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Vietnam, Southeast Asia.
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Must-Visit Countries in SouthEast Asia

Southeast Asia, for long, has been the world’s favourite spot for tramping backpackers and is known for its stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, low prices, and great flight connections. This region welcomes all kinds of tourists or travellers as it has many things to offer. Excited to know about the must-visit countries in Southeast Asia? If yes, please refer below to some amazing must-visit countries in Southeast Asia. Well, keep reading…

1. Vietnam – The Country is known for its Natural Beauty and culture

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches, culture, and best Pho noodles in Hanoi. It is also known for its Vietnam War, mopeds zooming in the streets, which is quite thrilling to watch. Hanoi and Ho Chi Min are the best places to watch this incredible show of motorbikes. Huge fan of kayaking? Then Vietnam is definitely a perfect destination for kayakers. Some great spots for kayaking are West Lake of Ho Tay in Hanoi and Halong Bay. Another interesting fact about Vietnam is the Cave system which is quite extensive. In case you are not aware, the largest cave in the world is found here. 

Halong Bay is one of the natural wonders that Vietnam has to offer to its tourists. It is also a part of the UNESCO world heritage. Once you have a view of this Bay, you will be awestruck with its surreal beauty.  The protrusion of hundreds of islands is one of the top highlights of Halong Bay. 

Also, known for its abundance of natural attractions like the vast paddy fields, you can witness the same in Sapa. This is a hilly region which is situated in the Northwest part of the country, it is also known for its geometric rice terraces. Have you ever imagined a beautiful scenic train ride taking you to this destination? If not, it’s time to imagine. Hoi An is another UNESCO world heritage site known as the “Venice of Vietnam” due to its romantic aesthetics and idyllic atmosphere. If you plan to visit Vietnam, then you can just not afford to miss this place. In addition, October to April is the best time to visit Vietnam. It is one of the top must-visit countries in SouthEast Asia.

Image Credits: Unsplash

2. Singapore – Recreational Adventure

 Also known as the Republic of Singapore, it is a sovereign island city-state which is situated in the Maritime South East Asia. Also, one can witness a mix of adventure, culture, history, and extravaganza for culinary delights. It is one of the top must-visit countries in SouthEast Asia. The country attracts tourists by various entertainment options such as –

  • Sentosa IslandIt is a small island situated on the Southern coast of Singapore. It is famous for its themed attractions, beautiful beaches, amazing spas, and lush rainforests. It also consists of various other attractions such as amusement parks, butterfly gardens, and the underwater world aquarium. 
  • Gardens By The Bay – It is the home to almost 4,00,000 plants. Known for its botanic gardens and famous for the light and sound show, supertree groves, and skyway. 
  • Marina Bay Sands- Singapore’s most 55 stories iconic hotel. It is the home to the world’s largest infinity pool and casino. It is super expensive, but also worth the visit for the luxury stay.
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Image Credits: Unsplash

3. Indonesia – Perfect destination for Leisure

It is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia, located between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It consists of more than 17,000 islands. The best island in Indonesia is Bali, which is the most visited tourist destination. If you are looking for a relaxing week away with some awestruck scenic beauty, beautiful waterfalls, a glow of tradition and culture, with a little bit of adventure, then there are no second thoughts, Bali is the perfect destination for you. One of the top attractions in Indonesia is the volcanoes, that one can’t miss, the Kintamani Volcanoes in Bali is famous for its trek and the spectacular views. It is one of the top must-visit countries in SouthEast Asia.

Few top places to visit in Indonesia are

  • Gili IslandsGili Islands is best for its Nightlife, while you can have your stays in amazing water villas, amidst the white sand beaches and blue water.
  • Raja Ampat Islands – it is rich in marine flora and fauna, and don’t miss the chance to explore a very rare species of corals which gives you a complete feel of being lost in nature. 
  • Ubud – Ubud is known as the art and cultural capital of Bali. It is one of the beautiful places which is surrounded by lush green sceneries and beautiful lakes. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, which lies on the North-west coast of the island Java. It has a mix of historic cultures of Chinese, Indian, European, Arab, Javanese, and Malay that has influenced its language, cuisine, and architecture.
Mount Bromo- Indonesia
Image Credits: Unsplash

4. Thailand- Gateway to hidden beaches

Thailand is a perfect destination to enjoy, relax, and for some adventure activities. It is also a famous honeymoon destination to explore the beautiful country with your loved ones. It offers everything that you expect on a trip, from gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, sightseeing, mountains, to the best nightlife partying the whole night. Thailand is also known for its tropical beaches, ancient ruins, and royal palaces. It is one of the top must-visit countries in SouthEast Asia.

Few top tourist attractions in Thailand are

  • Phuket is known for its crystal clear beaches, landscapes, and island tours.
  • Krabi is a romantic destination that consists of a group of 130 secluded tranquil islands.
  • Pattaya- a major attraction for beaches, and famous for nightlife.
  • Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. It is a cosmopolitan city with towns, villages, and vibrant street life.
Phi Phi Islands- Thailand
Image Credits: Unsplash

To conclude, there are plenty of countries to visit in Southeast Asia. You can choose the country according to your liking and preferences you have for your trip. You don’t need to worry about the planning of your trip, contact Pickyourtrail for a hassle-free vacation, to have a wonderful experience on the trip. Also, check out for other interesting deals we offer. Do drop a Whatsapp Inquiry if you have any further doubts or queries. Also, download our Pickyourtrail App for 24/7 support throughout your vacation. Well, that’s cool, huh? Happy Vacation.

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