Iceland Tour Packages

Iceland Tour Packages

Iceland is a winter wonderland, known as the land of fire, ice and so much more, making Iceland packages very popular in India. With lagoons, geysers, black sand beaches, roaring ocean waves and the dazzling Northern Lights, Iceland has something for everyone. No wonder, it is on every traveller’s wish list when planning a Europe tour package. Iceland tour packages are ideal because it covers everything from hikes to gorgeous landscapes to the famous Golden Circle. If you are looking for adventure or a beach vacation in Europe, Iceland should definitely be at the top of your list. But because Iceland is also vast and diverse, we offer Iceland vacation packages to help you cover everything you want with our exciting Iceland tour packages from India and craft for you highly personalised itineraries that will perfect your Iceland tours.

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Iceland Tour Packages from India

Iceland Packages No of days Places to Visit Price*
Perfect 7 day Iceland Tour Package 7 days/6 nights Reykjavik (2N)Husavik (2N)Vik (2N) Rs. 41,509 (with hotels)
Epic 6 night Iceland Package 7 days/6 nights Reykjavik (2N)Husavik (2N)Vik (2N) Rs. 57,490 (with hotels)
Aweome 9 nights Iceland Trip Package 10 days/9 nights Reykjavik (5N)Vik (4N) Rs. 61,956 (with hotels)
Feel good 5 day Iceland Holiday Package 5 days/4 Nights Reykjavik (4N) Rs. 78,878 (with hotels)
8 night Iceland Travel Package 9 days/8 nights Reykjavik (3N)Vik (3N)Selfoss (2N) Rs. 85,000 (with hotels)
8 night Iceland Vacation Packages All Inclusive 9 days/8 nights Reykjavik (1N)Selfoss (1N)Vik (1N) Hofn(1N) Egilsstadir(1N) Akureyri(1N) Grundarfjordur(1N) Reykjavik(1N) Rs. 1,62,267 (with airfare, hotels)
9 Night Iceland Package Holidays 10 days/9 nights Reykjavik (2N)Vik (1N)Hofn (1N) Egilsstadir(1N) Akureyri(2N) Snaefellsnes(1N)Reykjavik (1N) Rs. 1,89,702 (with airfare, hotels)

Places to Visit on your Iceland Tour Packages

Iceland is commonly known as “The Land of Fire and Ice” as it houses some of the world’s most active volcanoes and Europe’s largest glaciers. It is a dreamy country that beautifully flaunts its famous black sand beaches and exquisite waterfalls. Not to mention, the best way to take a trip around the country is by self-driving. With our Iceland tour packages, you can experience the best of what this dreamy land has to offer. Be it an adventurous getaway, to explore the ice caves, go skiing or glacier hiking, or a romantic honeymoon vacation to bask in the glory of the majestic beaches, hot springs and lagoons, Iceland has a great deal of activities and picturesque attractions to offer. Our Iceland packages have always been in trend among the travellers who look for nothing but a blissful vacation.

1. Blue Lagoon

The Blue lagoon is a mystical open spa and a hot spring that is located in the southwest of Iceland. It lies on the Reykjanes peninsula in Grindavik. It takes only 30 minutes to reach the blue lagoon from the capital city, Reykjavik. National Geographic has termed the Blue lagoon to be one among the top 25 world wonders as this milky blue lagoon has proved to be good for the skin and cures skin diseases due to the natural nutrients present in the water. The Blue Lagoon could best be combined with our Iceland tour packages from India.

Location: Grindavik
Timings: 1st Jan to 31st Jan (8:00 – 21:00), 1st Feb to 3rd March (8:00 – 22:00), 4th March to 30th May (8:00 – 21:00), 31st May to 27th June (7:00 – 23:00), 28th June to 18th August (7:00 – 00:00), 19th Aug to 28th Nov (8:00 – 22:00), 29th Nov to 31st Dec (8:00 – 21:00)
Entry fee: Free entry – For children below the age of 14
Standard Package – Starting from $58
Comfort Package – Starting from $77
Premium Package – Starting from $100
Retreat Spa Package – Starting from $500

2. Skaftafell Blue Ice Cave

The Skaftafell ice cave is a spectacular natural reserve located in the southeast of Iceland. The Skaftafell is another outlet on the Vatnajokull glacier and is a striking attraction, best to visit during the winter season. You can walk through the frozen glacier watching the shades of crystal blue above you. This place is best for an adventurous hiking experience in Iceland and is a must include in all Iceland package holidays.

Location: Vatnajokull National Park
Timings: Best to visit in the morning
Entry fee: No entry fee

3. Hallgrímskirkja church

The Hallgrímskirkja church is an astounding attraction that is located in the city center of Reykjavik. This church stands tall in the city and is a great landmark for tourists and natives. It is one of the tallest buildings in Iceland that stretches about 74.5 meters in height. The Hallgrímskirkja church is a lutheran church and is a great place to visit for a little bit of culture, history and architecture. You can plan your Iceland trip from India such that you can visit this remarkable church on the weekdays.

Location: Reykjavik
Timings: Church timings - Monday to Saturday - 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Sundays - 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Tower timings - Monday to Saturday - 11:00 am to 2:45 pm. Closed on Sundays.
Entry fee: Adults - ISK 1000, Children ( Age 7-16) - ISK 100

4. The Golden Circle: Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss

The Golden circle is the most classic Iceland island tour that shouldn't be missed on your Iceland vacation packages. The golden circle route covers 3 major attractions in Iceland – Thingvellir National park, Strokkur geyser and the Gullfoss (waterfall). These attractions can be covered in a time span of 3 hours. Adventurous activities like the silfra diving in the Thingvellir National park and snowmobiling with a guided tour from Gullfoss can be done at an additional cost on your Iceland tours. Our Iceland tour packages include the Golden circle as it is one of the sought after attractions.

Location: Southern Iceland, tourist route.
Timings: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Entry fee: No entry fee

5. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

The dazzling Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach is a significant attraction in Iceland. It is located on the south coast of the country which also houses other black sand beaches. This beach strikes a wonderful contrast with the foam of the white capped waves and the blue ocean. It stretches for about 180 kilometers from the Dyrholaey stone arches to Vik, a small town in the South coast of Iceland. If you are planning to pay a visit to this beach, make sure to plan your Iceland tour from India when the tides are low.

Location: Vik, town in Iceland
Timings: Best to visit by 6:00 pm
Entry fee: No entry fee

6. Sólheimasandur DC plane wreck

The DC plane wreck is a famous tourist site that shouldn’t be missed on your Iceland packages. It was back in 1973 that the US navy DC-3 plane crashed into the deserted black sand area. It was fortunate that no individual was majorly injured during this plane crash. It takes about an hour to walk from the road to see this plane. This site has also been a popular filming location for many Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Location: Sólheimasandur, near Vik
Timings: Best to visit by 6:00 pm
Entry fee: No entry fee

7. Glacier Lagoon, Jökulsárlón

The glacier lagoon is another breathtaking attraction that is located in the south east coast of Iceland. This lagoon attracts a lot of tourists as multiple icebergs are found floating on the surface of the water. Certain boat rides operate during the summer season. However, If you wish to keep your India to Iceland trip cost a lowkey affair, it is best to skip the boat ride and enjoy the picturesque view of the lagoon. Close by to this lagoon is another famous beach called the diamond beach, where huge blocks of ice lie on the shore that sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight.

Location: Jökulsárlón
Timings: Best to visit by 6:00 pm
Entry fee: No entry fee

8. Vestrahorn mountain & Stokksnes beach

Vestrahorn is a phenomenal mountain that looks like the shape of a bat. It is located on the east coast of Iceland and is only 15 minutes away from the town of Hofn. The mountain stands tall with an impressive height of 454 meters. It is surrounded by a black sand beach called the Stokksnes beach that is often home to many seals. The splendid view of the mountain and the clear reflection of the mountain on the ocean is what attracts people here. Considering this location has also been a popular filming spot, your Iceland travel packages needs this place for an offbeat experience.

Location: Stokksnes peninsula
Timings: Best to visit by 6:00 pm
Entry fee: No entry fee

9. Dyrhólaey

Dyrholaey is a fascinating and picturesque place to visit on your Iceland package. It is located in the southern coast of Iceland and is not far away from the town of Vik. The Reynisfjara black sand beach is also accessible from Dyrholaey. Dyrholaey was earlier referred to as an island but now, It is a very famous yet small peninsula. It has a beautiful small arch that opens up in the sea making it a picturesque location.

Location: Dyrholaey peninsula near Vik
Timings: Best to visit by 6:00 pm
Entry fee: No entry fee

10. Skogafoss waterfall

Skogafoss is the biggest waterfall in Iceland and is by far the best and most scenic waterfall in the country. It has a drop of about 60 meters and is 25 meters wide. Due to the width and the force of the waterfall, there is a lot of drizzle that causes a rainbow to form most of the time making it a picturesque location to visit on your Iceland tour packages from India.

Location: Skogar, Iceland
Timings: Best to visit by 6:00 pm
Entry fee: No entry fee

11. Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is an awe inspiring landscape that is located in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve in the Highlands of Iceland. It is known for its lava fields that were formed during the past volcanic eruptions. The highland is covered with spectacular hiking trails, lava fields, and hot springs making this an adventurous hotspot in the country. Your Iceland tour packages must have this location included for an astounding experience.

Location: Fjallabak Nature Reserve, East coast.
Timings: Best to visit by 6:00 pm
Entry fee: No entry fee

12. Gatklettur, Arnarstapi

Gatklettur is a remarkable tourist attraction located in the Snaefellsnes peninsula in the Westen coast of Iceland. It is a beautiful natural stone arch that is formed on the coast between two villages namely Arnarstapi and Hellnar. This picturesque location is a perfect spot for photographers to capture the arch during a charming sunset. If your Iceland trip cost from India is exceeding your budget, you could directly visit the Snaefellsnes peninsula from Reykjavik instead of taking a whole trip round the country.

Location: Snaefellsnes peninsula
Timings: Best to visit during sunrise or sunset
Entry fee: No entry fee

13. Whale Museum, Húsavík

Husavik being an old fishing town, has the biggest and only whale museum with skeletons of whales in the whole of Iceland. It is a tremendous tourist attraction and a must visit for people travelling in the North of Iceland. The skeletons of a sperm whale to the largest whale on the planet is found in this museum and hence attracts a lot of tourists. Currently there are only 11 whale skeletons showcased in the museum. Don't miss to add the Whale Museum to your Iceland trip from India.

Location: Husavik
Timings: June to August - 9 am to 6 pm, September and October - 9 am to 4 pm
Entry fee: Adults - ISK 2000, Children (upto age 17) - Free

14. Askja Caldera

Askja Caldera is one among the most famous landscapes in Iceland and is an active volcano. It is located on the Dyngjujokull mountains in the Central Highlands of the northern coast and is a must visit attraction on your Iceland travel packages. It is about 50 kilometer square and houses spectacular cauldrons or hot springs that look similar to the blue lagoon.

Location: Central Highlands of Iceland
Timings: June to early October
Entry fee: No entry fee

15. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Hornstrandir is a natural reserve located in Iceland's Westfjords, in the northwestern part of the country. Dunes, cliffs, flowery meadows, and ice encompasses a total area of 580 kilometre square. During summer, the landscape is covered with greenery and blossoming flowers all over. Puffins bask in the open and take shelter in this region. Most of the activities like whale and puffin watching, ethical horseback riding, hiking, shopping and camping take place here thereby making this a blissful experience on your Iceland tours.

Location: Northern peninsula of Iceland
Timings: Best to visit any time during June to early October
Entry fee: No entry fee

Iceland is indeed a dreamy land with breathtaking landscapes and awe inspiring attractions. The lagoons, hot springs, lava fields, waterfalls and beaches are a must visit and hence it is recommended you opt for our all inclusive Iceland trip. We take your vacation as our utmost priority and help you have an exotic and blissful getaway with our Iceland vacation packages all inclusive.

Best time to visit Iceland

Iceland can be visited at any time of the year. The best time to visit the country would ideally depend on 4 major things – the places you wish to visit, the weather you would like to experience, activities you would like to do and of course the budget. In order to help you decide the best time that suits your preferences, a detailed description of the seasons is given below.

Peak season

The peak season is also the summer season in Iceland. The months of June, July and August are warm with clear skies and make it the perfect time for tourists to visit the country. During this season, the country is most likely to be brimming with people from all over the world to witness the midnight sun, phenomenal glacier lagoons and breathtaking landscapes. You could also see the whales and puffins bask in the open. It also makes it the perfect time for a hassle free drive around the country. On the flip side, the prices are relatively high during this season due to the extensive footfall. If you’re looking for the perfect weather and expensive Iceland package deals, this season would best suit your needs.

Shoulder season

The months of April, May, September and October are the best months for tourists to visit during the off peak season. This is also when Iceland experiences its spring and autumn seasons. This season is still a good time for a drive around the country but, it is always better to be prepared for dramatic weather to kick in. Though the weather is moderately better than the winter season, it is quite unpredictable as Iceland experiences rough weather on some days during the shoulder season. Most of the activities and attractions are open during this time of the year as well. Considering the footfall is not as much as the peak season, the prices are a bit affordable. If you’re looking for an offbeat experience in Iceland, this is the perfect time for you to take the Iceland tours offered by us.

Low season

Early November to late March, marks the off peak season in Iceland. It is also the winter season where the landscapes are covered with an inch of snow. Self driving during this season is highly not recommended as the roads get slippery due to the ice formed and the weather gets very rough. Hence, it is best to take group tours around the country. The country gets a maximum of 4 to 5 hours of sunlight during the winter season. However, this is the best time to experience the hot springs and predominantly the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. If you’re looking for a cozy and value for money Iceland vacation packages, this would be the best season to cut down on your Iceland travel cost from India.

How to Reach Iceland

If you are looking to experience a colder version of Europe, it is Iceland you have been looking for. Often clubbed with France and London holidays, Iceland is blanketed as an established tourist destination on its own. Iceland is geographically divided into 8 regions - Capital Region, Southern Peninsula, West, Westfjords, Northwest, Northeast, East and South. India is about 8302 KM away from Iceland and hence taking a flight is one of the best means to reach Iceland from India.

By Air

Since Iceland is about 8302 KM away from India, flying to your favourite European destination is one of the quickest and most comfortable ways. Iceland is a member of the Schengen agreement and hence you will require a Schengen Visa to visit Iceland. There are no direct flights to Iceland from India. You will need to travel to any European country and then take a flight to Iceland. Icelandair, EasyJet, Etihad, Emirates, Lufthansa, Air India, Turkish Airlines, Finnair and British Airways cater flights to Iceland. Taking a flight from India to any European country and then to Iceland will drop you at Keflavík International Airport. You will need to take a taxi or a bus to reach the centre of the capital city which is around 40 Km away from the airport. Make sure to book your flights well in advance as these flights get filled quickly.

Getting around Iceland

Unlike other European countries, there are no fancy means of transport like the metro and water bus. But on the other hand, it doesn't mean that this country doesn't have a good transport network. It is fairly well connected with popular modes of transport. Hop on to a domestic flight if you are looking for quicker commutation. Other means include taking a bus which is the most popular mode of transport here. You can also choose to hire a cab, take a bicycle to nearby destinations or float on a ferry. You will definitely not be disappointed.

Book Iceland Tour Packages at Pickyourtrail

Pickyourtrail offers Iceland tour packages from India that are easily customizable at the click of a button and thereby provides you with a platform to book your dream Iceland package to one of the most picturesque countries of the world. Be it Iceland honeymoon packages, a 10 day Iceland trip, or a full 15 day Iceland itinerary, we offer customized Iceland tours. Private Iceland Tour packages can also be arranged to make it one of your best Europe Trips. We craft the package to Iceland from India with the intent of providing travellers with a vacation that you can cherish for an entire lifetime. Leave your planning hassles with us and book the best Iceland holiday tour packages with Pickyourtrail. We will be a perfect planner for your Europe tour package from India.

Frequently Asked Questions about Iceland Tours

Is it expensive to visit Iceland?

For all those who are on a budget, yes. Iceland can be quite expensive during the peak and shoulder season. The flights, accommodations and all activities in Iceland are priced on the higher end during the peak season due to the great footfall of people from all over the world.

How to get to Iceland from India?

The only way to get to Iceland from India is by taking a flight from any city to the Keflavik International airport in Iceland. Air India, Lufthansa and IcelandAir carriers have good connectivity. However, there are no direct flights to Iceland from India. Hence, you will have a layover either in London, Germany or Denmark. Make sure to choose the flight with best timings and include flight services while going in with our Iceland tour packages from India.

What is the best time to visit Iceland?

The best time to visit Iceland is anytime between late June to late August.

What are the famous places to see during the Iceland Tour?

Blue lagoon, Skaftafell blue ice cave, Hallgrímskirkja church, the Golden Circle– Thingvellir National park, Strokkur geysir, Gullfoss, Kerid crater & Selfoss, Skogafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Reynisfjara black sand beach, Sólheimasandur DC plane wreck, Glacier lagoon, Jökulsárlón, Vestrahorn mountain, Lake Myvatn and Akureyri, Húsavík are some of the famous places to see in Iceland

What are the best things to do during the Iceland Tour?

1. Take a dip in the Blue lagoon
2. Go for a calm boat ride in Jökulsárlón
3. Take the boat tour to watch whales and puffins
4. Go glacier hiking and skiing in Vatnajokull
5. Do the Silfra Diving in Thingvellir national park to witness the tectonic plates of two continents
6. Bask at the black sand beaches
7. Visit the Viking world museum for a little bit history
8. Admire the various waterfalls in Iceland
9. Hike to Hengifoss

When is aurora borealis in iceland? Which are the places to see the Northern Lights in Iceland?

The best time to see the Aurora borealis in Iceland is anytime between the months of September and March. Akureyri, Thingvellir National park, Vik, Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, Reykjavik and Landmannalaugar are some of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Do Indian passports need a visa for Iceland?

Yes, Indian passports need a Schengen visa to enter Iceland.

How much time does it take to get a visa to Iceland?

Once applied, it takes about 15 to 20 working days for the entire visa process to be done, post which one will receive their visa for Iceland.

How much does a trip to Iceland cost from India?

A trip to Iceland from India will cost anywhere between INR 1,00,000 to INR 1,50,000 per person all inclusive of flights, hotels, activities and transfers.

What's the currency of Iceland?

The currency of Iceland is Icelandic Krona. However, US dollars, Canadian dollars and Euros as well, are widely accepted in Iceland.

How many days for iceland trip ?

The ideal duration of stay in Iceland ranges from 8 to 10 days.

Which is the cheapest city in Iceland?

Akureyri is the cheapest city in Iceland. The accommodations, restaurants, local transportation and activities are relatively cheaper than the other cities in Iceland. You can take our Akureyri Iceland tours to experience the best of what this town has to offer.

How can I travel to Iceland on a budget?

Iceland could come off as a very expensive destination although it has been a popular tourist hotspot. The best time to travel if you want to travel on a budget, is by travelling during the off peak season. It is also recommended you do the activities that do not have a high tag to it as it could get way out of your budget. It is also recommended that you cook your own food as restaurants are again too pricey.

What languages are spoken in Iceland?

Icelandic, English, Polish and German are widely spoken in the country.

How to get around in iceland?

The best and affordable way to explore the country is by renting a car for your trip. Self driving is the most recommended option. However, during winter or the off peak season, it is recommended that you take local transfers such as buses.

What can you see in Iceland in 3 days?

Day 1 - Once you land in Iceland, you can head to Reykjavik, check-in the hotel and spend the rest of your day exploring the capital city.
Day 2 - You can start off by exploring the Golden circle along the ring road– Thingvellir national park, Strokkur geysir, Gullfoss, Kerid crater and spend the night at Selfoss.
Day 3 - Start your day by visiting Iceland's biggest waterfall, the Skogafoss, and then to Seljalandsfoss, Reynisfjara black sand beach, Sólheimasandur DC plane wreck and spend the night at Vik.

What are the best adventure activities in Iceland?

Snorkelling or silfra diving in Thingvellir national park, Hiking and skiing in the Vatnajokull glacier, Hiking in Skaftafell Park, Rafting in Jökulsárlón, Climbing the Mount Esja, Taking a dip in the Blue lagoon and Lake Myvatn.

Which are the best cities to explore in Iceland?

Reykjavik, Akureyri, Húsavík, Siglufjörður, Kópavogur and Ísafjörður are some of the best cities to explore in Iceland.

Which are the famous waterfalls in Iceland?

Gullfoss - Located in the river Hvita in Haukadalur Valley. This is a famous waterfall as it is along the Golden circle and is a must visit.
Skogafoss - Located in Skogar on the Skogar river. It is famous as it is the biggest waterfall in Iceland.
Hraunfossar - Located in Hallmundarhraun lava field in the Borgarfjörður bay. It is famous because of its series of picturesque waterfalls that flows into the Hvita river.
Dettifoss - Located in Vatnajokull National Park.Dettifoss is a very famous waterfall as it is the most powerful waterfall in Iceland and the second most powerful in the whole of Europe.
Hrafnabjargafoss - Located in the Skjálfandafljót river. The Hrafnabjargafoss waterfall is famous as it is shaped like a horse shoe and is one of the hidden secrets of the Thingeyjarsveit County in Iceland.
Kirkjufellsfoss - Located in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Kirkjufellsfoss, is a very significant tourist attraction and is located right next to one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland.
Seljalandsfoss - Located in the south coast of Iceland along the ring road. Seljalandsfoss is a splendid and famous tourist attraction as one can walk on a path right behind the waterfall and capture the beauty.

Which are the best places for shopping in Iceland?

Kolaportid Flea Market and Thorvaldsens Bazar in Reykjavik, Handverksskúrinn in Selfoss and Husavik are some of the best places to shop in Iceland.

Is there snow in Iceland in May?

If you visit Iceland during early May, you can still find the landscapes covered in snow.

What to know about visiting Iceland?

1. If you’re planning a visit to Iceland during the winter season, it is advised that you carry a couple of warm clothes as the weather is very unpredictable. The temperature would ideally range from -10°C to 3°C during the wintertime. It is, however, safe to carry warm clothes during the summer season as well.
2. Don’t forget to carry your swimsuit if you’re planning to take a dip in the Blue lagoon.
3. Make sure to visit the Reynisfjara black sand beach only during the low tides as this beach gets very notorious during the high tides.

Can you see northern lights in May in Iceland?

If you’re lucky, you can see the Northern lights in May during the night, once it turns dark. However, this is not certain as the days are longer in May in Iceland.

Is March good time to visit Iceland?

Although March is not the peak season, it falls between the low and shoulder season and makes it a good time to witness the Northern lights.

Is August a good time to visit iceland?

Yes, August is a good time to visit Iceland as it is the summer or peak season. During this season, all the activities and attractions are open for tourists. The weather is warm making it the perfect time for travel. However, visiting Iceland in August would be an expensive affair as there would be a hike in prices for flights, activities and accommodations.

Is November a good time to visit Iceland?

Although November falls under the low season or the winter season, it is the best time to visit if you’re on a budget and to see the Northern Lights.

Does Iceland accept euros?

Although Icelandic Krona is the local currency of Iceland, yes, euros are accepted in Iceland as well. However, it is only accepted in certain places and not as widely accepted as Icelandic Krona. Hence, it would be better to have some amount of Icelandic Krona handy.

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Starts from71,736 /Person

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Starts from2,23,286 /Person

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Starts from65,914 /Person

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Starts from1,94,269 /Person

  • Flights included
  • 6 activities
  • Shared transfer
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Starts from2,00,411 /Person

  • 7 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
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Starts from71,494 /Person

  • 7 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
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Starts from1,02,760 /Person

  • Flights included
  • 5 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,92,117 /Person

  • 6 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
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