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Scuba Diving in Dubai

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With a year-round destination, its always a holiday season in Dubai. This man-made city is nothing less than a paradise, for all kinds of travellers. From a luxurious family gateway to crazy bachelors celebrations, Dubai is a perfect pick amidst its vibrant lifestyle and brilliant beaches. But digging a little deeper, beyond its fancy resorts and world-class structures lies a magical marine world just waiting to be seen.

Scuba diving in between the deserts sounds like an unusual experience. But with the temperatures in the city ranging between 25° C and 40° C, you can be assured that a dip in these pristine turquoise-blue waters will be an enriching experience. Well, the city homes well-established sports centres that give its visitors a new vibe altogether. Something that every explorer must experience. So what are the best dives to try out in Dubai? 


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11 Best Spots for Scuba Diving in Dubai

1. Jumeirah Beach

One of the best places for scuba diving in Dubai, Jumeirah Beach offers small sites for beginners under its turquoise waters and enchanting marine life. Don’t worry if it’s your first-time into the water, there are plenty of diving schools that offer equipment and professional guidance to ensure you have a wonderful experience. Also, most of the hotels along the Jumeirah coastline offers a scuba experience free of charge, so choose your stay wisely!

2. Martini Rock

One of the two most spectacular natural aquariums of Dubai, homing a vibrant aquatic fauna and clean waters. Martini Rock is one of the most successful scuba sites in Dubai. So if you wish to lose yourself in the azure waters, this place should definitely be on your list.

3. Zainab

Zainab is not only famous for its dives but also has an interesting history behind it. It is said that the ship had been illegally transporting oil from Iraq in 2001 when it’s sailors voluntarily sank it to avoid the US Navy who were then imposing UN sanctions on fuel. Zainab presently lies 70 meters under the sea, offering around 20 meters of a diving spot making her one of the wondrous destinations to scuba dive in Dubai.

4. Dubai World Islands

One of the new and brilliant structures of Dubai. The World Islands are a group of artificial islands formed in a way resembling the world map. The areas are well maintained for the growth of its budding colonies of flora and fauna. It is said that soon it will be one of the best sites for scuba diving in the UAE.

5. Mariam Express

It’s one of the popular shipwreck diving in Dubai tour. Submerged by the raging waters in 2006, Mariam Express was a ship that used to carry loads from UAE to Iraq and back. The overloaded ship was caught off by the sea and sank in the shores of Dubai. Today, it’s vessel serve as a striking wreckage site for scuba in Dubai. All its cargo and vehicles have made some good homes for marine wildlife. It lies at a depth of 18 to 25 metres where you can expect to see at this wreak and also some eagle rays, barracudas, torpedo rays and flatworms. 

6. Sharm Rock

The other natural aquarium of the Dubai shore is Sharm Rock. Also known as “3 Rocks Pinnacles” or “3 Sisters,” because of the three tiny outcrop rocks breaking the surface of the site. With its beautiful coral reefs, it’s a perfect pink and purple paradise. The lighting and the colourful beauty within makes it a perfect picture spot.

7. MV Dar

Set 17 metres deep into the waters, MV Dara was a passenger ship that dropped to the bed in 1961, 238 lives were lost then. Not only does it serve as a monument to tell its story, but is also one of the very few vessels that have been prey to horrifying peacetime mishaps. Often compared to the Titanic, the list of dive sites would be incomplete without citing this one.

8. MV Ludwig

The MV Ludwig is amongst of the most well-preserved wrecks off of the Dubai shore. The boat sank into the water during one of their during practice sessions. Today it serves as a shelter to a vast range of fishes including the sea squirts, damselfish, pennant fish, and many more.

9. MV Victoria Star

One of the recent wrecks that fell off in the year 2003. Located roughly 55 minutes from the Port Rashid in Dubai, this shipwreck has got quite some history. But first, the diving certification needed for this wreck is the advanced open water or higher certification. It is recommended that you take a couple of dives to explore this wreck entirely, but one dive is normally enough for casual dives. The deepest section of the wreck is 32 meters.

10. Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge

This barge was also intentionally sunk to form an artificial reef and to boost the growth of marine life. The numerous holes in the wreck attract experienced divers who can penetrate in and explore the whole place. It is 18 to 23 metres deep into the gulf. While barracudas and Jacks are found around the wreck, the coral growth has certainly made this site beautiful giving you an out of the world experience.

11. Cement Barge

As the name suggests this is the wreck of a cement ship that sank in 1971. The depth here is between 5 to 20 meters, making it a perfect start for a beginner to dive in. Interestingly, this place also offers night diving and snorkelling! If you love taking scuba vacations, you should add it to the list right away.

Scuba diving tips for Dubai

  • Ensure that the weather conditions are perfect for scuba diving.
  • Do no go into the waters all alone. Make sure you have a trained professional accompanying, in case things go wrong.
  • Maintain underwater protocols and do not touch or move too close to the marine creations.
  • Follow all safety directions properly.
  • Be aware of your location and don’t swim far away from the reefs.
  • Underwaters is not the best place to try something new unless you are a certified diver. So take it easy and enjoy the dive.
  • In case of any emergency, do not lose your cool and remain calm at all times. Try to relax and the professionals will help you out.

Hope you’ve already chosen your favourite from the list! So its time you gear up, take a deep breath and plunge into the blue waters of Dubai. Start planning your family trip to Dubai today!

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