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Vietnam in october
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Vietnam in October 2023

Planning a vacation to Vietnam in October? Unlike other places around the world, Vietnam has a unique offering in various parts at various times of the year. If you are visiting this south-east Asian country in the month of October then give this article a read to get a grasp on how things work in this part of the world during the month of October.

Get ready with your questions, as we dive right into the things you have to keep in mind before planning to experience Vietnam tourism in October.

Weather in Vietnam in October

The experience of a Vietnam vacation can be taken to a whole new level if planned at the right time with the right choice of cities. And one needs to understand the weather across the year to plan it properly. Weather in Vietnam in October starts off slightly sunny and turns into an absolute paradise by the time we reach the end of the month. Planning in late October would be recommendable.

In addition to this, the southern and the central part of Vietnam are a little warmer when compared to the northern region in October. People who want to enjoy this place before the winter hits the peak can plan their vacation to Vietnam in October. Otherwise, you are not going to the place till February, that is when things get back to normal. You would have to be ready to see temperatures clocked less than 10 degrees at times during the peak. 

However, in comparison, the southern part of Vietnam stays drier and warmer than the other parts of the country.

What to pack for trip to Vietnam in October

Northern Vietnam

What clothes to wear in Vietnam in October? A warm scarf and hat are the first of things you need to pack when you are planning to visit NorthVietnam. As this place becomes seriously cold, especially the times when you are out, hiking the mountain. To complete the outfit you can have a proper warm sweater to fully shield ourself from the freezing cold weather of this part in October. 

Central Vietnam

As mentioned before the weather in Central Vietnam in October rises up as you travel down the country. The central region is not that cold and bringing a long pant will get you covered form the cold breeze in the evening. A light sweater can also be taken in case of a sudden change in weather, most likely not. 

Southern Vietnam

As this indicates the south coastal line of Vietnam, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. There is not much cold in the month of October here. Having a good pair of shoes will come in handy while visiting the rugged beaches.

Reasons to Visit Vietnam In October

Let us now have a look at the two main reasons, why should you travel to Vietnam in October :-

  1. The first and foremost reason to visit Vietnam during the onset of winter is to take advantage of the destinations unique characteristic. Imagine travelling in winters to a destination and still be able to do pretty much everything that you do in Summers. 
  2. People who want to experience the extreme cold weather, then winter is the obvious time.

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Places To Visit In Vietnam In October

Here is the list of 5 best places in Vietnam in October you should consider adding to your itinerary.

1. Hanoi

Hanoi Opera House
Source: Google Images
Hanoi Opera House

This North Vietnamese tourist capital city is one of the most visited cities in the whole of Vietnam. You can spend some quality time with your family or loved ones at this venue. People who want to explore the modern side of Vietnam can visit Hanoi for sure. The temperature in this period of the year stays at an average between 23 and 28 degree Celsius. 

2. Halong Bay  

Halong Bay
Source: Google Images
Halong Bay

This is a perfect Island getaway from Vietnam. Halong Bay is famous for its crystal clear water and has numerous Islands covered with lush green mountains. All types of water activities and hiking remain a constant pick by the travellers. The temperature goes as low as 21 and tops at 28 here in Vietnam in October. This is very well connected with ferries at all times of the day. 

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3. Sapa

sapa vietnam
Source: Google Images
Mountain peaks in Sapa

This place in Vietnam houses a series of several mountain ranges. This often is closely associated with nature than the other parts of this country. Hiking, village tours are the major activities chosen by the travellers here. This should do in the bucket-list of things to do in the month of October in Vietnam. Enjoy the mountain view with your partner by booking a Vietnam honeymoon package.


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4. Ho Chi Minh City

Located in the southern part of the country, Ho Chi Minh houses most of the iconic temples that Vietnam has to offer.  Since this is in the southern part of Vietnam the weather here in October is the absolute perfect from an Indian traveller perspective. You sure will see a different kind of Vietnam in October by visiting this place and this is one of the most visited cities in Vietnam.

5. Moc Chau 

Moc chau tea plantation
Source: Google Images
Tea Plantation on Moc Chau

Looking for a vibrant experience alongside nature itself? In October this place comes to life as the flowers begin to blossom in the well-maintained gardens and it is also known for the lush green top slopes covered with tea plantation. This will give you a mesmerising experience if you are visiting Vietnam in October

6. Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi

Huc Bridge
Source: Google Images
Hoan Kiem Lake Bridge

Known as the heart of Hanoi is a beautiful lake of Hoan Kiem. Boat ride in this lake is one activity that people admire this place for.  The water is covered with lush green bushes and few swamps areas on all sides and the water is clear. This is a peaceful environment with not much of a crowd for a visit on your trip to Vietnam in October.

Apart from this, Swan Paddleboat, cable car ride in Sapa and exploring the caves of Ninh Binh are few other popular activities that one experience in the month of October. This is one of the most unique experiences.

I’m sure you would have had a great time getting to where to go in Vietnam in October. Still, Confused? Customise your Vietnam tour package with the help of Vietnam travel experts at Pickyourtrail and have a memorable trip to Vietnam.

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