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vietnam in august
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Vietnam in August 2024

Vietnam is one of the enthralling destinations on the whole of South-East Asia widely known for its Buddhist Pagodas and the clean beaches. The authentic food culture, glittering nightlife and the clean waters make it the ideal destination for all types of travellers. Be it a family vacation, or a couple travelling to spend some lonely time, Vietnam tourism in August has you covered.  ng your trip to Vietnam in August? Get help from the destination experts at Pickyourtrail and customise your own Vietnam tour package for memorable Vietnam vacation.

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Rice fields in Vietnam
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While planning a vacation to Vietnam in August, the major things we need to look forward to is the weather, as it is slightly tricky when compared to other parts of the world. The southern part of the country is where the sun shines the brightest during this period. You get to have a sunny beach holiday in the southern parts.

Planning your vacation to Vietnam in August? Read on.

Weather in Vietnam in August

The geographical location of this destination makes it very prone to Typhoons. The typhoon season, in general, starts from April to September in the south-west and gradually shifts its way to the central coastline before moving to the northeast region between the months of October and March. Let’s take a look at the weather conditions on each part of the country during this period of the year. 

North Vietnam

North Vietnam stays close to the wetter side of the country in this period of the year. This is solely because of the rain-affected by the typhoons. Even then you can expect a temperature of around 24 to 37-degree celsius. 

Central Vietnam

Since this part of the country, will be influenced by the typhoons only between October to March, you get to enjoy the sunny beach days without any rain threat at this time. The average temperature in Central Vietnam in August stay between 30 -35-degree celsius. 

South Vietnam

South Vietnam is not affected by the typhoons at this point in time, it doesn’t mean that you cannot expect rainfall in the southern part. There still will be rainfall in this place due to the monsoon. But this will not hamper your experience in any way as these rainfalls don’t last for a longer time This will be heavy showers for a very short time leaving the sky bright and crystal clear again. 

Festivals in Vietnam in August

As you all know that Vietnam is a country that has a rich cultural heritage and history. There are a lot of festivals that take place in this place around the year. In this part of the year also we have two of the very famous festivals in Vietnam that happen in the month of August. These festivals are such crowd pullers to Vietnam in this period of the year. 

1. Wandering Soul Day

This is the second most celebrated festival in the whole of Vietnam. The month of August coincides with the seventh Lunar month of the Vietnamese calendar. In general, this is celebrated on the 15th day of the Lunar month. It is also known as the Ghost Festival. Locals celebrate this by burning the clothes and money made of paper. It is one of the unique experiences in Vietnam in August.

2. Quan Cai Cong Temple Festival

This is another festival that is held in the lunar month between the seventh and the twelfth day. In Hanoi. This is to mark the death of Thai Luan, who founded the Temple. People gather in huge numbers to offer wine, betel nut and green lentil cake. 

Things To Do In Vietnam In August

1. Quang Binh

Quang Binh is such a beautiful province in Vietnam with a great combination of beaches, mountains and beautiful caves. Dong Hoi temple, built in the shape of a star is the major attractions in this place. This is the home of the longest grotto, which is nothing but an artificial cave. And Van La tunnel, established in 1966 is another must-visit spot while touring this place of Vietnam in August.  

2. Kite Surfing

Vietnam has one of the long coastal lines in comparison to other parts of the world. And to its advantage, most of the beaches are at an ideal condition for you to bring out the adventurer in you. Since there is a strong sea breeze all the time, the water sports with the aid of wind like Kitesurfing are very famous there. The average speed of the wind is calculated to be 12 knots at this place in Vietnam in August making kitesurfing a must-do activity.

3. Con Dao Islands

This is pretty much an offbeat destination to visit in Vietnam in August. Located on the secluded side of the southern coast houses some of the best white sand beaches in Vietnam. The total population of this Island is around 5000. Apart from this the Island is covered with vivid jungles and has some serious wildlife to see. The water around this Island is quite clear so that Scuba diving can be done without any hassles. This acts as a nesting spot for the green turtle in August. 

This untouched Island has a terrifying history to it. More than 20,000 prisoners were captivated and sent to this Island. They were left to die in this very place. 

4. Han River Bridge

Han River Bridge is one of the most impressive bridges in Vietnam. This was built for the propose of transportation but now has become popular among the tourist who comes to this part of the country. You can afford a cruise on any of the evenings to witness the real beauty of this bridge under the lights during your trip to Vietnam in August. And the best thing about this is that the bridge changes colour in the night. Enjoy the view of Han River Bridge with your partner by booking Vietnam honeymoon packages.

5. Float on Halong Bay

Halong Bay
Source: Google Images
Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one place from the fantasy world. As the boats seem like flying in mid-air because of the crystal clear water. Located just a few hours away from Vietnam is the enthralling city of Hanoi. The visitors can rent a boat and sail between the peaks and while floating you get to see the massive limestone rock called karst. Kayaking is a must do here while visiting Vietnam in August. Beyond all of this, you get to see floating homes, shops and pubs hanging in the water. It is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam.

6. Sapa – A proper Hilly experience 

Sapa valley
Image credits: Unsplash
Sapa valley

This is for people who want to have an amazing hill station experience. It is on the Chinese border and peaks at 1500 meters above sea level. It was discovered in 1722 by french and they called it the land of Rice. Famous attractions in this place are a silver waterfall and Fansipan mountains. And the weather here in Vietnam in August has made it an apt addition to the itinerary. 

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