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World's Most Romantic Cities
Written by Dikshya Shaw on August 5, 2021 Share on

World’s Most Romantic Cities

Are you all for romance? If you are, this post is perfect for you. Explore the picture-perfect alleys, spectacular sunsets, and buildings that seem to come straight from a storybook. These sights will capture your heart. Experience some of the most sizzling destinations on Earth, such as the NetherlandsCroatia, Japan, ItalyGreece, Morocco, France, the Czech Republic, and many more. Each of the world’s most romantic cities has a heap of totally gorgeous, romantic elements to them. Solo travel is fine, but some places are better left to experience with that someone special by your side. From cherry blossom-spotting in Kyoto to Gondola rides in Venice, do whatever you feel like. Lose yourself while dancing the tango in Buenos Aires.

Whisk your significant other on a romantic journey away, or simply search for that significant other, our list of cities is the epitome of romance and inspiration. Some are filled with adventure, history, and romance. Also, some places are just meant to be calm and cool, where you can chill with your loved one. Moreover, each of the cities has an array of the best places to eat. A romantic date is never complete without a meal of burnt chicken and wilted veggies. While some couples will be satisfied with rose-colored glasses, some will be thrilled to go on a beach excursion where no shoes or shirts are required. Whichever type of couple you are, we are ready to offer you 10 of the best romantic cities in the world.

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World’s 10 Most Romantic Cities

Whether you are celebrating your honeymoon or your marriage anniversary, or a romantic escapade with your bae, these 10 most romantic cities will leave you gasping. Discover every place, starting from the beaches of Hawaii to the canals of Europe and from the forts of Rajasthan to the temples and gardens of Japan. Dive into the list below to know which destination attracts you the most.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  3. Kyoto, Japan
  4. Venice, Italy
  5. Santorini, Greece
  6. Marrakesh, Morocco
  7. Paris, France
  8. Prague, Czech Republic
  9. Seville, Spain
  10. New York City, New York

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands, World's Most Romantic Cities
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

When you think of Amsterdam, romance is the first term that comes to mind. Amsterdam, an unexpected contender, is a city with 165 canals and 1,281 bridges. Stroll alongside these magnificent canals and cross these majestic bridges with your partner by your side. Do whatever you feel like doing in Amsterdam; there’s no denying the charm of the Netherlands’ capital.

Jump on a bike and pedal your way through this picture-perfect destination, or hire a houseboat adorned with flowers. See the water sprinkle away as you move through it. Take a night walk with your bae, hand in hand as you walk through the infamous Red Light District and enjoy the nightclubs in Amsterdam. Go cycling, tour the Rijksmuseum, and explore the Anne Frank House in the famous city.

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2. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia, World's Most Romantic Cities
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, is a mixture of history, culture, and romance. If you have a love for all these, you are sure to love Dubrovnik. With a variety of intimate activities and remarkable views, Dubrovnik is practically a living postcard. Engage in cozy cable cars for a bird’s eye view of the city and sea. Discover a delicious island, Lokrum, waiting in the wings.

Did you know there’s a bar located on a cliff? This is a city filled with romance that is easy to savor and hard to forget. If you are a Game of Thrones couple, head to Dubrovnik, a romantic dream come true. Surrounded by oceanic views, Baroque mansions, and steamy squares, this romantic escapade is perfect for long, boozy lunches. Rent kayaks and go skinny dipping in the hidden coves.

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3. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan, World's Most Romantic Cities
Image Courtesy: Pexels

In Kyoto, you’ll find everything from gardens to imperial palaces. A visit to Kyoto is like an adventure-cum-romantic getaway. Be overwhelmed by the city’s beauty. Blend in the rich culture and cuisine overflowing at every corner. Kyoto is truly an amazing destination that will make your heart pitter-patter. Staying in Ryokan will probably be one of the best things you’ll do on your travel.

Kyoto, one of Japan’s most romantic cities, houses beautiful temples and iconic Torii Gates. If you are not a fan of crowded cities like Kyoto and Tokyo, make sure to have an escape in Ryokan. All your dreams to witness the mesmerizing cherry blossoms will come true once you visit Kyoto and Tokyo. It’s worth watching the blossoms cherish amidst the crowd.

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4. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy, World's Most Romantic Cities
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Venice, as we all know, is famous for Gondola rides. Sail away with your bae on one of these rides while you witness the dreamy sunset and feel the chirps of birds as they find their way back to their homes. For this reason, it is best to ride gondolas in the evening. Indulge in a lot of cuddles and kisses as you paddle along the canals or the tapered routes between the buildings.

Riding a gondola is the best thing two lovers can do in Venice. It’s a little bit of adventure for all adventure lovers as the boat zigzag and gushes through the water in the canals. Try going to Venice a little off-season to keep things a little more relaxed and intimate, especially on Valentine’s Day. Apart from riding, this water city provides a maze of alleyways and back streets where you can get lost with your love.

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5. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece, World's Most Romantic Cities
Image Courtesy: Pexels

If Greece is the heart of romantic islands, Santorini is the heartbeat of them. Watch the world-famous sunsets as you sample cheese and olive oil from local farms and groves. You can see the Aegean Sea behind you as you cherish the blue-domed churches and windmills. Share beautiful stories with your significant other while enjoying the reflections of the breathtaking sunsets over the waters of this Greek island.

If you aren’t in Santorini with your love, you will surely fall in love. Experience the otherworldly Red Beach along with the cliffs, whitewashed homes, and narrow alleyways. If you are an outdoor couple, hike between the towns of Fira and Oia with some of the best views on the island. Your romantic date would not be complete without indulging in the best food here.

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6. Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco, World's Most Romantic Cities
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

From vibrant squares to bustling souks, you’ll find everything in Marrakesh. Be an audience of the colors, the culture, and the intoxicating aroma of freshly cooked tagine. Nothing is more romantic than an exotic destination that you’ll solely find in Marrakesh. Remember all those old-time romantic adventure movies where damsels and explorers ride through the Sahara Desert to the Atlas Mountains?

While you are here, live as sheiks and Bedouins in a Ryad in this Morrocan city. Buy your loved one a trinket in the souks and get lost in the maze of streets in Medina. Watch the sunset while sipping on a sweet peppermint tea with your sweetie, and look at Jemaa el-Fna from a rooftop patio. Explore Marrakech’s fabled markets, watch the tall palm trees, and relax in charming boutique hotels.

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7. Paris, France

Paris, France, World's Most Romantic Cities
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

The list of every romantic city in the world is not complete without the mention of “City of Love”. Engage in the famous trends, the undeniably seductive French language, and the most favorite activity, watching the Eiffel Tower. Exploration is the main key here, so ditch everything and go out for exploring. Hearing and speaking French can only trigger your romantic fire as French is widely considered to be the most romantic language of all.

Go into a bakery for a fresh pastry with your partner, enjoy in a bistro in the afternoon for a glass of wine or two, or admire the architecture as you stroll down the cobbled streets of Marais at sunset. No romantic getaway is complete without a dine-in in an exquisite French restaurant to experience exotic French cuisine. If you’d like to take your Paris Sejour to a new level, indulge in spectacular nightlife in Paris.

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8. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic, World's Most Romantic Cities
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Medieval wonders get illuminated at twilight in Prague. The city of Prague is a mixture of medieval beauty with modern charm. If you’re in Prague, you’ll know you’ve come to the perfect destination to fall in love with, on your own, or with your special someone. Engage in a walk across the Charles Bridge and be accompanied by street performers as you enjoy sweeping views of the city.

Did you know spring and summer are particularly ripe seasons in Prague for romance? Prague is best experienced at night when the city monuments are illuminated. Stroll along the River Vltava at dusk, gaze at the Prague castle, and take a cable car ride to the top of the Petrin Gardens. Look at the mirror maze and the waterfall as you ride with your bae in the cable car and experience one of the world’s best romantic cities here.

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9. Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain, World's Most Romantic Cities
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Uncover the main square by boats or carriages. Fall in love with Seville, where Flamenco’s hot and cold drinks are most enjoyed. From picturesque parks to buildings overflowing with Moorish influence, your eyes will be in paradise at every corner. Seville is the sole star of Andalusia, containing purple jacaranda and perfumed-orange trees lining the cobblestone streets.

Wander in the famous ceramic shops in Triana, and mount La Giralda tower at the Cathedral of St. Mary, which is also the second-largest in the world, after the Vatican, for photo-worthy panoramas. Grab a scoop for the famous gelaterias here and saunter around the Plaza de España, or doze at the Parque María Luisa during siesta time. Spend an afternoon together at El Alcazar palace, the filming spot for Dorne on Game of Thrones.

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10. New York City, New York

New York City, New York, World's Most Romantic Cities
Image Courtesy: Pexels

From sunsets to skyscrapers, New York City is a city with everything. The feeling you’ll get while walking from the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan cannot be mentioned in words. Get amazed by the NYC skyline as it illuminates at night. Stroll the Central Park covered in freshly-fallen snow. Fulfil your lover’s dream in New York City. This huge and chaotic city may be busy, but it never fails to make you fall in love with it.

Do you want to know the best way to experience the seduction of the city? Discover an empty rooftop and take in the views of the skyscrapers as they reach above and beyond plain sight. Head over to DUMBO for a better view of the New York skyline. Go to the Empire State Building to remind yourselves of the famous romantic movies that have taken place in this building.

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Tips for Your Romantic Escapade

  1. Don’t start your romantic escapade in the off-season.
  2. Choose activities that lead to romance. Take a dance class or try out a sport that neither of you has tackled. Zipline in Maui while staying in Kapalua.
  3. Splurge on extraordinary things, like V.I.P service, an upgraded room, or limo service. Take the horse and buggy ride around the French Quarter in New Orleans. Go hot air ballooning over Napa Valley.
  4. Be playful with your love. Try karaoke together for the first time or go to a comedy club and laugh out loud. Make snow angels, build a castle, or fly a kite on the beach.
  5. Don’t book a restaurant serving more than three courses per meal. There is nothing worse than sitting through an 11- course tasting menu. Because all you want to do is get cozy together.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Your Romantic Getaway

What should I focus on my romantic getaway?

Your sole purpose to escape with your love on a romantic getaway is romance. So, spend as much time as you can with your love outdoors and stay less indoors. Book cheaper hotels and try indulging in cuisines somewhere outside.

Which is the best romantic city in the world?

Paris is the all-time romantic city in the world. For every couple, watching the Eiffel Tower is the best activity. Also, take a walk with your bae along the Seine River.

What is the best food in Amsterdam?

You can try Dutch Pancakes, Jenever, Raw herring, Kibbeling, and Oliebollen. If you’re all for sweets, try out Stroopwafel, a Dutch sweet treat. Engage in the fun while picking up Croquettes from a vending machine.

With an uncountable number of romantic cities to go to, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags and set to have an exciting romantic getaway in the world with us. Choose from our list of International tour packages at Pickyourtrail and make an unforgettable romantic escapade to the most romantic cities in the world.

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