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Skydive in Dubai

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Skydive in Dubai

If you are awaiting to get to know of Dubai skydiving, you have landed at the right place. Dubai Tour packages has an indefinite number of opportunities to fall in love with. This city with its craving and construction ventures, has changed itself so much that it best pretty much every explorers’ can list. 

On the off chance that you are a movement lover, Dubai skydiving should have definitely caught your attention and you unquestionably can’t pass up visiting this desert excellence. The grand design, yet Dubai has significantly more to offer, mainly if you are an experienced traveller, you can go for Skydiving in Dubai. All the skydiving areas in Dubai are operated by Skydive Dubai, an association that holds various Guinness World Records. 

Presently, on the off chance, if you are thinking, is skydiving in Dubai Safe? Then, let me let you know, Skydive Dubai has a fantastic reputation concerning the safety measures taken. You will interact with proficient specialists, and you’ll be in totally safe hands of expert & well-trained skydivers. 

Now that you are all in for an exciting experience of a lifetime, here in this brief guide about Dubai skydive and we will talk about insight concerning Skydiving in Dubai and other fundamental things one must know before making a beeline for this magnificent city! 

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Dubai packages including sky diving  No. of Days/NightsPrice*
 Skydive Dubai Package With Dubai Tour6Days/5Nights37,844(hotels,activities,shared transfer,Visa fees)
Dubai Skydiving Tour With Sightseeing5Days/4Nights42,667(hotels,activities,shared transfer,visa fees)
Dubai Tour Packages With Skydive5Days/4Nights63,846
4 Nights Honeymoon Trip Dubai5Days/4Nights64,160(hotels,activities,shared transfer,visa fees,flights)
4 Nights Dubai Package With Skydive5Days/4Nights65,708(visa fees,hotels,activities,shared transfer)
Skydiving in Dubai with other Activities8Days/7Nights80,312(hotels,activities,shared transfer,flight,visa fees)
 Dubai Itinerary For a Funfilled Vacation7Days/6Nights83,183(hotels,activities,shared transfer,flights)
The 7 Nights 8 Days Dubai Package8Days/7Nights93,728(hotels,activities,shared transfer,Visa fees,flights)
4 Nights Dubai Exciting Attractions5Days/4Nights1,20,121(hotels,activities,shared transfer,visa fees,flights)
Mesmerizing 6 Nights for Dubai Travel Package7Days/6Nights41,850(hotels,activities,shared transfer)



Types Of Skydiving In Dubai 

There are basically two types of Skydiving that you can engage in while in Dubai.

  1. Outside Skydiving 
  2. Indoor Skydiving.

1. Open-air Skydiving 

If you need the original deal and feel, similar to the ones you regularly find on the Internet and Instagram videos, you ought to go for Outdoor Skydiving. In open-air Skydiving, you are taken on a trip up to significant heights, and you hop with all the safety efforts made sure about thoroughly set up. The more substantial part of the beginners decide to go for pair skydiving, where you are attached firmly to an expert teacher, and on the off chance that you have a skydiving permit, you can go for a solo dive.

Dubai skydiving happens in two areas where you are taken to a trip of around 13,000 ft. from ground level, and you are lashed safely to a specialist teacher. Afterwards, you make an incredible jump over the desert land. The whole plunge experience is recorded by an expert videographer who will go with you on your drive while you spread your wings and profess to fly!

2. Indoor Skydiving 

Indoor Skydiving is a nearly new idea, however, this, as well, has picked up fame all around the globe. Indoor Skydiving incorporates an upward tunnel where free-fall conditions are reproduced with the assistance of different simulations. This type of Skydiving is ideal for people who are evaluating the skydiving experience just because with no potential hazard included. 

Contrasted with open-air Skydiving, indoor Skydiving costs significantly less, and in a brief timeframe, you can encounter the recreation of a real skydive. Indeed, even kids over the age of 2 years can go for an indoor skydiving experience. You can pick indoor Skydiving in Dubai to get the reproduced understanding of an actual skydive or give your young ones a mind-blowing experience with indoor Skydiving in Dubai. 

Operator for Skydiving in Dubai – SkyDive Dubai

SkyDive Dubai is the only outdoor operator for the skydiving in Dubai. There are extraordinary trainers with well known safety measures.

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Skydiving Locations In Dubai 

Skydiving in Dubai happens in two outlandish areas, Desert Campus drop zone and Palm drop zone, both oversaw by Skydive Dubai, one of the leading organizations for Skydiving.

1. Desert Campus Zone – Open Air Skydiving

This area is arranged on the edges of Dubai, and it has both experienced skydivers and Beginners. The desert is totally shocking, and when you take the jump, you will meet with extraordinary views on the sand ridges, the vast desert that paves the way to the staggering Dubai horizon. You will be hypnotized by the surprising perspectives, and this exciting experience will everlastingly be stepped in your psyche. 

Not just Skydiving, the desert drop zone likewise brags one the biggest outside Skydiving. School in the whole reality where you can take courses to turn into an expert skydiver.

Value: AED 1699
Address: Al Ain Road – Dubai

2. Palm Drop Zone – Open Air Skydiving

It is a top-notch skydiving area in Dubai. The hop happens over the superb Palm Jamaica, and you make some stagger perspectives on the Palm Islands and the Dubai horizon alongside elevated views on noticeable areas like Ain Dubai, Atlantis Palm lodging, Burj Al Arab, and the Dubai Marina

Skydiving is a significantly costly game, costing a couple thousand dollars for a single bounce. Yet, skydiving cost in Dubai for the whole skydiving involvement with Palm Drop is around 2199 AED. The skydiving cost in Dubai is proportionate to 45,000 rupees in Indian cash. There are additionally many skydiving offers in Dubai going all through the pinnacle seasons. 

Address: Al Seyahi St – Dubai
Value: AED 2199

3. iFly Dubai – Indoor Skydiving

On the off chance that you wanna go for indoor Skydiving, iFly Dubai is your spot. The twofold vertical airstream at iFly takes you to an unheard-of level of recreated, gravity-resisting skydiving experience. 

The passages are 10 meters since a long time ago encompassed by acrylic glass. Your security is completely guaranteed with high degree wellbeing measures. The accomplished educators are there to direct you while you take off in this controlled condition and appreciate it to your fullest.

Address: Third Floor, Play Nation Area, City Center Mirdif, Ghoroob, Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Road
Value: AED 220 for 2 mins

4. InFlight Dubai – Indoor Skydiving

Somewhere else to encounter indoor Skydiving in Dubai is InFlight Dubai. Its passage is estimated at a measurement of 16.5, which is one of the biggest on the planet. Arranged at one of the prime spots near the desert zone of Skydive Dubai, this is probably the best area for Skydiving. The guests can enjoy a gutsy blend of open-air and Indoor Skydiving. 

Address: E 66, Skydive Dubai Desert Campus
Costs: AED 262 for (2 mins), AED 497 for (4 mins), AED 706 for (6 mins), AED 889 for (8 mins), AED 1,048 for (10 mins) 

Rules For Indoor And Outdoor Skydiving In Dubai

The perfect age of the jumper ought to be in any event 18 years of age. 

Nobody ought to be affected by liquor and medications. 

One ought to be in a reasonable condition of wellbeing. 

BMI Requirements

Male – Weight: 100.0 kg or less. BMI – limit of 30.0 

Female – Weight: 90.0 kg or less. BMI – limit of 27.5 

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Types of Skydiving in Dubai

There are 3 types of Skydiving fall – Tandem jump, Static line jump and Accelerated free fall.

1. Tandem Jump

This is the beginner level in outdoor skydiving in Dubai. Tandem jump is absolutely safe for first timers. After a brief introduction about the process, a trainer will accompany you throughout the process. From the free fall to landing, you will be accompanied by a trainer who gets you tied to him. This is relatively a blessing in disguise for beginners.

2. Static Line Jump

If you want all the thrill for yourself, then this is absolutely the right course for you. Static Line jump allows you to have fun all by yourself. You will not to tied to a trainer this time. But understanding that you are a first timer, you will allowed to free fall only for a few seconds before you parachute is set open. The fall for this few seconds is in the form of static line and hence the name. You will require a full day training to take up static line jump.

3. Accelerated free fall

Accelerated free fall is when you have to take skydiving seriously. You will free fall for 50 second before the parachute actually opens up. Each diver will be assigned 2 instructors where the former one holds on to the diver until the parachute is deployed and the latter gives guided instructions for the diver after the parachute has opened. 

What’s the View Like When Skydiving in Dubai

There are 2 dropzones in Dubai skydiving – the Palm dropzone and the desert dropzone. 

If you are falling from above the Palm drop zone, you will get the exotic view of the Palm, Atlantic and the Burj Al Arab. 

The desert drop zone exposes you to the vast area of the Rub Al Khali. The emptiness below you fills you will unlimited levels of adrenaline. 

Height and Speed of the Fall

You will fall from a height of 13,000 feet. So, once your plane has reached the height of 13,000 feet, you will leap into the infinite space of the world below. You will happen to fall at a rate of 160mph. This is one of the most daring and exciting things you should definitely include in your bucket list. 

Skydiving in Dubai – Booking

Booking for Dubai Skydiving is one of the most important things to do priorly. Hence, booking at least a month in advance is very necessary. Try avoiding booking during the peak season. This activity allows you to make payments by both online and on spot payment.

Things To Remember About Dubai Skydive 

You should be at any rate of 12 years old. 

You have to convey your visa, driver’s permit, substantial personal ID card just as Emirates ID. 

The BMI alongside your garments and shoes should be 27.5 or less and weight 90 kg or less for ladies and BMI 30 or less and body weight 100 kgs or less for Men. 

Some Pro Tips For First Time Skydivers 

  • If you are a beginner, with regards to Skydiving, at that point, study these tips for first-time skydivers. These tips will assist you with making the most of your experience without limit and set you up for what is going to come. 
  • You should be very much supported before you go for a dive. A make a dive an empty stomach is undoubtedly not an excellent encounter to recollect. Get yourself a substantial breakfast before you head out for your first skydiving experience. Likewise, ensure that you don’t indulge, the thought is to be empowered and fed for this marvellous experience. 
  • A decent night’s rest is fundamental. You would prefer not to begin this energizing involvement in a depleted body and a worn-out psyche. So get some pleasant long stretches of rest before the day of the experience. 
  • Wear agreeable garments. Discard your shoes and shirts for one more day. Pick athletic wear that is agreeable and appropriate for the reason. 
  • Be patient and arranged to pause. Skydiving relies enormously upon the climate, and the authorities at Skydive Dubai are continually checking the environment. So on the off chance that the weather turns somewhat troublesome, it may take slightly longer than you expect, so be set up to pause. 
  • Skydiving doesn’t expect you to be an expert competitor, if you have an apparently average weight and carry on with a respectably reliable way of life, you are a great idea to go. 
  • At last, simply inhale and bounce! Make the most of your first plunging experience to the ideal. 
  • If you are an undertaking devotee and your adrenaline level commences just by considering any experience, at that point, Skydiving in Dubai is unquestionably the game for you. Skydiving makes your heart skip thumps, and the expertise essentially allows you to fly like a free fledgeling! Thus, on the off chance that the unimportant idea skydiving energizes you, at that point, make a point to begin arranging your Dubai Holiday!
Frequently Asked Questions
The outdoor Dubai skydiving is offered at 2 locations where 2 different views are offered. One is the Palm Dropzone and the other is the desert dropzone. The Palm Dropzone costs about INR 44,500 and the desert dropzone costs about INR 34,500.
It is recorded that for every 1,00,000 sky divers about 0.39% fatalities occur. Generally, it happens when the parachutes fail to open. There is risk like any other adventure sport in skydiving in Dubai too.
You have to be above 12 years of age to take up Dubai skydiving. If you are between 12 to 18 years of age, you must be accompanied along with your parents.
The minimum age of skydiving in Dubai is 12 years. 
Yes, as of the day of skydiving, you must be 12 years old.
Skydiving doesn’t limit anybody above the age of 12. However, it is necessary to keep in check of your health conditions before you decide to take up Dubai skydiving.
Sometimes, the fear of heights can damage your mental health badly. The nervousness scales upto nauseousness and palpitations.
You might be falling down at the rate of 160mph and the oxygen rich air gushes throughout enabling you to breathe during your Dubai skydiving experience.
Yes, skydiving changes the way you perceive your surroundings and life. It helps you overcome fears and your wrong perceptions. Jumping from above releases dopamine in your brain which has a positive effect on focus to details and memory. 
Every single experience on Earth has a purpose and is created to learn something out of life. Skydiving breaks al your possible fears and is absolutely worth the money.
The skydiving resort Skydive Dubai has achieved this feat by jumping from the tip of the world’s tallest building –Burj Khalifa.
A couple skydive over The Palm in Dubai is roughly $600 USD. You are connected to an accomplished teacher. The cost incorporates all photographs and a video.
Both the skydive areas in Dubai are widely acclaimed, with the best qualified teachers to delicately direct you back on to the ground. With some experience you can investigate progressed choices like couple skydiving, solo skydiving and the flight school
With skydiving, morning hours imply that one will hop before the air becomes busy. Hence, jumping into the sky on an early morning offers a more secure climate for the jumper contrasted with evening hours that can see numerous others taking part in the movement.
You normally will meet your teacher around 15 minutes before you board the airplane. Once ready, it will take the airplane around 15 minutes to arrive at the elevation of 13,000 ft. When you leave the airplane you will appreciate a minute of free fall, trailed by around 5 minutes under the opened parachute, before you land.
Skydiver professionals have very great job opportunities.They are not only handsomely paid financially world wide but also have lots of fun while at it.Individuals who fill in as expert skydivers are specially trained
Skydive Dubai requires every couple client to meet both, the weight and BMI prerequisites recorded beneath. These are the gear's makers' prerequisites and there are no special cases for security reasons. Weight: 90.0 kg/198.0 lbs or less. BMI: 27.5 or less. 
There are an abundance of amazingly lovely drop zones in New Zealand, a ground zero for outrageous games and ostensibly the top country on the planet for skydiving, maybe the most outrageous sport of all.
For a one-time frame pair bounce, the value begins from INR 27,000 – INR 35,000. The expense of a static line hop is somewhere close to INR 16,000 – 18,000. For sped up free fall, the expense lies around INR 2,25,000.
The United States Parachuting Association (USPA) characterizes skydiving as;The plunge of an individual to the surface from an airplane in flight when the person uses or means to utilize a parachute during all or part of that drop and,To hop from an airplane with a parachute.
Early in the morning is the optimum time to skydive.The earlier the better. Because weather plays such an important role in skydiving, there may be delays. Booking early in the morning has various advantages: The weather is topnotch.
Skydive Dubai has two locations in Dubai where visitors may skydive over Dubai's sand dunes or the famed Palm Jumeirah Island for stunning views.Our Palm location is open all year, while our Desert Dropzone is opens usually between September and May each year 
Tandem skydiving is a type of parachuting in which you are fastened to a licensed skydive instructor during the free fall leap.You'll be strapped to the teacher in four places, with your back to their front, as if you were carrying a backpack.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In Dubai's skyline, you will soar higher than the tallest structures.The jump was made from 13,000 feet in the air and. You will have to arrive at the skydiving center at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
This gives you the chance to fly over the Arabian Desert to altitudes exceeding 13000 feet. Stepping out of a plane at that level and free-falling for 57 seconds at a velocity of 195 km/h is a life-changing adventure is a must for all thrill seekers, young and old.
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