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Travel from Kolkata to Maldives either by Air/Road or Sea!!!

Maldives is surrounded by beautiful coconut and palm trees, which gives an absolute pleasure to your eye, body and mind when you are away from the bustling Kolkata city. Located in the south west of India, Maldives is one of the special and peaceful destinations spotted in the Indian Ocean. Maldives is a destination for all age groups, welcoming everyone with a open heart:)

It is not only about nature, sea and islands. The tradition and the culture is also warm and welcoming to all the tourists. Your trip from Kolkata to Maldives has more to offer by trying the local Maldivian menu is something you should not miss out on. Must try fish dishes such as Gula, Garudhiya and other uniques are Rihaakuru, Garudhiya, Raa.

If you want to spend quality time with your family and friends or your partner, you are in the right place to make memories. Maldives is as special as it adds a bit of sweetness and spice to your menu, as it not only offers calm and romantic settings, but also offers you with adventure and many sport activities to find fun around.

Last but not least, as said Maldives is well known for sport and adventure activities. Activities such as Swimming with Whale Sharks, Windsurfing, Reef Snorkeling, Parasailing Island Hopping, Surfing, Mono skiing, kite surfing and many more to experience at it’s best.

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Mode of Travel

  • Fly high by Air.
  • Sail by Sea.
  • Road Trip to Maldives( Halfway)

Fly high by Air.

The Aerial distance from Kolkata(CCU) to Maldives(MLE) will be 2700 kms. There is no direct flights from Kolkata to Maldives, as you will have one stop over either at Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad. The total flying time will vary as it depends on the layover at each destination. You can expect the flying time anywhere between 8-18 hours.

Generally, most regular flights take around 15 hours. Velana International Airport is the main airport in Maldives and connects most of the major airports around the world. The Indian carrier “Go Air” operates flights between Kolkata and Maldives and these fly via Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad and will reach Maldives (Velana International Airport).

The average cost per flight with “Go Air” is around ₹12,000-₹18,000 per person.

However International carrier Srilankan Airlines also operate flights to Maldives via Colombo. After landing in Maldives Airport you need to do another transfer to your resort either by seaplane or speedboat. Depending upon the package and resort you book, the transfer can be made on private basis as well.

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Sail by Sea.

Travelers willing to experience the mighty Indian ocean have another option to travel leisurely from Mumbai to Maldives by sea. Mumbai will be the boarding point to the 7-nights cruise to Male, Maldives. This cruise option gives you a life-time experience with the accommodation varying from 3* to 5* loaded with fun, entertainment and swimming pool making it a perfect travel option for sea lovers.

In this journey, the cruise will have a stopover in Kochi and Mangalore ports. The cost for this trip will be anywhere between 40,000 to 45,000 per person(one-way). Tour operater Coast Cruises or Costa Crociere will host from Mumbai to Male( Maldives). Irrespective of your starting point, Maldives is said to be of the best holiday destinations in the world and starting from Mumbai will be exciting and increases your entertainment factor by many bounds.

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Road Trip to Maldives( Halfway)

People love to use different modes of transport to visit their favourite destination. In case you love road trips and prefer to take a long journey before taking your flight to the Maldives, we have got something special for you as well;).

You can plan a road trip all the way from Kolkata to either Bangalore, Hyderabad or Kochi before flying to Maldives. Crossing different cities, interacting with new people will make your trip more fun and tops up more excitement. We would recommend you check the flights availability and plan your road trip before flying out to Maldives.

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Maldives FAQ

What is the Local Currency in Maldives?

The currency used in Maldives is Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR). All resorts, restaurants and local shops accept MVR. Apart from this, all traveller’s has the flexibility to use US Dollars (USD) or EURO(EUR) as they are widely accepted all over Maldives.

Visa details

The Maldives 30-day tourist visa is free for Indians and you can get the visa approved on arrival by showing the travel related documents(hotel/resort reservations, onward/return flights booking confirmation ) at the arrival counter. You can also extend your stay upto 90 days by paying (3500 INR) in case you want to stay longer.

Note: A valid Indian passport is a must and should be valid for at least 6 months. 

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Food & Clothing

Indian cuisines are mostly available in resorts/hotels and you get everything from Jain Food to Briyani and parathas. Depending on the resort you choose to book your stay in Maldives, you can explore accordingly.

With respect to dress code it is recommended you wear a casual T-shirt and shorts which cover your shoulder and knee, when you are in public places. You can dress up as you wish when you are in your resort/hotel room.

Note: Men should not be shirtless in public main beaches and in restricted zones.

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Make memories with Pick your trail.

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