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Kuta Beach Sunset
Written by Rhea Alex on April 27, 2020 Share on

Kuta Beach in Bali – History, Things to do, Location Map, Shopping & More

Kuta Beach is one of Bali’s world-famous beaches, known to be one of the liveliest spots on the island. The beach offers in-numerable activities that range from adventure sports to shopping and is rightly called a food lover’s paradise.

Kuta Beach Bali

Considered to be the most happening spots in Bali, you are sure to have a fulfilled day, especially if you love surfing and you want to soak up the scene. The beach has countless cafes and restaurants and amazing juices that are served directly to your sun loungers, thus being blessings on sultry days. 


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The beach is located in the Southwest part of the island and offers astonishing white sand beaches with beautiful sunset sceneries you won’t want to miss. The coastline of the beach extends to about 5kms and is known to have the best coast in the island. The fine white sand, through the stretch of the coastline is a beauty in itself. 

History of Kuta Beach

A little-known fact of Kuta Beach includes the fact that the beach was initially a trading port and commercial transactions were of major prevalence here. The beach was also called the ‘Fisherman’s Village,’ as it remains the first in Bali to welcome a significant development on the tourism front. 

The Kuta Beach was also once the habitat of the most extinct green turtles, that have now become one of the animals preserved by the Indonesian government. If you’d like to get a view of these turtles in their habitat, pay a visit to the ‘Turtle Island,’ at Tanjung Benoa. 

Things to do in Kuta Beach

The beach is home to tourists from around the world, looking to explore the scenic coastline of the island. Most tourists visit the Kuta Beach and enjoy a number of activities such as kitesurfing, sunbathing, surfing, shopping and not to forget, a hearty meal with Bali’s famous beer, ‘Bintang Beer’ in hand. 

Kitesurfing at Kuta Beach

Find some of the major attractions and discover the beach at your own pace with a list of some of our top attractions below. 

Surfing at Kuta Beach

Surfing at Kuta Beach

The beach has been recognised as an ideal spot for surfing activities ranging from a professional to a beginner level. One can find a wide variety and number of surfboards that come in distinct sizes that can be rented out on an hourly basis. A tentative rental price includes IDR 1,50,000 for about two hours. 

The beach also provides experienced surf guides at your disposal, these guides are ever ready to help you break the beach waves. The most recommended time for surfing includes from the months of May to September, which also happens to be the dry season in Bali. 

Water Sports at Kuta Beach

Water sports at Kuta Beach

If surfing isn’t your top priority and you’re someone who’d love to try out some of the amazing water sports the beach has to offer, ‘Tanjung Benoa,’ is the best place to do it. The beach includes smaller currents thus, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a large variety of marine sports adventures.  Some of the water sports activities include; Banana boat rides, Sea walking, Jet Skiing, Parasailing and much more. 

Sunset at Kuta Beach

Sunset at Kuta Beach

If a scenic sunset evening along one of Bali’s most beautiful coastline is what you’re looking for, Kuta beach is just the right place for you. A stroll along the beach with the waves gently rushing through the shores, with a clear sky is what you’re sure to witness. 

You can also find a few small beverage stalls along the beach that offer seats that you can avail without an additional cost.

Location Map of Kuta Beach

The location of the beach is strategic and convenient for most first-time visitors. A walk across the gentle shoreline of the beach while heading north, leads you to yet another happening spot, the ‘Seminyak Beach,’ known for its amazing local cuisine. 

If you’ve just landed at the ‘Ngurah Airport,’ it only takes about 20 minutes to reach the beach via car. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the route most often does have traffic jams, so it’s wise to account for the time lost as well. 

The best way to reach the Kuta beach includes taking a taxi from the airport to the beach which would cost you around IDR 20,000 to 50,000 respectively. You will find taxis at the ‘Ngurah Airport,’ or you could just hire a metered taxi from outside the airport.  Hiring of rental cars or taxis, isn’t the most advisable option as the parking charges in Bali aren’t the cheapest either. 

Things to Know Before Visiting Kuta Beach

There are a number of things to keep in mind before you make travel plans to the beach, right from how to get around the beach to general hygiene or things you may need, find the list below. 

Entrance Fee

For first time vacationers to Bali, the most obvious question remains – ‘Does admission to the beach include an entrance fee?’ Well, most attractions in Bali include admission costs but the ‘Kuta Beach’ isn’t one of them. The beach does not include an entrance fee but parking charges are something you cannot avoid. 

Transportation Choices

If you’re looking to explore the place on your own and are looking to rent a vehicle, found below are some of the options you could consider. 

  • You could rent a scooter for about IDR 125 per one bike, for a duration of 24hours. But before you make this choice, please keep in mind that it is mandatory to always wear a helmet while driving, honking isn’t a much-appreciated practice at Bali and you end up in heated arguments if you’re not careful. The traffic in Bali is another cause of concern, if you’ve decided to rent a scooter for yourself.
  • You could also avail the ‘Blue Bird,’ taxi meter services; one of the most common taxi rental services in Bali.
  • If a car hire is on your mind, the easiest way to get a car hire with a driver includes a simple internet search. A tentative cost for a car hire, driver and fuel, costs about IDR 500 for a duration of 10 hours. 

Shopping Around Kuta Beach

If you’re looking at a shopping experience that includes a balance of both luxury and local shopping, then you could pay a visit to the ‘Beachwalk Shopping Center’ and the ‘Discovery Shopping Mall,’ both of which are shopping centers found adjacent to the Kuta beach.

There are also several other shopping malls in Kuta that are worth a stopover at, some of which are listed below.

  • Discovery Shopping Mall
  • Mal Bali Galeria
  • Seminyak Square

Frequently Asked Questions on Kuta Beach

Found below are some of the frequently asked questions by first time travellers to the Kuta Beach, Bali. 

Is swimming a safe activity for children at Kuta Beach?

You will find a number of children playing along the beach in their swimwear, building sand castles for themselves and just having the time of their life. However, to answer your question, it is advisable to supervise your children during swimming, though the waves are safe for children; it’s better to stay safe than be sorry. 

Are sunsets at the Kuta beach worth a watch?

The shoreline of the Kuta Beach faces southwest and therefore has a scenic sunset story to tell. So yes, sunsets at the beach are definitely worth a watch. 

Are there water sport options for beginners as well? The beach offers a wide range of marine water sport activities that range from Jet Skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides and so on. Though surfing is famous at the beach, surfing for beginners is also a must try option at the beach. So yes, there are a wide range of water sport activities that you can be a part of as a beginner. 

Legendary sunsets, buzzing stretches of white sand beaches and truly a surfers paradise; Kuta Beach has something for everyone. Wave pounded sands, beach bars and cafes coupled with an extraordinarily merry atmosphere; is truly an experience of a lifetime. 

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