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WaterBom Theme Park Bali
Written by Nigilesh on April 29, 2020 Share on

Waterbom Bali: Ultimate Guide to Bali’s Premier WaterPark 2021

Waterbom is the premier waterpark in Bali and has been rated Asia’s #1 waterpark by Trip Advisor in 2018 Traveler’s Choice Awards. The park covers 38 thousand square meters of tropical gardens and pools. Not just that, onsite dining and leisure facilities as well with over a dozen exciting waterslides and water games for all ages. Rides at the waterpark include leisurely pools with mini slides and adrenaline-pumping high flying rides that start from significant heights. So if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to do on your Bali trip make sure to add Waterbom Bali – the best Bali waterpark to your itinerary.

Aerial view of Waterbom

How to get to Waterbom Bali?

Waterbom Bali, widely known as the best Bali waterpark, is located in Kuta. It’s a short drive from the airport and easily accessible from both Seminyak and Jimbaran.


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8 Most Popular Rides at Waterbom Bali : 

The Python :

This is one of the rides for a family vacation and is one of the widest waterslides in the world (with segments up to 6 metres in diameter). 3 to 4 people can take part in this ride at a time. In a circular tube through a twisting, slide to splash down in a shallow pool. There will surely be lots of screams of delight on this one. 

Green Vipers :

One of Waterbom’s newer rides, this slide utilises the latest generation fibreglass materials. The Green Vipers start roughly at 20 metres in the air with an ultra-fast and silky smooth ride. You get to choose between either the open or closed tube option. This is a slide pairing different paths and slightly takes you at different speeds through the trees before coming together in their own exit pool.

Constrictor :

Extending to a length of 250m, this is considered as the world’s longest snake slide. The Constrictor wraps through the upper tree canopy sending riders sloshing high up the sides of the slide before which you’ll be swung through near 90-degree turns. A tube slide that can be enjoyed on your own as well as with a friend.

Pipeline : 

This ride resembles the Green Viper, but not the exact same ride. Pipeline whisks riders along for a tightly twisted, fast, smooth ride in a fibreglass pipe. It starts 20 metres above the ground and takes approximately 10 to 13 seconds to fly through the 150-meter tube. While waiting on this tower, you can enjoy the phenomenal panoramic views of the Kuta skyline and Waterbom’s lush gardens.

Climax :

This slide gets screams from even the bravest. The countdown timer on the trapdoor itself creates an adrenaline rush, dropping you almost vertically down before you are caught and whipped into an inverted loop. Imagine being shot at  2.5G’s of force in front of the crowd waiting to see the look on your face! Riders should be at least of 120cm and up to 140 kg for Climax.

Smashdown 2.0 : 

The ‘Smashdown 2.0’ was a revamp of one of Waterbom’s earliest and most popular slides. It starts at a height of 25.9m, enters the capsule nearly 26m up, wait for the countdown and have the floor drop out from underneath you to bullet through a vertical drop to the pool, all this run out in a matter of seconds.

Boomerang :

Boomerang is one of the most popular slides for a pretty good reason. A giant pipe at the end of a water slide. Boomerang first launches you into an enclosed rainbow translucent tube, before an almost free-fall speed run setting up for the giant wall ride. Best is to ride with a friend for a lot of reasons, you’ll get to know once you are there. Riders should be a minimum of 122cm tall and weigh around 45 – 182 kg. 

Lazy river : 

‘Lazy River’ is one ride which doesn’t need you to be brave to try like the other rides. Take a tube or two and just float around the park at your own pace. Enjoy a slow-paced relaxation ride through some manmade waterfalls and amazingly maintained gardens. ‘Funtastic’, a playground type of section with shallow pools and fountains, is an arena where the little ones can have their fun times at.

Other Fun rides at Waterbom Bali:

There are a few other popular attractions that come at an additional cost. Here are some of them:-

The Flow Rider Double:

The Flow Rider Double lets you feel the vibe of board riding on a 5-foot stationary wave. Surf with a partner and you’ll be let to choose between with stand-up and lay-down board. Obviously it will be difficult for you to balance at the beginning but once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy it. You’ll have to spend starting from 125.000 IDR for a 30 mins session and up to 200.00 IDR for an hour’s session. 

Euro Bungy :

A 9-meter high slingshot where kids and adults can try a few flips to pump up your adrenaline. The person can weigh a maximum of up to 70Kgs, which is a lot lesser compared to other rides. The weight restriction makes it difficult for the adults to try this one. Though the adults who fall under the weight limit can try this one. And this can cost you between IDR 65.000 to IDR 75.000.

Water Blaster :

Shoot water balloons with catapults at each other aiming to hit the bulls-eye and get your opponent sprayed with the coloured water inside the balloons.

Blueprint of Waterbom

More than just slides:

Waterbom is so much more than just slides.  It’s best considered as a refreshing oasis in the middle of the hectic town. In total, Waterbomb is 3.8 hectares, out of which 68% is covered with tropical gardens with dainty flowers, grassed areas and plenty of shade to relax under its garden.

Eco friendly:

The gardens and green spaces still cover more than 50% of the park. All food is prepared fresh on-site including all pastries and bread baked fresh daily, even their soft serve ice cream is hand made. The management has taken steps to implement practices in place to reduce waste production, water and energy use, Waterbom Bali has recently been certified as carbon neutral.

Approximate cost:

Adult – 520,000 IDR
Child – 370,000 IDR (2-12 years)
Below 2 years old – FREE

Are you excited? Of course, you should be. As mentioned before, Bali has something for every kind of traveller. This is an example of that. With the world-class rides, don’t be amazed if your heart skips a couple of beats in wonder. This sure is a great way to spend a day’s time in Bali! So what are you waiting for? Book away your Bali package from India at Pickyourtrail and enjoy a fun-filled day with your family at Waterbom Bali!


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