queen Victoria. Such a rich mix of cultures has given this City a deep historical significance which is reflected in its People, Language, Architecture, and Food.

Being one of the smallest Capitals in the world, travellers can easily explore Victoria on foot, within a day! But don’t let its small size fool you, this city, being the main commercial and economic hub of the country, hosts a third of the entire population and several tourist destinations.

Top 5 Things to do at Victoria in Seychelles


Modelled after London’s Big Ben, Victoria ClockTower is one of the national Monuments of Seychelles and a very popular tourist attraction. Completed in 1903, it has been the focal point of this tiny capital for over a hundred years and still serves a dose of culture and history in these ever modernizing times.

ClockTower Victoria Seychells
Image Credits: Google Images

Sri Navasakthi Vinyagar Temple

Notably one of the most well-known places of Hindu worship in the country. This majestically beautiful, brightly coloured temple has an otherworldly and magical charm among the colonial-era buildings. Visitors from all Religions love visiting to admire the architecture and serenity of this Temple. Just remember no footwear or headgear is allowed inside.

Sri Navasakthi Vinyagar Temple
Image Credits: Google Images

Natural History Museum

A gem from the colonial era, the Natural History Museum is a must-visit for families and those looking for natural exhibits from Zoology, Botany, Geology and rare artefacts from 300 years ago. For a charge of a nominal fee, visitors can get to enjoy it’s beautiful architecture and dive into the past

Sheikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Mosque

Constructed in 1982, this was the first Mosque in the country. It is a visually stunning piece of architecture with its striking dome design and, Glistening white marble, and tall towers. A little outside of the main city, Visitors can visit this place to marvel at the evening beauty and serene monument.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Situated nearer to the heart of the city and right opposite to the infamous ClockTower, St. Paul’s Cathedral is a prominent landmark, finding its origins on 1859. It was later beautifully rebuilt in 2004 to allow for double the capacity. With a simplistic look, this church has an old-worldly charm like no other.

St. Paul's Cathedral
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The best time to visit is not too straightforward and really depends on what visitors are looking for in their visit. May to October brings a drier climate, affording visitors ample time for fun in the sun. November to March brings in the monsoon rains, and the climate gets really wet, but this transforms the island into one of the best lush tropical paradises on the planet. Explore these seasons with our exclusive honeymoon packages and International tour packages, tailored to make your journey truly memorable. So why wait, reach out to us at and let us build a travel package of your dreams. Check out some cool deals and Seychelles packages .

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