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Turkey Tour Packages

For Indians, Turkey is a land rich in history and colourful culture, filled with archaeological wonders, pristine beaches, and exotic, flavourful cuisines. It is a transcontinental country, bordered by Greece, Iran, Iraq, Bulgaria, Syria, and Armenia. At the same time, it cradles the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea. All this makes it the place to be, for a perfect holiday for solo travellers, honeymooners, and families alike, with customized Turkey tour packages or Europe tour packages.

When you think of Turkey, you think of whirling dervishes, open-air markets, colourful hot air balloons dotting the skies, handwoven carpets with intricate designs, and all the many types of kebabs you’ll get to feast on. So with Turkey packages, why not explore all of it and more that turkey has to offer to its travellers on their Turkey trip.

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Turkey Tour Packages from India

Turkey Packages No of days Places to Visit Price*
Perfect 8 day Turkey Tour Package 8 days/7 nights Istanbul (2N)Kusadasi (2N)Goreme (1N)Istanbul(2N) Rs.42,525(with airfare, hotels)
Epic 10 day Turkey Package 10 days/9 nights Istanbul (2N)Goreme (2N)Bodrum (2N) Kusadasi(2N)Istanbul(1N) Rs.52, 678(with hotels)
10 night Luxury Turkey Holiday Package 11 days/10 Nights Kusadasi (4N)Istanbul (4N)Antalya (2N) Rs. 55, 000 (with hotels)
Ideal 8 night fun Turkey trip 9 days/8 nights Kusadasi (2N)Pamukkale (2N)Istanbul (3N) Goreme(1N) Rs. 82, 012 (with hotels)
Scenic 7 nights Turkey Travel Package 8 days/7 nights Kusadasi (3N)Istanbul (4N) Rs. 90,208 (with hotels)

Turkey Packages Highlights

  • Taking a Bosphorus River Cruise while sipping Turkish tea
  • Visiting Hagia Sophia and Museum to discover relics from Byzantine & Ottoman era
  • Exploring over 4000 shops selling myriad of products in Grand Bazaar Istanbul
  • Discovering Topkapi Palace - the residence to Ottomon Kings in the 15th-16th century
  • Taking a journey in a tram from Taksim Square to Tunel Square
  • Enjoying a Hammam Bath at Turkish Bathhouse
  • Witnessing a spiritually illuminating Whirling Dervish Show
  • Visiting the Blue Mosque of Istanbul
  • Taking a hot air balloon ride at sunrise in Cappadocia
  • Discovering the natural wonders of Goreme National Park
  • Hiking the love valley and enjoy views of sprawling landscapes
  • Marvelling at the stunning Sumela Monastery - an abandoned religious complex
  • Visiting the 105 mini models of monuments of Turkey at Miniature Park in Istanbul
  • Exploring Goreme National Park - a beautiful natural wonder of the world
  • Discovering Kaymakli City - the largest underground city in Cappadocia
  • Picnicking at the beautiful Kursunlu Falls in the city of Antalya amidst the nature
  • Visiting the The Land of Legends Theme Park for wholesome entertainment
  • Relaxing by the endless stretches of sand at the Lara Beach
  • Exploring the Roman Baths in Istanbul - a bath house turned burial ground
  • Marvelling at the beauty of Ankara city from Atakule Tower
  • Hiking Mount Nemrut and savouring panoramic views of the surrounding countryside
  • Smoking shisha at various popular Nargile Bars in Turkey

More activities to include to Turkey Packages

  • Taking in panoramic views of the city of Cappadocia from the gates of Uchisar Castle
  • Stopping by Gerome open air museum and dive in to Cappadocia history
  • River rafting in Koprulu Canyon National Park
  • Exploring the old town in Antalya
  • Visiting Ankara Castle that speaks about the rich past of Ankara
  • Discover the beauty of Ankara city atop the Atakule Tower
  • Hike Mount Nemrut to explore tombs of ancient rulers
  • Savour delicious Baklava and Turkish kebabs
  • Visit Pamukkale and relax at the thermal pools
  • Kayaking in the sunken city of Kekova
  • Explore the underground mosque in Istanbul
  • Camp in the Kackar Mountains & take in the beauty of flora & fauna
  • Taste seafood in restaurants under the Galata bridge

Things to do in Turkey Holiday Packages

Turkey is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world, with unexpected and astonishing landscapes that pictures will never do justice to. Visit historic sites and cities, with buildings that date back to thousands of years ago, and of course, the iconic capital city of Istanbul with Turkey packages. With so much to do, make sure you check out a guide to Turkey to know all your options.

Explore Istanbul

The capital city has a majestic history, having been the capital of three major empires, namely the Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, and the Eastern Roman Empire. Home to magnificent architectural structures like the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Trotsky House, and many more, Istanbul packages have something for everyone. Be sure to visit the Grand Bazaar on an Istanbul tour package for great bargains and indulgent street-foods.

Take a hot air balloon ride

Cappadocia is a vast and rocky expanse, that is almost straight out of a fairytale. With towering rock formations, underground cities, and ancient caves, taking a hot air balloon up into the sky with hundreds of others is an experience like no other. See the most unique panoramas on earth with Turkey tour packages from India. And in case you’re headed there as a newlywed couple, taking a hot air balloon ride at twilight is recommended for how romantic the experience can be. With twinkling lights below, colours dotting the skies, and the cool night air, Cappadocia should definitely feature on Turkey trip from India.

Eat to your heart’s content

Turkey packages promise several gastronomy attractions which will take you to the heart of their culture. The food here has evolved from an amalgamation of a variety of cuisines, including Balkan, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and a touch of Eastern European. Full of flavour, Turkey’s grilled meats, meze spreads, lavash, local cheeses and bread, and of course, the baklava that cannot be replicated anywhere else, will leave you in a food coma. With some of the world’s best coffee, Turkey’s finest kahvesi will help revive you.

See history come to life

Turkey tour packages will take you places where time stands still. Visit the Ankara Castle or the biblical city of Troy which house the remains from ancient Turkey. The Ataturk's Mausoleum is a must-visit for history lovers to explore the cut-stone clad buildings and beautiful Turkish architecture. The marble and stones used to build this historic monument were brought from numerous parts of Turkey, and the exteriors reflect their respective periods. The city of Ephesus is yet another famous attraction that must feature on all Turkey packages. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world is the Temple of Artemis, found in Ephesus as well.

Visit Pamukkale

Located in the inner Aegean region of Turkey, this area is famous for its warm thermal springs, which shaped shimmering terraces of white limestone deposits over several millennia. The waters, rich in minerals, slowly drip down the mountainside, collecting in the terraces and spilling over and cascading into pools below. Pamukkale is one of the most beautiful locations you’ll witness on Turkey holiday packages from India, as well as one of the most historic. Pamukkale’s past includes the construction of the ancient Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis on top of the mountain, and the area’s Roman ruins are surprisingly well-preserved, as well as underrated. All this makes Pamukkale unmissable on your Turkey travel packages.

Hike at the love valley

Studded amongst pigeon valley and white valley, love valley is one of the must visits on your Turkey travel packages. Starting to hike early in the morning is sure to flush out large amounts of dopamine in you. With climate being in favour across the summer-winter transition period. These phallic rock formations cannot be believed to be remains of volcanic eruptions. Hiking here could be the best thing to do.

Turkish delight on plate

Turkish food is a blend of rich mix of flavours and happens to be the favourite influencer among all cuisines around the world. From juiciest kebabs to thick shakes to chewing ice-creams, Turkey has the best food for you not to miss. The Gozleme, Lahmacun, Imam Bayildi, Mantir and the Turkish delight and the list is endless. Try not to miss them in Turkey, else you will miss something big from Turkey.

Rafting at the Koprulu Canyon National Park

This is an all round the year task. Located in the Province of Antalya, this could be one of the tummy tickling tasks that your heart craves every next time you happen to experience this. This national park has a touch of all vacation components from hiking to ancient ruins for one to explore and find the treasure of Turkey. This exciting sport is an apt choice for you to take up and not to miss at all on your Turkey Packages from India.

Places to visit on your Turkey Packages

Here are some must visit places in Turkey that are a must have on your Turkey trip from India.

Aya Sofya

A 6th century church built by Emperor Justinian, converted into a mosque 900 years later, the Aya Sofya Museum is one of the most iconic buildings in Turkey and one of the best places to visit in Turkey during your Turkey trip. One of the most beautiful mosques in the world, Aya Sofia is the best tourist attraction to visit in Turkey.


An ancient city located in Selcuk, a small town about 30 kms from Kusadasi, the city of Ephesus was once an active commercial center, although now what remains is just ruins. A city of colossal monuments, the city of Ephesus was one of the most still standing & complete Roman cities to experience in the Mediterranean region, the golden age of the Roman empire. Of all the structures, only The Great Theatre and the Library of Celsus still exist and can be explored on your Turkey tour packages from India.

Topkapi Palace

Built in the 15th century, the Topkapi Palace is a must visit on your Turkey package. It was the place from where the sultans of the Ottoman era carved out an empire extending up to Europe, and further down to the middle east and Africa. The Palace takes you into the opulent & fantastical world of the sultans with its fine interiors, exuberant tiling and lavish jewel decorations. The public garden surrounding the Palace was once the sole domain of the Royal court, but is now a garden open to the public and provides a tranquil experience with its lush greenery.


A natural site in Denzil, in Southwestern Turkey, Pamukkale meaning ‘Cotton castle’ in Turkey are pure white travertine terraces and warm springs cascading down a slope providing a beautiful spectacle resembling that of a cotton castle. Visited by over 2 million people every year, Pamukkale is one of the top attractions in Turkey and one of the most famous natural wonders. The view of the travertines glowing as the sun sets and goes below the horizon is mesmerising. Hence a visit to Pamukkale during dusk is recommended on your Turkey holiday packages.


The longest beach in Turkey, Patara is absolutely beautiful. You will find plenty of beach cafes with sunbeds to hire and just lay back and have a tranquil beach time. If you are lucky, you will get to watch a breathtaking sunset and lovely moonrise at the sametime from the top of a dune. So don’t miss this on your Turkey tour packages.

Kursunlu Falls

This is one of the places not to be missed on your Turkey trip. This place is sure to offer a break from everyday hassles. The nature components are scenic and offer a perfect getaway that you expect from the trip. The picturesque scenes offer a perfect backdrop for your instagram posts. The water reduces to truckle in summer months. Amalgamation of 6 pond bodies and falling from 18 metres of height is what Kursunlu falls is actually made of. The banks are studded with a variety of flora and happens to seem like a perfect picnic spot.

Butterfly Valley

This place is a ‘can be visited all round the year’ kind of a valley. Studded with activities like the gut thrilling hiking trails, beach parties’ picturesque backgrounds and blue green waters that will leave you amazed throughout. This place has the best climate for you to enjoy throughout the year. The activities keep your adrenaline rushing while the climate gives you some real adrenaline pumping.

Avsa Island

Also known as Turkeli, this island is located in the southern sea of Marmara. This island occupies an area of 36 kilometres. Avsa island happens to be a popular tourist destination preferred by their locals. If you are looking to have a perfect beach life on your Turkey holiday packages, this place is what you have been looking for. Beaches, swimming, surfing, sun-tans, brighter days and colourful nights. This place has a different flavour of Turkey. This island is accessible by either a ferry or a boat from Istanbul.


Getting to Turkey and not strolling across Istanbul’s streets is a sin. Istanbul should definitely be your not to miss in the list. This city gives you a preview of what Turkey is all about. From every little component of calming nature to infinitely minute hot city detailing, Istanbul has it all in it. The grand bazaar is one place which you shouldn’t miss in your Turkey itinerary. Stroll through each store and take favourite pieces of Turkey along with you.

Kleopatra Beach

Located in Alanya, Kleopatra offers a perfect beach life its travellers expect from it. From Suntans to Sun burns, you are sure to carry this scar of enjoyable beaching here at Kleopatra. If you are guessing this beach has got its name after Queen Cleopatra, you should be right. The eclectic mix of brown sands, blue waters and green trees is sure to offer you a complete vacation mood.Stacked with Swimming, Surfing and Paragliding - this place is perfect for some real time adventures.

Things to know about Turkey Travel Packages

Ideal duration

The ideal duration for Turkey tour packages from India would be a minimum of 8 days to get the best of the must-visit attractions. Turkey is packed to the brim with picturesque scenery, ancient monuments, pulsing culture and vast history. Straddling between Asia and Europe, every inch of Turkey is endowed with a rich history and glorious landscapes. Whether you want to laze on the Istanbul beaches or showcase your adventurous side in Cappadocia, Turkey has attractions of all sorts. Istanbul will require 3 days, Cappadocia and Pamukkale 2 days each and if you're into Greek-Roman cities, we'd suggest a day trip to Ephesus as well.

Getting around

Turkey has minibuses called dolmuşes that enable trips to the villages and can seat up to 20 passengers. For travel between cities on Turkey holidays, a lot of private bus service providers are available who facilitate these services. Also, taxis are common in most cities in Turkey and driving around the city is yet another way to explore the country in an authentic well-paced way. BiTaksi, iTaksi, Carmel, Lyft & Uber are some of the best taxi cab apps you can use, especially on Istanbul packages.

Visa process for Indians

You will require a Turkish E-Visa to visit Turkey. A tourist visa allows you to stay in Turkey for 3 months. It takes around 15 working days for visas to get processed from the embassy's end. Pickyourtrail's visa success rate is 99% so a hassle-free visa process is guaranteed. For the visa initiation, our visa experts will get in touch with you to initiate the process post your first payment for our Turkey packages. You will also have access to our mobile app where you will get timely updates on your visa.

Best time to visit Turkey

Turkey is a year-round destination, however, the best time to visit Turkey depends on the places you want to include on Turkey tour packages. While Spring and Autumn are considered as the best time to traverse the archaeological sites, June to September is mostly preferred by travellers to get the best of the beach and island hopping. If you're looking at walking tours and exploring the ancient sites of Turkey by foot, we'd definitely recommend the months between April to October when the temperature is pleasant. From late October, you can expect the weather to cool down a bit and the interior areas of Cappadocia get predominantly cold. But if you're someone who loves the winter period, you can very well travel from November to March since the top attractions will be less crowded.

How to Reach Turkey

Turkey is about 4600 Km away from India and the most convenient way to reach this land is by air - not by carpets perhaps! With more tourist destinations and varied landscapes. Depending on the time of year you plan to visit, book your flights well in advance to avail healthy discounts. However, getting to understand the internal transport helps you to choose the pocket friendly transport option. Read through to understand which suits you the best.

By Air

A flight from India will directly take you to the capital city of Turkey - Istanbul. You will arrive at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport. Major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi cater direct and connecting flights to Istanbul. The average flight time is around 6 hours and the quickest among the options is to travel from Mumbai. However, the stopover flights take more than 10 hours to reach Turkey. Popular air services like Air India, Oman Air, Turkish Airlines and Ukraine International Airlines cater flights from India to Turkey. Taking flights could be the most reasonable and convenient option to reach Turkey as they are quick and less tiring.

By Train

Turkey is well connected with Asian and European countries. However, travelling by train could turn out to be a little tiring. The journey almost takes upto 10 days. You will have to pass through countries like Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The route is -Istanbul-Ankara -Tehran followed by Tehran-Zahedan, Zahedan-Quetta, Quetta-Lahore, Lahore-Amritsar and Amritsar to Delhi. It requires you to switch to ferries also in between. This journey will consume more days and money. Keep in track of the timing and get ready with your visas well in advance. If you are someone who enjoys long train rides, this option is for you.

By Road

It takes about 12 days or more for you to reach Turkey from India by road. You will have to cross countries like Pakistan, Quetta, Zahedan and Teheran. You will have to spend more and keep your border permits ready. This journey could turn out to be very expensive and time consuming. Hence, it is not preferred generally.

Flights are the quickest way to travel even within the borders of Turkey. If you are travelling to a nearby place, prefer taking a train or bus. However, if you intend to travel on your own time, hire a cab. If you are willing to commute to local places, renting a bicycle could be the cheapest option.

Book Turkey Packages from India at Pickyourtrail

Pickyourtrail offers Turkey tour packages from India that are easily customizable at the click of a button, providing you with a platform to book your dream vacation. Whether you are looking to revel in the history of cultures and civilizations, hop from one country to the next with your family, or set off on a food trail, we offer customised Turkey travel packages that cover it all. If you are looking to book Istanbul tour packages alone, we offer customizable Turkey holiday packages for whatever duration you would like. Turkey honeymoon packages are popular which cater to every newlywed’s dream getaway. Private Turkey packages from India can also be arranged, or even a private Istanbul Turkey Vacation. We craft cheapest Turkey tour packages from India with the intent of providing travellers with a vacation that you can cherish for an entire lifetime. Leave your planning hassles with us and we will plan the perfect Turkey packages from India for you.

Departure Lowest Round Trip Deals
Chennai Rs.37254
Delhi Rs. 31119
Mumbai Rs.28554
Kolkata Rs.50471
Hyderabad Rs.35806
Kochi Rs.37496
Trichy Rs.54264
Bangalore Rs.29988

Frequently Asked Questions about Turkey Trip

What are the best Turkey Packages offered by Pickyourtrail?

What is Turkey famous for?

Savouring some delectable Baklava is the most famous thing to do in Turkey. Turkish tea served in tulip shaped glasses with 2 - 3 ice cubes just like the turks relish is yet another of the things Turkey is famous for, Iskender Kebabs of Turkey are to die for, Turkish soap Operas to your surprise can get you hooked, Evil eye souvenirs of Turkey goes without saying are renowned worldwide, Turkish carpets, rugs, ceramics and Turkish lights are again absolutely gorgeous, Turkish delight, the famous souvenir/sweet made out of sugar and starch and finally dust with icing powder is yet another famous things in Turkey.

What is the language of Turkey? What language is spoken in Turkey?

Turkish is the official language of Turkey and is spoken by about 90% of the population. Kurdish, Zazaki and Arabic are the other languages spoken in Turkey after Turkish.

Do people in Turkey speak English?

Turkey receives around 40 million tourists every year, but unfortunately it is reported that only 1/5th of Turkish population speaks English. Although if luck favours you, you can find some good English speakers in the top tourist hotspots of Istanbul, but elsewhere in the country it will get harder to come by English speakers and hence it really helps if you learn some Turkish to get by on your Turkey trip.

Which is the best time to visit Turkey?

April, May, September and October are the best months to visit Turkey as during this time the temperatures range between 20°C-30°C making the weather pleasantly warm and absolutely ideal to visit all the historical sites and top tourist attractions.

How many days to visit Turkey would be ideal?

Anytime between 6 - 10 days would be a good time for a Turkey tour, although a week-long itinerary would be the best for travellers to explore Turkey.

How much does a trip to Turkey cost from India?

An ideal trip to Turkey would be a week long trip, and a 6 nights 7 days Turkey Package, would cost anything between Rs.1.5 lakhs to 1.75 lakhs for two persons.

What currency is used in Turkey? Should I take euros or lira to Turkey?

Turkish Lira is the official currency of Turkey. It is better to take Liras instead of Euros as you get a better exchange rate for Lira especially in markets and souks. However other currencies like Euros and Pounds are also accepted in Turkey.

How long is the flight to turkey from India?

It generally takes on an average about 9 - 10 hours by flight to reach Antalya, the capital of Turkey from India.

What are the must do things in Istanbul turkey?

Visiting the architectural beauty of Hagia Sophia, a church turned into a Mosque and then into a museum in Istanbul is an absolute must on your Turkey tour package. Topkapi palace, the principal residence of sultans for almost half a century, contained by four lush green courtyards is yet another must visit in Istanbul. A Bosphorus cruise both through the European and Asian shores that takes you around the city and gives you a good overview is yet another must do on your Turkey trip. Exploring Basilica Cistern, an underground cistern made with Byzantine engineering that once brought drinking water aqueducts from Bulgaria to Istanbul, and lastly Grand Bazaar, a 500 year old bazaar spread across 60 streets with over 5000 shops is the best place to buy carpets, jewellery, ceramics and souvenirs on your Turkey tour.

What to pack for Turkey holiday?

A sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun, a hat or cap to beat the heat, sunglasses, a scarf as you are required to cover your head before entering a mosque, decent clothes that are deemed appropriate for entering a mosque - clothes that can cover your ankles and that cover your shoulders, comfortable shoes, Universal power adapter, a lightweight backpack for easy access to everything you need and swimsuit if you would like to swim in any of the Turkish beaches are the essentials to pack for your Turkey trip.

How to go to Cappadocia Turkey from Istanbul?

From Istanbul, you can take a flight, bus or drive yourself to Cappadocia. Flight would be the most convenient option, provided the flights are booked well in advance so that they work out cheaper. From Istanbul airport you can book to any one of the two airports in Cappadocia - Nevsehir or Kayseri airport. The flight takes about 2 - 2.5 hours. You can also take a bus from Istanbul to Cappadocia, which works out to be the cheapest option but it is a long drive which takes about 10 - 12 hours. Self drive from Istanbul to Cappadocia is another option, but it takes 8 hours to get to Cappadocia without any stops.

How to book hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia?

You can reach out to your package provider, they can book it through their activity supplier and add it to your package price. Or you can reach out to your hotel in Cappadocia and book it offline.

How expensive is Turkey for Indian tourists?

If you are a backpacker, Turkey is not very expensive. Major part of the budget will go towards flights, and for accommodation you can find cheaper hotels. Hotels are expensive during summertime. If you are travelling during off season, you can get hotels at good rates and you can work out a cheap Turkey trip from India.

How to get Turkey visa from India?

Visa for tourist purposes can be obtained from the Consulate of Turkey or if you have a valid schengen visa, you can apply for an e-visa using an electronic visa application system (www.evisa.gov.tr).

Turkey Weather by Month

Turkey in April Turkey in May Turkey in June Turkey in July Turkey in August Turkey in September Turkey in October Turkey in November Turkey in December
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turkey Packages By Cities

Inclusions (customisable)

  • 4 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from52,448 /Person

Incredible 10 night Turkey itinerary

  • Istanbul (3N)
  • Goreme (2N)
+2 cities

Inclusions (customisable)

  • 5 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,21,461 /Person

Ideal Turkey Tour Package for Couple

  • Istanbul (4N)
  • Goreme (3N)

Inclusions (customisable)

  • Flights included
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,38,298 /Person

Incredible 14 day Turkey Packages

  • Antalya (4N)
  • Istanbul (5N)
+1 city

Inclusions (customisable)

  • 8 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,73,311 /Person

Inclusions (customisable)

  • 7 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,58,826 /Person

10 nights 11 days Turkey Tour Packages from India

  • Kusadasi (3N)
  • Istanbul (3N)
+3 cities

Inclusions (customisable)

  • Flights included
  • 6 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,63,828 /Person

Inclusions (customisable)

  • Flights included
  • 8 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,80,533 /Person

6 nights 7 days Relaxing Greece Turkey trip

  • Istanbul (3N)
  • Santorini (2N)
+1 city

Inclusions (customisable)

  • Flights included
  • 6 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,37,399 /Person

Inclusions (customisable)

  • 7 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,63,097 /Person

The Perfect 9 day Turkey Packages from India

  • Istanbul (3N)
  • Pamukkale (2N)
+1 city

Inclusions (customisable)

  • Flights included
  • 3 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,20,060 /Person

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