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Desert Safari Dubai Insider Guide: Ticket Prices, Access, Expectations, and Best Time to Visit

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Desert Safari in Dubai

If you are looking for Desert safari in Dubai, read through to get a fuller understanding of it. When you hear the word ‘Trip to Dubai ’ the first image that crosses your mind is that of the world-class city plan and of course the World’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Existing as one of the most populous regions of the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates, the city of Dubai also boasts of being home to the world’s first 7-star hotel property, the Burj Al Arab which emerges gracefully from the shores of the Jumeirah beach. Dubai is fondly called the “City of Gold” and rightly so because the experiences that this city has to offer is nothing short of sheer value for the time spent there. The attractions that you just read are only a few among the many experiences that this city has to offer. Two such experience is that the Dubai desert safari and Desert Camping. Intrigued? Read on to find out why it is one of the many experiences that people undertake when they visit Dubai.

When we think of any country in the Middle East, we often imagine sprawling lands of never-ending sand. The Desert Safari in Dubai greets you with this beautiful landscape and you will be in for some adrenaline-filled experiences like Dune bashing in a 4WD vehicle or even a fun-filled Camel ride. You can choose between an array of safaris like morning, evening, or even an overnight safari with each of them offering a totally unique experience for you.

Types of Desert Safari in Dubai


Morning Desert Safari

Are you an early bird? Well, then you are in for a treat as you embark on the morning desert safari. You will arrive at the desert early in the morning and as you soak in the beautiful sunrise that greets you, get ready for a quaint camel ride followed by an adventurous round of quad biking over the sand dunes. This safari is pretty much wrapped up post the quad biking ride, but if you are someone with no time constraints and would like to experience the desert safaris to the fullest, fret not, there are a range of other desert safaris offered at different times that you can take up.


Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

Amidst the shining stretch of golden sands in Lahbab desert, fall in love with adventure while feeling vibrantly entertained. Witnessing the orange sun fading across the sky and desert sunset view is such an inspiring sight at Dubai. Along with BBQ dinner, watch the famous belly dance and fire shows while sitting by the bonfire and enjoying the warmth of love along with your loved ones. Evening time in the Dubai desert is a time to explore some of the traditional sides of Dubai. It not just keeps you entertained, it turns around to educate the history of Dubai. The luxury of what Dubai is often talked about is subtly touched upon here and more of the cultural side is exposed here. Sit back and enjoy the desert safari with BBQ dinner. 


Overnight Desert Safari

If you love doing something offbeat, then the Overnight Desert Safari is calling you. What makes it different from the other types you may ask? Well, what’s better than embarking on a safari after the sun has set and savour some Arabic coffee with BBQ dinner while witnessing the traditional belly dancing in the desert. The cherry on top is to fall asleep under the star-lit night sky at the camping site and wake up refreshed the next morning as the organizers serve you some filling breakfast.


Hummer Desert Safari

Fall in love with the adventure that your Hummer takes you through the gorgeous Dubai sands. Along the endless dunes of Dubai sands, the Hummer slides like a ship through the peaceful sea. Sitting in your Hummer and enjoying the desert sunset view is one of the best things to do in Dubai. The Bedouin culture inspired activities rightly draw your attention here. Try not to miss participating in it. Sit by a bonfire and witness the warmth amidst the cool night desert. The Hummer can accommodate upto 6 people. Do not miss quad biking and horse riding. These activities protect your vibe of excitement throughout the Hummer desert safari. 


Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari

Witness the mesmerizing sunrise views in the Arabian stretch of desert and fall in love with the extra mile you behold of nature. These balloon rides start as early as before the sunrise and most of the packages offer you a round trip taking you from your place to the desert. Make sure you book one like this. The balloon ride starts with a quick debriefing and you get boarded into the basket which iconically takes you through the desert. After you land, avail the chance to have your breakfast in the traditional Bedouin camp. Click selfies with peregrine falcons. The ride starts off as early as 3.30 AM.


4x4 Desert Safari

Desert safari in Dubai is an endless adventure. The options are simply innumerable enabling you to try your hand at a safari defining your level of adventure. You will experience the 4x4 Desert Safari for about 6 hours. Experience every little option from dune bashing, quad biking, camel ride, sand skiing, sand boarding, horse ride to live belly dance. Your vehicle will be stopped in between the dunes to help you capture some amazing pictures for a lifetime! Try not to miss this experience in Dubai. 


Evening Desert Safari

The Desert Safari in the evening offers a beautiful experience for you. The journey begins in the afternoon and you have to make sure you indulge in some photography sessions as the lovely sunset fills the desert with mystical hues. After soaking in with the breathtaking atmosphere amidst the sunset, enjoy some authentic Belly dancing experience in the desert as you spend some leisure time beside a campfire before getting transferred back to your hotel.


Camel Safari in Dubai

One of the most traditional safaris in Dubai is Camel Safari. Explore every bit of the endless desert with camels. Riding back the camel is one of the best experiences you will ever have in Dubai. And if you say you are to Dubai, before even getting there you imagine yourself atop the camel. This experience definitely makes your dream into a reality. You will get to explore an extra milestone of what Dubai desert actually is. Try not to miss this experience and fall in love with the Dubai desert safari. 


Private Night Safari and Stargazing

If you are someone who enjoys nightlife more than the daylight hours, the private night safari and stargazing is absolutely meant for you. You will happen to board on a 4x4 vehicle and will be able to enjoy the dune bashing late into the night. Capture a picture with millions of stars blanketed just for you. This is one of the best desert safari in Dubai. Delve into the Dubai desert night and enjoy every minute of your Dubai nightlife. Truly worth the visit!

What can you expect in Dubai Desert Safari?

Depending on your budget and time constraints, the Desert Safari can be taken up at different slots. You may either take up a safari that involves a camel ride or an SUV ride for some dune bashing or even both! Experience the best of both worlds with a quaint camel ride or a pumping ride on an SUV amidst the dune bashing as your heart reaches your mouth with every turn. If you opt for an evening or overnight safari, you will be in for a treat with the traditional food and of course the traditional belly dance or light dance show. The next morning, after a scrumptious breakfast, you can pump up with some adrenaline-filled dune bashing.

But make sure you go through a trusted organizer especially if it’s an overnight safari since you don’t want to be at any kind of risk in the middle of nowhere in the desert. Plan ahead, so that you get the slot of your choice resulting in the best possible experience. So Grab the best Dubai tour with family and explore the breathtaking places.

How to get to the Desert?

Most of the time, pick up and drop off are offered from your hotel itself and you will be transferred via an SUV to the main desert area. There is no other way you will be able to access the main region. From the main region, you will be transferred onto a 4WD vehicle that will take you on the dune bashing experience.

In some cases, you will be informed of the common meeting point for the activity beforehand which you can reach via any form of public transport. Following this, you will be taken on an SUV to the main desert area and then on a 4WD vehicle for your desert rides. Do keep in mind that since this is a shared activity, you have to keep up with time so that you don’t keep your fellow tourists waiting.

Best time to visit and Entry fee

Desert safaris happen all through the day and every day of the week. Pick a time according to your interest. If you would like to experience just a fun-filled camel ride, then the early morning slot is the best time since the afternoon is not really the best time due to soaring temperatures. The evening and overnight safaris will offer you camel rides, dune bashing experiences and camping while witnessing Belly dancing and savouring a BBQ dinner. If you are a game for an adventure-filled safari and love gazing at the sunset, the evening slots are for you. 

The entry fee for the desert safari could range anywhere from INR 1,000 to INR 6,000 depending on the type of safari you want to undertake. But this experience is surely worth the money and is a must-do when you visit Dubai.

Some basic tips for you to remember would be to not indulge in any kind of heavy meal before the safari as you might start to feel nauseous. Remember to carry with you some sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses if you are going on an early morning safari or an evening safari. Do not forget to carry a jacket along with you as temperatures in the desert begin to drop as night approaches.

Reasons outnumbered for you to kickstart your plans to Dubai to indulge in that must-do Desert Safari. Well, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and embark on the Desert Safari of a lifetime. Still need help in planning? Worry not, we at Pickyourtrail cannot wait to help you out with planning your trip to Dubai. Log onto pickyourtrail.com for some of the best Dubai honeymoon packages and do not hesitate to step into our office so that we can plan your vacation in great detail. Until then, start planning and happy travelling!

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