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8 Best Things To Do In Hue, Vietnam

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

With its rich culture, mind blowing landscapes, and sparkling city life, Vietnam tourism has become a headquarters for tourists all over the world. Hue in Vietnam stands out as a must-visit destination for anyone exploring this Southeast Asian country. Hue has memorable experiences to offer its visitors. Pickyourtrail offers Vietnam travel packages with Hue getting a definite spot in the itineraries. Plan your visit to Vietnam by knowing these popular things to do in Hue, so that you enjoy the trip to the fullest and create everlasting memories.


Embark a trek at Bach Ma National Park

One of the top things to do in Hue is take up a trek at the famous Bach Ma National park which is filled with lush greenery and diverse wildlife. The park pitches trails having various levels of difficulty, ensuring that any kind of trekker and hiker can enjoy the breathtaking views of waterfalls, lakes, and wildlife at the end of the trek. Filled with lots of vegetation and greenery, this place should not be missed by Nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts.

Timings: Open 24 hours
Entry ticket: Rs.200/-


Take a trip to Thanh Tan hot springs

The Thanh Tan Hot spring should be on everyone's list of places to visit in Hue. This place provides a wide array of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy and to make their day fun filled. You can test your level of fitness by trying Highwire and Zipline which makes your adrenaline pump up. Apart from these, photographers can get stunning photos amidst the scenery. Also, take a relaxing bath in the hot springs and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Timings: 7am to 12am
Outdoor activities price: From Rs.280/- to Rs.1100/-


Delve into exploring the Imperial city and its Architecture

While in Hue, visit the Imperial City, a well renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is a collection of palaces, gates, and temples that once served as the imperial capital of Vietnam. Also while at the imperial city do visit the Dien Tho Residence and the Thai Hoa Palace, which are prime examples of Vietnamese imperial architecture.

Timings: 6:30am to 5:30pm


Relish Boating on the Perfume River

Enjoy a leisurely and calm boat ride along the Perfume River. While on the boat also take in the picturesque scenery and historic sites along the way. This river is given its name the Perfume river due to the fragrant flowers that fall into the water, which provide a romantic and scenic experience, especially during sunset. This place is a true example of nature and top attractions to visit in Vietnam.

Timings: 2pm to 3pm is when most people visit this natural body
Ticket price for boat ride: Rs.1300/- to Rs.1700/- (depending on one-way or a round-trip)


Immerse in music by Experiencing a Hue Traditional Music Performance

Traditional music is renowned in Hue and is a significant aspect of the city's cultural legacy. Attend a traditional music concert to enjoy the melodic tunes played on vintage instruments like the dan bau, also known as a monochord, and the dan tranh, also known as a zither. These traditional performances take place near the Perfume river. The beauty of nature can be experienced while also taking in some music.

Timings: 7pm to 8pm
Ticket price: Rs.400/- (while some shows are free of cost during saturdays from 5pm to 6pm)


Enjoy a Biking Tour

Explore the amicable countryside surrounding Hue by taking a biking tour. You can experience Vietnam's slower-paced country life by visiting nearby villages, rice terraces, and historic bridges. It's a wonderful way to get away from the city and experience the area's natural splendor. Get a glimpse of the livelihood of the local village people.

Timings: The biking tours duration varies from 3 to 7 hours
Tour price: Varies based on the package.


Get excellent shopping experience by visiting Dong Ba Market

Make your shopping in Vietnam experience get more exciting and fanciful by immersing yourself in the Dong Ba Market. It's one of the oldest and most bustling markets in Hue. One can satisfy his shopping expectations here by purchasing products ranging from souvenirs to antiques, bronze items to day use products. Apart from these, one can also shop for bamboo products, clay pots, and jewelry. Talking about food, this place is famous for local Vietnamese cuisine including clam rice, puddings, shrimp noodle soup and so on.

Timings: 5am to 10pm


Relax and indulge in History at Thien Mu Pagoda

One of Hue's most identifiable features is this magnificent seven-story pagoda, which is located on the banks of the Perfume River. The pagoda offers a tranquil ambiance and stunning river views. Discover the pagoda's historical antiques, which add a touch to this place's beauty. This place is a very sacred place for all the Buddhists. The main highlight of this place is the Bell tower. Make your day in Hue very peaceful and relaxing by going to Thien Mu Pagoda.

Timings: 8am to 6pm

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