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Written by Farheen on May 14, 2020 Share on

World’s Biggest Shopping Mall Coming Soon To Dubai

Dubai is known for loving to break world records whether it is the world’s tallest building, largest indoor ski resort, highest tennis court or the highest base jump in the world and is now set out to break the record of the world’s biggest shopping mall or retail and entertainment destination. The city is synonymous for extravagant shopping and is home to some of the best shopping malls in Dubai that offer world-class shopping experiences.

Credits: Unsplash

Given the number of shopping malls that already exist in Dubai, Dubai square is set to stand out with its huge parameters. The mall is estimated to be 8.07 million sq ft in size which is the size of 100 football pitches put together or double of the current Dubai mall! The mall is going to located in the heart of the prestigious area of Dubai creek harbour. This super high tech property is being built by the popular Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding with a budget of 1.5 billion dollars for construction.

The property is going to be divided into three levels filled with high-end stores with all the exclusive international brands one can dream, fine dining restaurants, an event arena that would host numerous theatrical performances, a cineplex, water-based theme park and whole space dedicated as an art gallery. In addition, The mall is planning to open up the biggest Chinatown in Dubai and also ice adventure park to win the hearts of adventure enthusiasts.  Given they want to build a high tech building, the mall will be having smart fitting rooms, artificial intelligence assistance, interactive mirrors, mobile application solutions for quick checkouts, radio frequency identification technology setting a new standard for the future of retail.

The plan is to keep the ground floor as a de facto area with 3D projections to map out the area for celebrity-hosted shows, theatrical performances and even concerts. The first floor is planned to be the haven for retail stores and has an endless plethora of dining options with organic markets, live cooking restaurants, street vendors. The idea is to bring in all types of restaurants and cuisines under one roof as a one-stop destination for customers. The second floor is where the fun begins with an ice adventure park, virtual reality park, a cineplex, a water theme park, sports arena and a supermarket connected via metro.

Dubai sure loves doing it bigger and better than other countries. The mall has all the perfect ingredients for being an entertainment hub along with modern technology transporting us to the future. This unique one of a kind experience hopes to bring more tourism in Dubai and also add to the list of world records that Dubai holds.

It is not yet determined when the mall would be fully constructed and open to the public given its size, but the future of retail Dubai that is set to blur the lines between online and in-mall, outdoor and indoor shopping and a fusion of adventure, retail and entertainment under one big roof.

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