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Bird Island In Seychelles – Your Dream Vacation!

Bird Island is a private island in Seychelles but is a non-luxury retreat. It is a wildlife haven for a variety of migrating birds and nesting turtles. This Island is one of the many beautiful islands Seychelles has got to offer. The Bird Island is the northernmost island about 100km from Mahe Island in the Seychelles archipelago. There are close to 20 different variety of birds species and enormous tortoise that seek shelter here. Bird Island Seychelles is unquestionably a paradise for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

History Of Bird Island

The island was first spotted in the year 1771 by a departing French ship. They found that the island was mined for its guano (bird droppings) and converted into a coconut and cotton plantation. The current owners of the Island bought this island in the year 1967 and since then have made sure to turn the island back to its original wilderness, encouraging the growth of sea cabbage and nutgrass.

Bird Island top view
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What’s special about this Island

Bird Island is special because every year about 80,000 sooty tern pairs arrive in March, taking possession of this Island in a cloud of black and white feathers. Here the tourists are given the opportunity to range over far-reaching sandy beaches with crystal clear blue-green water. This is not it the island also offers the tourists 24 amazing bungalows, with all the necessary amenities to make your vacation your dream vacation.

Bird Island Lodge is built using local materials all rooms consisting of ceiling fans and natural ventilation. There’s a small bar, lounge and open-air restaurant on the island to make your evening a remarkable one with the clear waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding you.

This island has Green and hawksbill sea turtle living in the water surrounding the island. If you are lucky enough and have planned your trip accordingly then you can see them nesting, or watch clusters of hatchlings emerge. You can also snorkel in the water and spot one of the groups of juveniles that like to feed on the frothy beds of seagrass surrounding the island.

The Best Time To Visit

Seychelles is a year-round destination with a temperature of 28°C (83°F). The Rainy season starts from November to March, however, this gives visitors the opportunity to experience the flourishing natural flora of the island. The best time to visit Bird Island depends on person to person having specific interests. But we recommend the months of January where turtles tend to hatch, while the sooty terns begin to arrive in March.

Beach of seychelles
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Bird Island Africa is an ideal destination for all kinds of people. Newlyweds, families with kids, groups of friends, and nature lovers, all are welcomed at the Bird Island. You can also enjoy water sports like snorkelling, kayaking, and surfing on this Island along with spending quality times sailing or relaxing on the beach with your loved one. Visit Pickyourtrail to check out exciting vacation Seychelles Tour packages. Find your idea International tour packages getaway on the PickourTrail website.

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