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Puri Lukisan Museum
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Museum Puri Lukisan Ubud – Oldest Art Museum in Bali

Bali is a mystique island that has enamoured millions of people for its raw natural beauty, scenic beaches, astonishing hilltops, water sport activities, adventurous trekking through lush green mountains, majestic waterfalls and showcasing ancient archaeological shreds of evidence from historic events which took place in Bali, centuries ago. Magical Bali is a paradise for the ones who love the culture, tradition, architecture, art and antique collection. Bali is not just a house for mesmerising spas, renowned hotels & beaches, but also for several prominent museums and art galleries in the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud. Ubud is famous for its authentic cultural rich architecture, a go-to place for buying ethnic wears of Bali, pioneering art galleries are a treat to its visitors. If you are planning to experience the culturally rich and historic museums, ensure you mark Museum Puri Lukisan in your Bali itinerary.

Museum Puri Lukisan

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Origin of the art paradise – Museum Puri Lukisan

The museum has a deep-rooted history to its origin. The museum now considered to be one of the oldest remains artistic because of its sequence of art galleries in 4 different buildings. This creative and futuristic approach towards the construction of the museum was completely one man’s idea. A Dutch painting and wood carving enthusiastic named Johan Rudolf Bonnet was the pioneer of the masterpiece, Museum Puri Lukisan.

Art at Museum Puri Lukisan

The museum has evolved so far as it comprises an exquisite blend of vintage and contemporary art galleries, wood carvings and remains a magnificent place for the visitors of all walks of life to learn and educate themselves about the tradition and history of Bali. The Dutch artist Johan Rudolf Bonnet settled in Ubud and started creating excellent artworks combining with other art lovers such as Walter spies and Lempad. The Museum Puri Lukisan was officially opened in the year 1956 by the then Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs, Mr Mohammad Yamin. The primary objective of the museum is to preserve and exhibit the traditional high-quality Balinese artworks and wood carving collection by the great artist of Bali.

Journey inside the Paradise – Museum Puri Lukisan

Located at the centre of the cultural heart of Bali, Museum Puri Lukisan exhibits exemplary examples of unique schools of Balinese art. The art museum is set among lush gardens, enabling visitors to sit and relax in the benches and listen to the bubbling pools and fountains.

Inside Puri Lukisan Museum

Following through the fresh air of the garden and the carvings on the walls, the museum will send you into a haze. The museum’s verdant yard features stunning carvings, age-old statues, modern wood carvings and traditional Balinese paintings. The Puri Lukisan Museum also exhibits notable war paintings and wood carving of Sanur, Batuan, Ubud, Young artist and Keliki school artistic styles from pre-independence to post-independence war. It is one of the best museums and the oldest museum in Bali will let you learn about art and wood carving from the famous galleries such as Wayang Gallery and the Founders Gallery. There are unique galleries housed in 4 different buildings of the museum. The aesthetically pleasing sequence of the 4 buildings of Museum Puri Lukisan makes it a phenomenal art paradise for the visitors.

Museum Puri Lukisan

The 4 buildings at Museum Puri Lukisan are named as Main building, Northern Pavilion, Central Pavilion and Southern Pavilion. They exhibit a mix of prehistoric paintings, wooden cane, cases for transporting animals etc. The northern pavilion, southern pavilion and main building comprises traditional dresses, Barong dance costumes, weaving machinery, Balinese traditional clothes etc. The central pavilion houses object used in ceremonies and rituals, Balinese religious scripts, calendars and priest’s clothing.

Puri Lukisan Museum is a perfect museum which helps you understand the Balinese culture, tradition, and history. If you are planning on a traditional vacation experience then check out the Pickyourtrail top recommended activities near Museum Puri Lukisan, Ubud and add them to your Bali holiday package. Happy travelling!

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