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Safari Park in Dubai
Written by Siddhi on April 27, 2020 Share on

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai has always been a city of innovation and holds a lot of creative surprises for its visitors. As Dubai holds major man-made wonders like the Palm Jumeirah one among them is Dubai Safari Park which is an adventure tourism project led by Dubai Municipality initially and then Meraas overtook the management of the safari park. The safari park is widespread of about 1.2 sq km, almost twice the size of Vatican City in Al Warqa region. There are more than 2500 varieties of flora and fauna in this park and is a key to the advancement in Dubai tourism. As soon as you enter the park you can see the beautiful lakes and magnificent landscapes which differentiates the park from Dubai zoo. The safari park is divided into five villages with unique topography and wildlife. To create the best ambience and environment for tourists the park holds numerous water bodies, lakes, air-conditioned artificial rocks maintaining a cool atmosphere. The park is also eco friendly as it uses solar energy majorly and also sustainable waste system is carried out.

Dubai Safari Park Ride
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Villages of Dubai Safari Park

Safari Village

You will experience walking in the forests of Africa and Asia at this safari which enables you to interact closely with the animals in this open park. A safari vehicle will take you inside the forest where you can spot animals like zebras, regal tigers, deer,  water buffalos, majestic lions, baboons and cheetahs.

Dubai Safari Park
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African Village

This wildlife village consists of African native wildlife. This region is divided into Rainforests and African Savannah, featuring gorillas, warthogs, African wild dogs, giant tortoises, chimpanzees, and white lions.

Arabian Village

The village is embellished by desert, rocks, mountains and steppe areas. The fauna in this region are native Arabic wildlife like antelopes, nilgais and wolves who reside here.

Animals in Dubai Safari Park
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Asian Village

The dense trees and beautiful view of bird species like Moon Bears, gibbons and Komodo Dragons reside in the lush Asian forests. You can only get this experience here.

Wadi Village

You can relax alongside enjoying with your loved ones in this recreational place and to make it a better experience there are also initiatives taken by the Dubai Municipality like installation of water streams and fishing ponds which are generated by solar energy.

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Why Dubai Safari Park?

The motive of constructing the Dubai Safari Park is more than just entertainment, it was built to conserve and provide a home to more than 5000 animals, reptiles and birds, by protecting the endangered species of various continents and providing a home to them. Dubai Safari Park is the replacement for the Dubai Zoo at Jumeirah, which was closed to build an upgraded version. The exotic animals had previously been kept as pets and some were confiscated from poachers.

The place is one of the main tourist attractions in Dubai, so you might have to wait in long queues if you are looking to visit in the peak season. However, to avoid crowds, it is recommended that you plan your visit in the day time and also as the park is widespread, a tour covering the entire park can easily take around 4.5 to 5 hours almost taking an entire day

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How to reach Dubai Safari Park? 

Dubai Safari is a 30 minutes drive from Bur Dubai and Deira region and a 20 minutes drive from the Dubai international airport. You can rent a car or take the metro to experience the safari.

Best time to visit Dubai Safari Park

You can visit Dubai Safari park between November to March as this is the peak season for Dubai and you will also not miss out the Dubai shopping festival if you travel between December and February.

Safari Park Timings

The timings are between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and starting the tour early will help you avoid crowds.

Entry fees

Dubai Safari Park has two types of entry fees, the first one which is charged 1000 INR per adult and 400 INR per child approximately for open safari entry and the second one is approximately charged 1600 INR for adults and 700 INR per child for full access to Dubai Safari.

Dubai Safari Park is a must-visit place for families and children as there is a lot of entertainment and the visit worth a lot of value. We PickYourTrail team highly suggest our customers to visit the park to not only have a complete experience of safari.

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