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Dhow Cruise Dubai
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Dhow Cruise Guide: The best way to tour Dubai

Imagine going to Dubai, exploring one of the most renowned monuments, colourful streets, sandy beaches and its beautiful skylines. Now imagine experiencing all of these places while chilling on a river cruise. The Dubai Dhow is a perfect pick to turn your imaginations into a reality. Dhows are conventional wooden boats that were exceptionally designed and built by the local fishing communities used for navigation. Today, these dhows have been evolved from being just a sailing boat to top luxury cruises. So let’s row together and see how to go about selecting a dhow cruise, what does it offer and the highlight options covered on the cruise so that it can help you choose the Dubai Dhow cruise that best suits you!

Dhow Cruise Dubai
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About the Dhow cruise and onboard experiences

A mesmerizing cruise, adorned with gleaming lights that will take you around the beauty of Dubai.  The cruise holds two decks, one fully air-conditioned designed for pure entertainment and live performances that leave you asking for more. The second deck is partly opened and lets you enjoy the refreshing breeze and the smooth waters of the Arabian Gulf. 

Entertainment and food onboard

A dhow cruise provides one of the most flexible and customisable onboard experiences, whether it’s for a small group or a completely private experience, it can be arranged as per your likings. The cruise offers a range of entertainment options, including DJ parties, live shows and dances. Initially, belly dancing was a common entertainment option, it has gradually been replaced with “Tanura” – a traditional Turkish dance commonly performed by a dancer, wearing a graceful and elaborately decorated gown. The pleasing entertainment is accompanied by international dinners as appetizers, entrees, and desserts. You will be greeted with coffee, dates, and snacks. You can enjoy a variety of cocktails and beverages along with delicious and mouth-watering desserts. One of the highlights is the “kahwah” – a traditional Arabic coffee which is served on the cruise and aroma of the coffee is something that would be remembered forever.

Dubai night view from a Dhow Cruise
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Different types of Dhow Cruises

It’s hard to believe that Dubai has no natural waters. Yet, an artificial canal city was created close to two decades ago in Dubai, named the Dubai Marina. The artificial marina was opened in 2003 along a 3-kilometre long coastline. Dubai Creek is a natural bay and marks the point of many pleasurable dhow cruises. Though the marina and Dubai Creek are the top two places to tour on, there are a few more in the list!

1. Dhow Cruise Creek

Dubai Creek is a unique waterway, it’s established between two popular buildings which led to the origin of the magnificent Dhow Cruise Creek. A cruise that lets you experience the high rise buildings of Dubai across its striking skyline. This specific cruise attracts a lot of visitors because of its complimentary pickup and dropoff services, live shows, and unlimited food availability. If you looking to experience the heart of Dubai then this 2-hour cruise should be on your lists.

2. Dhow Cruise Marina

Exploring the Dubai marina canal this cruise is wholly dedicated to the traditional Bedouin style of living. It tours around many cultural aspects located around the enamouring water body. However, the highlight of the cruise is the Marina skyline. Its beauty of it across the traditional songs and performances will leave you awestruck.

3. Dhow Cruise – Dubai City Tour

In case you’re running short on time, the cruise offers you an interesting option to tour around the top landmarks across the city including the spectacular Burj Khalifa and the peaceful Palm Islands. An amazing 4-hour cruise that will show you the big picture of Dubai with its finest structures and world-class establishments. Dubai city tour will make you be more than happy with its lip-smacking culinary delights. Don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian, the food options are limitless.

4. Musandam Dhow Cruise

A popular getaway destination, the Musandam cruise from Dubai is sought after not only by the tourists but also by the residents. A paradise where the mountains meet the ocean, offering picturesque landscapes, sparkling waters and views of the mighty Hajar Mountains. This region is a part of Oman, separated from its mainland and lies in close proximity to Dubai. The charming seaside villages, the ancient culture, lively local markets, and towns along with abundant marine wildlife make Musandam an unforgettable destination.

Dhow Cruise
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Highlights about Dhow Cruise

While touring around the city, you would come across some of the prominent structures of Dubai depending on the location you row on. The view across the dazzling lights and vibrant colours is something that shouldn’t be missed. Some of the top highlights of the Dhow Cruise include:

Best time to visit

Dhow cruises sail throughout the day with both sightseeing or luxury dining opportunities. Depending on your likings and experience you are looking for, opt for a day-time sail which is known for its sightseeing tours or go for cruises later in the evening that is recommended for dinner and onboard entertainment. If you choose to see the architectural marvels on an early morning or an afternoon cruise that’s great, but make sure you avoid being on an open deck during the sunny hours of the day.

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Dubai can offer you a long of all the exciting activities and attractions that can gift you some treasured experiences. The Dhow cruise is one such activity with a modern twist, that can get you delighted to see them all while cruising on its pristine waters. So, gliding amidst the sunsets or under the magical night skies, the choice is all yours, but a Dubai vacation would be incomplete without a Dhow experience. So what are you waiting for? Book away your Dubai trip with Pickyourtrail already!

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