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An amazing view of the Dubai city, UAE
Written by Preetha Manivelan on May 18, 2020 Share on

Dubai Water Canal – Yet Another Reason To Love Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It has transformed a lot over the years yet not missing out on the tradition and its cultural heritage. The country never fails to amaze its visitors by everything it has to offer. Be it the luxurious hotels or the best shopping malls or the top attractions to visit, it always stands unique. Though Dubai has so many places for one to realize it’s worth visiting, it has proved its beauty by the Dubai water canal yet again.

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Photo by Fredrik Öhlander on Unsplash

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Canal is one of the major attractions in the city where Architecture meets engineering. It cost around 2.7 billion for its construction and three years for completion. This canal extends to 3.2 km long and 6.4 km waterfront. The infrastructure of this canal cuts through Dubai’s main artery which is the Sheikh Zayed Road. It then goes into the Jumeirah district where it connects with the Arabian Gulf. From Dubai Creek, the waterway is redirected to create a large island in the city centre.

Some of the most amazing things about the Dubai Water Canal to behold:
  • It has a man-made waterfall and is completely motion-operated pumps water in the same flow throughout. 
  • It is so impressive to one’s yes where the canal meets Sheikh Zayed Road.
  • The waterfall is visible even from the Promenade.
  • For those fitness lovers, out there, it has 3 km track for running and 12 km for cycling.
  • They have constructed three pedestrian canals across the canals, thus giving an awesome sight. It even has elevators on both sides.
  • In addition to its fascinating beauty surrounded by Jumeriah, Business bay and more, it also provides access to the city by its boat system.

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Dubai Water Canal
Photo by Pranav Madhu on Unsplash

One interesting fact: The waterfall is designed in such a way that it automatically gets turned off when a boat is nearing. 

Best things to do:

The two ways to cruise this canal is Dhow cruise and Abra ride. Make sure to not miss this when you travel to Dubai for your next trip.

  1. Dubai Dhow Cruise
  2. Dubai Abra Ride

1. Dubai Dhow Cruise

You can take a cruise in the canal which gives you a different view of the city. As you sail, you will realise how beautiful the canal is. You can see some beautiful hotspot places and even Burj Khalifa at a distance. Apart from this, the cruise also offers some shows which include Tanura dance show, puppet shows and many more.

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Dubai Dhow cruise
Image Credits: Google images

2. Dubai Abra ride

Abra ride is nothing but a ride in a boat which looks traditional as it is made out of wood. Compared to other boats, this can accommodate only a small number of people. This is one special way of enjoying the canal ride travelling in a boat that represents the city’s culture and history.

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Such a beauty like the Dubai Water Canal, built in the middle of the city did not affect the city’s movement in anyways. This was taken care of by the bridges constructed for the people to commute with admiring some beautiful view of the canal from the above. In addition, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority plans to help by turning the canal into a marine transport hub for the people to move around with stations built along the way.

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Imagine a canal that has everything and looks almost like an island. Won’t it be amazing to take a stroll along the most picturesque Dubai water canal and witness a beautiful sunset? It is not too late to plan a trip to Dubai and witness the beauty of the canal with lights at night. Customize your own itinerary and explore Dubai with Pickyourtrail!

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