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Dubai City
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Dubai Street Food

Street food in Dubai has the most sought after blend of middle-eastern and Asian cuisines. The rich cuisine of the cosmopolitan city’s entire lot of diverse spices is a melting pot of cultures. From becoming the region of world record-breaking activities to acquiring the value of traveller’s paradise, it has everything you want to discover and what you like.

Non veg street food
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Dubai’s Best Street Food

Turkey meat
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For all vegetarians the main option is falafel. This delicious deep-fried patty is made of chickpeas or fava beans and comes with assorted hummus and pita dressings and fresh vegetables tossed around it. This vegan meal is also a perfect source of nutrition, which can be conveniently made.


A decent flatbread mix normally served crisply with meat broth. This may be cooked any way – with just imported spices and vegetables, or with beef, lamb or poultry. This form of soupy stew is a common dish during the Ramadan month and is typically served at the time of iftar since it is easy on the stomach


Ranked as the queen of sweets, this dessert in the middle east is a rich pastry covered with melted gooey cheese. For sweet tooth lovers and cheese lovers, this recipe is fine. This Arabic dessert is coated with sliced pistachios and some essence of rose-scented syrup provides the perfect flavour, rendering it one of the tastiest foods in the region.


A raising middle east dish made from a mash of pounded rice, cooked for a longer period of time on a low sim on the burner. It is considered one of the most nutritious, balanced and satisfying dishes that are served at different festivities. Dried limes are the specific ingredient in this recipe which adds a speciality to it.3

Karak with Fried Donuts

Dubai’s national drink gets its significance from the Indian kadak chai, is very popular among Dubai’s crowd because of its creamy and good tea flavour. You will quickly find this drink in any shop on the road in Dubai where you get a heavy cardamom fragrance and other spices that are used together to produce it


When you’re in Dubai, you can’t skip out on the mouth-watering meal popularly known as shawarma, a popular Middle Eastern cuisine usually prepared with lamb or mouton but now available in chicken, pork, or beef which is a street food of Dubai. Shawarmas are served hot and have hummus fillings, pickles, onions, French fries and so on.

Dubai shawarma
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Shish Tawook Sandwich

A Lebanese salad either eaten in a roll or sandwich shape with a grilled chicken shish tawouk stuffing with different vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes together with garlic spreading over the burrito. This is also another famous Street food of Dubai It’s normally grilled or rendered in the stove where it’s left for a few minutes to recover.


This Emirati recipe is nothing but fried savoury triangles, which get their name from the famous Indian snack samosa, and they’re snacks every time of the day. The samboosa is a deep-fried, a combination of beef or lamb with assorted vegetables and foreign spices.


A popular Emirati dish that looks like healthy little balls of doughnuts but is fluffy and chewy. A very famous Street food of Dubai, These crispy fried balls may be eaten in a number of forms-first, the initial form without any additives, secondly with cheese, and thirdly with a sugar, date syrup or Nutella coating providing more spice and tastes.


All the cheese lovers are set to drool over this pizza made from pita bread. Manakish can be made with a variety of bread and has the option to attach your own toppings along with the seasoning such as za’atar, ground lamb, spinach, etc.

Dubai’s Best Street Food Locations

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Dubai has all the cuisines in-store through a mix of Iranian, Lebanese, Arabic and Indian food with luscious flavours served on the streets by the heart-warming local eateries. As the world’s most luxury area, you have the ability to experience the enticing fragrance off picturesque delicacies in Al Karama, Al Barsha, Jumeirah, and others’ avenues.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is a centre for all cuisines, with Zuma for Japanese, Baker and Spice for foreign cuisine, and Maiz Taco’s Costilla Taco Food Truck being the highest.

Meena Bazaar

The thriving food culture in Meena Bazaar is a must-visit in Dubai, where authentic dishes are served using the Indian spices.

2nd December street

This is one of the liveliest locations after sunset where one gets to enjoy an aperitif and savoury street food and have a chance to sample Dubai’s authentic street meals.

Bur Dubai and Deira

Dubai is the portion of old Dubai with a lovely coastline and typical Arab buildings. The tourists will get a chance to try different dishes like falafel at Sultan Dubai Falafel, baklava at Al Samadi candy, few breakfast places across the markets, incredibly authentic Arabian food and only a few other places to eat in Dubai when visiting the old Dubai.

Global Village

The unique style of the global village is underlined by the combination of culture from all over the world, offering millions of guests lifetime experience in Alfresco and distinctive international cuisine. From Indian spicy pani-puri, a skirt burger loaded with cheese, lassi spot into zombie doughnuts, this place has it all.


The Jumeirah was raised in Dubai and offers its visitors the most luxury experience. Breakfast buffets to pick from 40 separate restaurants to enter wild wadi waterpark to zoning out on the popular beach region for exciting underwater adventure, every bit of it has something fantastic and special in it.

Plan your trip to Dubai

Summers in Dubai are exceptionally dry, windy and humid, with an average temperature of about 41 ° C (106 ° F) and lows of about 30 ° C (86 ° F) during the hottest month of August. Many days of the year are sunny. In January, the hottest month, winters are comparatively mild with an average high of 24 ° C (75 ° F) and 14 ° C (57 ° F) at night. The best time to visit would be around the cooler months.

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