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Europe in Summer: Exploring the Continent's Vibrant Cities, Sun-Drenched Beaches, and Cultural Delights

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

The summer months in Europe (June-August) are the most popular time to go. During these months, places like France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland are full of tourists. That's because of the warm weather with highs of 30 C and lows (if you can even call it low) of 15 C.

Peak season in Europe isn't always everyone's cup of tea as the attractions are crowded, accommodation rates are high, and the prices for flight tickets skyrocket.

Best places to visit in summer: Paris (France), Rome (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Munich (Germany), and Lisbon (Portugal).

What to do: Anything you want. During the summer all the attractions are open.

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Europe Packages By Theme
Europe Packages By Cities
Naples Tour Packages
Naples Tour Packages₹43,097/Person
Venice Tour Packages
Venice Tour Packages₹40,164/Person
Milan Tour Packages
Milan Tour Packages₹44,268/Person
Salerno Tour Packages
Salerno Tour Packages₹36,712/Person
Florence Tour Packages
Florence Tour Packages₹40,164/Person
Pisa Tour Packages
Pisa Tour Packages₹71,302/Person
Rome Tour Packages
Rome Tour Packages₹40,164/Person
Milan Tour Packages
Milan Tour Packages₹44,268/Person
Crete Tour Packages
Crete Tour Packages₹27,210/Person
Corfu Tour Packages
Corfu Tour Packages₹42,630/Person
Athens Tour Packages
Athens Tour Packages₹18,144/Person
Mykonos Tour Packages
Mykonos Tour Packages₹17,896/Person
Santorini Tour Packages
Santorini Tour Packages₹16,689/Person
Rhodes Tour Packages
Rhodes Tour Packages₹72,307/Person
Paris Tour Packages
Paris Tour Packages₹40,728/Person
Nice Tour Packages
Nice Tour Packages₹41,517/Person
Bordeaux Tour Packages
Bordeaux Tour Packages₹78,334/Person
Lyon Tour Packages
Lyon Tour Packages₹49,110/Person
Strasbourg Tour Packages
Strasbourg Tour Packages₹82,169/Person
Marseille Tour Packages
Marseille Tour Packages₹44,331/Person
Ibiza Tour Packages
Ibiza Tour Packages₹35,642/Person
Madrid Tour Packages
Madrid Tour Packages₹45,933/Person
Seville Tour Packages
Seville Tour Packages₹45,933/Person
Valencia Tour Packages
Valencia Tour Packages₹40,967/Person
Barcelona Tour Packages
Barcelona Tour Packages₹25,968/Person
Granada Tour Packages
Granada Tour Packages₹49,000/Person
Dubrovnik Tour Packages
Dubrovnik Tour Packages₹41,405/Person
Zagreb Tour Packages
Zagreb Tour Packages₹46,821/Person
Split Tour Packages
Split Tour Packages₹41,405/Person
Budapest Tour Packages
Budapest Tour Packages₹40,869/Person
Vienna Tour Packages
Vienna Tour Packages₹34,523/Person
Salzburg Tour Packages
Salzburg Tour Packages₹34,523/Person
Innsbruck Tour Packages
Innsbruck Tour Packages₹61,299/Person
Prague Tour Packages
Prague Tour Packages₹55,305/Person
Amsterdam Tour Packages
Amsterdam Tour Packages₹40,500/Person
Berlin Tour Packages
Berlin Tour Packages₹40,500/Person
Basel Tour Packages
Basel Tour Packages₹98,431/Person
Engelberg Tour Packages
Engelberg Tour Packages₹91,741/Person
Geneva Tour Packages
Geneva Tour Packages₹51,737/Person
Zermatt Tour Packages
Zermatt Tour Packages₹40,468/Person
Zurich Tour Packages
Zurich Tour Packages₹51,737/Person
Leysin Tour Packages
Leysin Tour Packages₹78,038/Person
Brussels Tour Packages
Brussels Tour Packages₹60,000/Person
Antwerp Tour Packages
Antwerp Tour Packages₹19,448/Person
Istanbul Tour Packages
Istanbul Tour Packages₹18,174/Person
Bodrum Tour Packages
Bodrum Tour Packages₹52,678/Person
Pamukkale Tour Packages
Pamukkale Tour Packages₹67,291/Person
Kusadasi Tour Packages
Kusadasi Tour Packages₹42,525/Person
Antalya Tour Packages
Antalya Tour Packages₹21,802/Person
Trabzon Tour Packages
Trabzon Tour Packages₹40,082/Person
Lisbon Tour Packages
Lisbon Tour Packages₹43,702/Person
Bratislava Tour Packages
Bratislava Tour Packages₹40,869/Person
Stockholm Tour Packages
Stockholm Tour Packages₹113,445/Person
Reykjavik Tour Packages
Reykjavik Tour Packages₹42,569/Person
Helsinki Tour Packages
Helsinki Tour Packages₹83,856/Person
Copenhagen Tour Packages
Copenhagen Tour Packages₹97,607/Person
Oslo Tour Packages
Oslo Tour Packages₹100,000/Person
Tallinn Tour Packages
Tallinn Tour Packages₹68,046/Person
Vilnius Tour Packages
Vilnius Tour Packages₹60,360/Person
London Tour Packages
London Tour Packages₹38,346/Person
Oxford Tour Packages
Oxford Tour Packages₹43,776/Person
Edinburgh Tour Packages
Edinburgh Tour Packages₹41,538/Person
Dublin Tour Packages
Dublin Tour Packages₹115,891/Person
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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting
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